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Homegrown Rustica

Last year I grew some Hopi Rustica seeds that I bought from a guy in Arizona. They were easy to grow, grew huge and produced lots of seeds. This year I did the same, with good results. In fact, as I write this, they are slowly turning yellow after going to seed about a month ago. I made a few batches of snuff, variously scented, also unscented. I wasn't really very happy with the end result. Maybe its just that type of tobacco. Maybe its my lack of knowledge on curing and drying. I don't think I can turn it into anything great, but I'm going to try again. If I ever make something thats really great, I'll put a note here and send people little packages of it. On the 5 point scale, I'd have to give it a 2 1/2. It does have loads of nicotine, but thats about it, oh yeah, a nice green-herby scent. I'd welcome any suggestions that you'all may have.
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