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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Sir Walter Scott Havana Toast

I know that this has been out for awhile but for me it's new. I opened this last night and as it's my first foray into SWS's toast style, I thought that I'd share my thoughts on it. First, the color is a lighter shade of brown than the two other choices I've sampled from SWS, that being his Creme de Figue and Moro Moro. The initial scent in the tin was of a rich tobacco with no added flavoring so. However, once in the nose, is where the real magic happened. I've had real Cuban cigars in the past and this reminded me of the richness of an unlit Cuban. Sort of like a Cohiba. But, due to the other blended tobaccos, there was an even greater depth to this snuff than considering only a Cuban Cohiba alone. There was a nice Vitamin N lift but not nearly as intense as I had thought due to the nature of the fineness of the milling. Like Sir Johnny's other offerings, this is a very easy to take snuff that actually (to me) feels 'silly' in the nose. Afterwards, I found myself reaching for the Havana Toast again and again during the evening. A real treat and something that I plan on keeping in my personal stock as long as SWS keeps making it.


  • It's a great Snuff. I find Lundy Foot to have a bit more nicotine effect but Havana Toast is really delicious!
    I hope Johnny never stops making it.
  • I got a sample of this before it was released. It was love at first sniff .I am a big fan of toasts and this one is right at the top of the list.Good Job @Johnny  
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I was recently gifted a tin of the Havana Toast along with a tin of Lundy Foot. To me, this is a fine example of a tobacco rich toasted snuff. I started with cigars but have smoked very few since I took up pipe smoking and snuff but this reminds me of then and the deep dark flavors one could get from a nice stogie. The grind is perfect and the lack of moisture make this an extremely easy and pleasurable toast to snuff. I agree with @jmahes that It doesn't have that vitamin N kick as does it's cousin Lundy Foot nor the sweetness but if your looking for a quality cigar based snuff, this is it.
  • Love it. My recent order arrived today.  This one reminds me of my Diplomaticos #2, Trinidad Robustos, or  maybe even an H Upman Coranas Major.  Awesome is all I can say, like sticking your nose in a humidor of fine Habanos.
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    @larry_90066 it would be much appreciated if you would leave a review. Sir Johnny gets on our case if someone leaves a less than 5 star review because he feels that it unfairly reduces the star rating when the vast majority of people rate his snuffs very highly, but don't share their enthusiasm.In other words his products need more reviews.


    (ps we give you 25 reward points for any review of any snuff. Good or bad. Just keep them honest and descriptive, just like your post here)

  • Just ordered some and cannot wait to try it.
  • I'm scratching crumbs from my fifth 50 gram tin of this outstanding snuff and awaiting delivery of my next half dozen tins.  There's nothing NOT to like in this creation.  The tobacco bill is brilliantly balanced, there's a slight hint of nicotine that's just right, the cigar scent is prominent but not domineering, the rustica doesn't hit me in the head like some others that use this condiment, the flue cured is sweet in a natural way and the overall experience is bliss.

    The toastiness is absolutely perfect and must have taken a very long time; it smells like a slow, low and gentle toasting of fine leaf, not at all like some of that genre that smell like they were toasted with thermonuclear devices at similar temperatures.  Amazing how Sir Johnny coaxes such amazing scents out of pure tobacco; my nose picks up notes of leather, butter, cocoa, coffee, damp earth and toffee that come on in lovely layers over a long lasting pinch.  A quick step outside into the fresh air brings on new dimensions.

    F_____g outstanding snuff.
  • Hi Dave. Just added my 5 star review of SWS Havana Toast on your site.
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    Thanks for the reviews guys. I know Sir Johnny will be happy :)

    It is best if you login first (maybe you have to come to think of it) but if you don't have a handle it will show a blank for your name. A while back some members requested real names be removed, which we did. You need to create a handle in your account info. I think using your snuffhouse handle is a good idea because then you get kudos here too. But it is entirely up to you guys.

    Anyway, thanks again for the reviews.

  • JakartaBoyJakartaBoy Member
    edited March 2016 PM
    @MrSnuff, one way to get more reviews might be to not have separate reviews for the same snuff in different sizes. If you like 15 grams of Havana Toast, you'll like 50 grams more than three times as much, but you'll probably still only write one review. So they get spread out a bit, which makes it looks like there aren't as many there, and that probably discourages people from writing. People have a bit of a herd instinct: if they see a few reviews there already, they're more likely to add one of their own.

    EDIT: I guess some people might make a complaint about a certain size packaging, but that's the only time I can think where it would be useful.

    EDIT 2: I guess you could cheat a little and "cross post" reviews from one size into another.
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    @JakartaBoy you make good points. We did try a while back to have reviews show up for all tin sizes. If i remember correctly it was a coding nightmare so we gave up. I will bring it up with pat again to see if anything has changed.

    Thanks for the input.

  • @lunecat, to be honest, "I don't like it" isn't really much worse than "It's wonderful!" in terms of information value, and not all of us are gifted reviewers. I wouldn't think much of the reviews if I new bad ones were being weeded out, and I commend Dave for resisting that temptation.
  • Well I have received my Havana toast shipment.And I have to say I love it.It is easy on the nose, it is like standing in a field of fine tobacco and inhaling as the breeze blows through .And I would say the nicotine level is quite pleasant and it just sits gently on the mind
  • Delicious the taste of a real cigar but contrary to SWS Latakia Blend or SG Black rappee it tends to me make me tense and kind of a angry feeling I don't know why. When I take a pinch it's very relaxing like a full pleasure feeling though, but then It's like stimulating but  in a wrong way kind of a weird feeling.
  • Still snuffing havana toast and no angry feeling anymore i beleive it can be that i was not used to rustica maybe but something definitely happens in the head though B-)
  • How does it compare scent wise to Lundy Foot. While strong the Lundy Foot has a lovely residual scent of chocolate which I love.
  • Havana toast is like someone is having a cigar near ryou really good scent but i can feel a light nice chocolate scent in it. I never felt chocolate in lundy foot only light vanilla but every nose is different.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited September 2018 PM
    This is the snuff that reminds me I do love toasts, just only some toasts :) Johnny got some divine inspiration on this one. It's a wonder something so good could be recreated batch to batch

    I find this one heavy on the vitamin N short only to his Saint James Parish blend
  • GormurGormur Member
    I have and have only tried Sir Walter Scott's Havana Toast.  I can't say much about it.  It's an incredible sniff of a snuff.  It has a nice balance of nicotine and flavor that lasts and that's what I look for in a toast.  The best part is that I don't even have to use much to feel satisfied and I'll just take a pinch here and there throughout the day.  A definite win in my book
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