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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

McChrystal's Highland Ice.

Is the same as their O&G! 
I could've sworn that they were different. 
I called up to order a 200g tub of Highland Ice direct as they didn't have it listed on their website and the very helpful guy on the phone said to order the O7G tub through the website as it's the same snuff. 
Branded differently for the foreign market as the English/Scottish name appeals.


  • ...theyre not the same. I think the guy on the phone was being poor at his job. They are quite similar though, I think the only difference is OG has the unusual secret ingredient and highland ice does not.
  • See I thought the same. But he seemed pretty sure!!
  • I am with Icepick, though this is not one of the opinions I would bet a million for... They could very well be the same with different age, maturing, cellaring... but there is something in Highland Ice that doesn't do the trick for me.
  • Just got my first ever tin of O&G. This is exactly the same as the highland ice I've come to know and love. I can't detect a damned bit of difference. I gotta say the guy knew his stuff.
  • O&G has for years stated Highland Ice is O&G packed for a different market. Yet, many people note differences between O&G and Highland ice. Nobody seems to be able to explain this ;)
  • Well my bulk order arrived and I would swear it was different snuff. Darker, not as fluffy grind, stronger menthol with something missing. I love O&G and highland ice so do not mind. May grab a tin of highland ice and do a proper comparable. Only I am sure, to find out there are the same.
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