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Snuv has arrived!

Any Agarwood/Oud Oil or Chip lovers on this forum?

AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
edited February 2016 in The Pub (Off Topic)
I'm a Agarwood lover. Love wearing Oud oil and burning Oud chips.
If you never tried Burning Oud chips as incense or trying Oud oil.

Cambodian Ouds are a sweeter and Figier,fruity woody vibe
Indian/Assam Ouds are barnyardy,musky,animalic
Borneo/Indonesian/Malay Ouds are Fresher,minty,pine smelling

My favorite Oud oils to wear are:
Cambodian/Thai Ouds

My Favorite Oud chips to burn are:
Assam/Indian Chips
Cambodian/Thai/Burmese chips


  • Yeah, I've got a friend who's a gaharu enthusiast and a dealer in Australia. He came to Indonesia on a buying trip a few years ago. He's not an Indonesian speaker, so he enlisted my aid to go around to help him translate with all these Arabian dealers around town while he tested and haggled. In return, he gave me a crash course in appreciation of it, as well as a burner and some samples of the wood from the batches he bought. I haven't often burned it recently, but I've just been talking to the friend about another trip out here. I'm sure I'll get back into it under his influence.
  • I love Oud as incense and wearing as a perfume
  • JakartaBoy

    Have you tried's Oud oils & Mukhallats?
  • @AlKindiSnuff,  no, I just walk about 500 meters to the row of shops selling it near my house.
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited February 2016 PM

    Nice! Hook me up lol,I'm out of Oud
  • Any time you're passing through Jakarta, I'd be happy to introduce you.
  • Nice thanks, Taha from Agaraura was just in Jakarta yesterday
  • Jakarta Boy

    Do you distill your own Oud oils?if not who is your preferred vendor for Oud oils & Chips
  • I am a great fan of Cambodian Oud as it is sweet, I just love the smell. I have bought many Ouds from Asia and buy regular amounts and sometimes sell. Indonesian Oud I find hard to buy and Thai Oud are good as well, as for Vietnam Oud I have tried some but Cambodia is the one if you like sweet.A good supplier here: Please share any sites you know where I can discover new types or rarer please.
  • Is the oil appropriate for snuff?
  • r47, yes it is.
    You know some Chinese place a very this Agarwood stick inside a cigarette and smoke it, some even place some Oud Oil in a cigarette and smoke it.

    So there is no reason why Oud Oil cannot be soaked into a tobacco leaf or tobacco and then turned into snuff. It seems the Chinese already know about Oud and tobacco being mixed together.

    I have just not found any commercial snuff/Oud on the market as yet.
  • Agarwood known as gaharu in Indonesia. Many store sell those gaharu's oil as a parfume oil. It has smoky and strong wood smell but relaxing in some way. If it can be used in snuff, maybe I will buy those too
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