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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

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  • Seville should be ok - tap tin won't do much harm to dry snuff. I would expect dryish/dried-out Bordeaux, though.
  • @volunge oh well, I do like the silkiness of Bordeaux, live and learn...
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Getting some old favorites and sampling some snus from Mr. Snuff. Come on Royal Post!
    1 x Sir Walter Scott's Havana Toast Snuff 15g
    1 x Bernard Regensburger 10g
    1 x Bernard Magic Moments Black 10g
    1 x Siberia -80 Degrees White Dry Tight Portion
    1 x Odens Wintergreen Extreme White Dry Tight
    1 x Odens 69 Extreme White Dry Portion
    1 x Odens Original Portion
    1 x Siberia -80 Degrees Brown Tight Portion
    1 x Odens Double Mint Extreme White Dry Portion
  • I haven't taken snuff in about two Months because it really messed my nose up somehow. It got to the point where I couldn't get anything in at all because it was completely blocked. A lot of people say this happens because of menthol and everything I snuffed had menthol in it because the only thing you can get around here is Poeschl snuff. So yesterday I placed a little order of menthol free snuff to see if that fixes the problem, I sure hope so as I miss my snuff.

    So I ordered 2x Samuel Gawith Madagascan 25g
    2x Viking Brown 25g
    2x McChrytals Aztec 8.75g

    Can't wait for it to arrive :)
  • @carolin4060 that is all very possible, I have been recently stuffed up from some snuffs that did not agree with me but have ordered 20+ different other ones in the past that did not do the same. Most the Toques for example are very easy on my nose.
  • my order has a tracking number left the facility in Langley..somewhere in the Uk. I doubt i will get much updates while it goes over the sea...

    Your package is over a large body of water
    Your package is still over a large body of water

      Still...this is interesting...
  • @snuffandsymphathy

    I sure hope so. Other wise that's it with the snuff for me. Using nasal spray all the time is not a long term option.
  • Well I ordered from Mr. Snuff last Tuesday and just received my package. First tin of warm glow, I am not one to believe in matching snuff with beverages or food, but would see how this would be good with a standard bourbon or whiskey, coffee in the morning too.

    @carolin4060 do not mess too much with nasal sprays, they can become addictive, so proceed with caution.
  • cigargodcigargod Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    Arm and hammer Simply Saline works very well at un plugging my nose after I've used a heavy mentholated snuff.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    1 x Sir Walter Scott's Auld Alliance Snuff 15g
    1 x Samuel Gawith Mastiff 25g
    3 x Siberia -80 Degrees White Dry Tight Portion
    2 x Odens Double Mint Extreme White Dry Tight
    1 x Siberia -80 Degrees White Tight Portion
    1 x Prismaster

    Never tried Auld Alliance or Mastiff- really looking forward to those. Getting the Prismaster since a couple of our kind members are sending some loose snus to try. Thanks again, gentelmen!
  • ChapmanChapman Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    @Carolin4060 That sounds like a likely scenario, the same thing had happened to me. My first year of snuffing, I was placing a lot of orders of every snuff you can think of, and never took the time to figure out what agreed with me, and what did not. Which ones cause front drip, which ones cause back drip, which ones clog me up, open me up, and my favorite, which one leaves no mess behind and just seems to disappear inside my nasal cavities. Now, instead of dipping my fingers into 20 different tins through out the day, if I want to try a new snuff to see if it agrees with me, I will use ONLY that particular new snuff that entire day, It greatly helps in figuring out which ones you should just stay away from.
  • All from 6 Photo-
    - 1 x MG Madras
    - 1 x French Riviera
    - 1 x Medicated No.66
    - 1 x Sandalwood
    - 1 x Kailash
  • 1 x Sir Walter Scott's Auld Alliance Snuff 15g
    1 x Sir Walter Scott's Moro Moro Snuff 15g
    1 x Sir Walter Scott's Havana Toast Snuff 15g
    1 x Viking Brown 25g
    looking forward to trying some SWS

  • 5x cans of Viking Dark.

    It's bloody good snuff.
  • 2x Viking Brown
    2x SG Madagascan

    I've fallen in love with those two. Going to stay with them for now. They're just so good and also cheap. First 2 cans lasted 2 weeks so 4 should last a whole month.
  •  This is my last order for awhile, i swear!  I already have too many new ones to know what to do with or where to start, but...some i just found i really like and need to keep in stock, so.....

    10 x Dholakia Sparrow 10g
    4 x Toque Ambrosia 10g
    4 x Toque Spanish Gem 10g
    2 x Toque SP Extra 10g

    The sp extra i remember taking a lot of a couple of years ago when i drove to the grand canyon with my brother..i remember him laughing at me for cocnstantly sniffing things in the passenger seat of the rental car...i was still trying to subdue my cravings for cigarettes since i quit just a few weeks before.  I need to have some more of that snuff.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    New order from MrSnuff!

    The cart order quantities seem Very buggy today.  I placed the order from Firefox on my PC, not on the phone.  I intended to order 20x and 3x of the Poschl for example but somehow ended up with 1x and 2x.  Meanwhile I got stuck with 2x Dholakia Sparrow (only meant one) and I kept trying Repeatedly to increase the quantity of the Stok's but it wouldn't let me.  That's probably where the Poschl quantities got messed up.  I definitely did not add the doubles of the SWS either, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it ...

    3 x NTSU Black 14g
    1 x NTSU Green 15g (supposed to be 2)
    1 x Taxi Red Extra Strong 25g
    1 x Poschl Gawith Original (Apricot) 10g (supposed to be 20)
    2 x Poschl Packard's Club 6.5g (supposed to be 3)
    1 x Wilsons Gold Label 10g

    New to me:
    2 x Sir Walter Scott's Auld Alliance Snuff 50g (supposed to be 1)
    2 x Sir Walter Scott's Fifty Fifty 15g (supposed to be 1)
    2 x Dholakia Sparrow 25g (supposed to be 1)
    2 x Stok Citerro 6g (tried to buy more, wouldn't let me)
    1 x Stok J.Rumney 6g (tried to buy more, wouldn't let me)
    1 x Paul Gotard Obnizenie Wegrowskie 7g
    1 x White Fox Full Charge White Portions (Freebie)

    Since my wife will be out of her Poschl Original I'll try to convince her to come around to all this lovely Bespoke Toque Jasmine & SD Cherry Cola since we have a couple pounds of em :) They are AWESOME but she loves her usual
  • @ManxSnuff please sir :)
  • The only way I found to make the cart work right was get the quantity absolutely right on the product page and then add. Once in the cart, adjusting quantity is buggy AF. If you end up with the wrong quantity, delete the product from the cart and try again.

    This was where I ended up:
    3 x Poschl Gletscherprise 10g
    1 x Poschl Gletscherprise Gold 10g
    1 x Poschl Gletscherprise Nachfullbox 15g
    1 x Viking Blonde 25g
    1 x Viking Brown 25g
    1 x Viking Dark 25g
    1 x Viking Persica 25g
    1 x Viking Spear 25g
    2 x Viking Thor's Hammer 25g
    1 x 6 Photo Chetak Chhap 20g
    1 x Acrylic Bullet Orange
    1 x Toque USA Peach 10g
    1 x Taxi Red Extra Strong 15g
    1 x Dholakia Plum Cake 10g
    1 x Dholakia Mighty Eagle 10g
    1 x Dholakia Manjul 10g
    1 x Dholakia Madras Toast 10g
    1 x Dholakia African 10g
    1 x Dholakia Aniseed Menthol 25g
    1 x Dholakia White Tiger 50g
    1 x 6 Photo Green Dragon 30g
    1 x She Jasmine Box 10g
    3 x 6 Photo Assorted 8g
    1 x Dholakia Coffee Cream 10g
    1 x Fribourg & Treyer Princes Special 25g
    1 x Dholakia Majestic Elephant 25g
  • Thanks @TidalWave! That sounds like my problem - half the time I add qty1 with the intention of fixing it in the cart. As I tried to update quantities, often the changes wouldn't take effect so I'd try repeatedly to increase the quantity. The order the system sent me a receipt for has quantities for some items significantly different than I tried to use the system to order. @ManxSnuff I'm going to email my requested order corrections ro - let me know if I should include any additional addresses. I appreciate if you could advocate for a fellow board member here.
  • newbiesnuffernewbiesnuffer Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    I ordered small tins of snuff from outside India for the first time and it magically got through! The customs in India are a bunch of snobs and confiscation is common. 

    Toque - Berwick Brown, SP Extra, Ambrosia, Spanish Gem, Xmas Pudding

    F&T - Old Paris, Santo Domingo and Bordeaux. Its sad that these tins came dented, since I love this design!

    Gives me hope for calling for snuff from overseas as well. Special thanks to @tobaccobob to @volunge, I had the chance to try some fine snuffs which were sent across by them, but I had to find a way to order some as well. 
  • SG Black Rappee
    SG Scotch Black
    6 Photo French Riviera
    SWS Creme de Fig
    SG Irish D
    Janta Black
    WoS Dynamite
    WoS Grand Cairo
  • JohnnyOJohnnyO Member
    edited January 2020 PM
    Six Photo Kailash
    Six Photo Green Dragon
    Six Photo French Riviera
    Bernard Schmalzlerfranz
    Bernard Fichtennadel
    Bernard Magic Moments
    Toque Whisky & Honey
    Poschl Schmalzler SF
    Poschl Schmalzler D
    Poschl Lowenprise
    Poschl Gletscherprise

    I also ordered a snuff spoon, a handkerchief off etsy, another kuripe, and some acrylic tube to make clear kuripes
  • Was trying to hold off but made this wee order just now, nothing too exciting but probably better that way:
    1 x Poschl Gawith Original (Apricot) 10g
    1 x J & H Wilsons SP No1 5g
    1 x Wilsons Irish No. 22 25g
  • Got my first package from Snuff Store UK today. One of the 6Photo Kailash unfortunatelly got opened. The powder got all over the tins containing. Very very disappointing. It is not that one tin of Kailash. I hope not getting a crossover through all the tins.

    The Toque Cherry Menthol I just tried seems to be fine.

    But the whole process was great - a speedy delivery. Even if there were a lot of holidays between order and delivery.
  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    @Humppa sorry to hear that, what a let-down! It would be great if all the snuff stores would put each tin in a ziplock baggy. That would help when tins open during shipping but would also prevent scent cross-contamination. They cost a couple of cents and the labor involved isn't that significant when you look at it.
  • But in a way the manufacturer (6photo) should stop using those plastic tubs which are easily breeched.
  • OTTO time!

    From Toque direct:
    New to me:
    OTTO Schmalzler 10g

    OTTO Classic CM 10g

    2x OTTO Chancellor 10g

    2x OTTO Glacier 10g

    2x OTTO Classic RM 10g

    2x OTTO Classic AM 10g

    Toque USA Spearmint


    Fribourg & Treyer Old Paris Medium Tin

    Blueberry Menthol 10g Tin

    Toque USA Lime

    Champagne 10g Tin

    Berwick Brown 10g Tin

    Christmas Pudding 10g Tin.

    Rose 10g Tin

  • And one from (amazing Poschl prices)
    20x Poschl Gawith Original (my wife's favorite)
    5x Poschl Redbull
    5x Poschl President
    Samuel Gawith KB Special (@volunge this might be the on you're looking for)
    Samuel Gawith Elmo's Reserve
    Samuel Gawith Black Arabica (new to me)
    WoS Cool
    WoS Cool Plus
    WoS Super Cool
    WoS Crumbs of Comfort
    McChrystals Aztec
    McChrystals O&G
    GH Kendal Twist - Black Pigtail (shot in the dark)
  • Cheers, @ar47, I'll try it!
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