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Sir Walter Scott snuffs back in stockSnuv: Herbal Range

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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Your latest snuff order



  • New order from

    New to me: Thunder V2 General Classic White snus

    20x Poschl Gawith Original
    20x Poschl President
    SG Elmo's Reserve vac tin
  • 100g Bourbon Economy Bag

    Toque USA Lime

    Fribourg & Treyer Santo Domingo 25g Tin

    50g Original Economy Bag

    Bourbon 10g Tin

    CBD Premium 10g 

    100g Spanish Gem Economy Bag

    100g Ambrosia Economy Bag

  • Awaiting:
    WoS 'Gold Label', 'SP 100', and 'Kendal Brown' hopefully for delivery to-day...and just slipped a sneaky order in for a tin of F&T 'Saville'.
  • Fribourg & Treyer Old Paris 20g
    McChrystal's O&G 3.5g
    Samuel Gawith Black Magic 25g
    Hedges L260 20g
  • WellerWeller Member
    edited August 2020 PM
    Toque order for yesterday was:...SP EXTRA 25g...Original 10g...Lime Toast 10g . OK..I'm an SP, bergamot, citrus junkie and admit it. 
  • McChrystals Warm Glow
    6 photo white elephant
    6photo green dragon
    Dhalokia aniseed menthol
    Dhalokia smokers blend
    Toque cbd
    6photo super kailash
  • Samuel Gawith Irish D 25g
    Bernard Schmalzlerfranzl Fresco 10g
    Rococo snuff tin
  • My order from Toque just dispatched. 1 fifty gram tin of Freiborg and Treyer Prince's Special, 1 ten gram tin Otto Schmalzer, 1 two hundred gram bag of USA Whiskey and honey, 2 ten gram tins USA Lime, 2 twenty five gram tins Spanish Gem. Probably in for another long wait, hopefully not too long
  • @BobFrapples nice order! I love Toque USA Lime

    RE: another long wait, I ordered from for what it's worth 2 weeks ago and it arrived in 6 calendar days to midwest USA
  • @ar47, snuffme rocks in terms of speed! All my pre-pandemonium orders from that store reached me in 5 business days (across the EU), used to be steady Mon-Fri thing. Just wondering about the shipping rates, is it any higher to the USA now?
  • GormurGormur Member
    edited August 2020 PM
    @volunge shipping went up quite a bit, roughly 2$ and prices slightly by a few cents.  Hopefully this is like the last time this happened early in the year.  It eventually went back to normal

    By the way, do you know what that Samuel Gawith Black Magic is?  I'm just going to assume it's Silky Dark or Viking Dark even though it hasn't arrived and I haven't tried these
  • @Gormur I'm on the edge of my seat to hear your assessment of the Black Magic
  • My order from Toque just came in!! Oh man, the Freiborg and Treyer Prince's special is so good, so different from what im used to
  • @ar47 Wow this was my fastest order ever, dispatched monday, arrived Saturday (today) I got a few snuffs that I've never tried before now, F&T Prince's Special is very different from what I'm used to, I am really enjoying that one. The Otto Schmalzler as well, very different for me, and quite enjoyable, the rest of my order is rather familiar but no less welcome to my collection.
  • @BobFrapples I know USPS issues are all over the news but our Postal boys-in-blue are doing great as far as my recent experience is concerned! I'll have to give F&T one more try on your recommendation for the PriceSpec
  • Toque Rustica 50g
    Toque Lime Toast 25g
    Toque USA Kentucky Bourbon 10g
  • I have to admit ,I'm going over to the 'Dark Side', literally. I've just ordered three Bernard Schmalzlers: 10g Aecht Alt Schmalzler: 10g Klostermischung and 10g Magic Moments Black...(I just have to try them after so many raving reviews everywhere).
  • Samuel Gawith Dr. Verey's Plus 25g
    Hedges L260 20g x 2
    McChrystal's Original & Genuine 21g x 2
  • WoS Kendal Brown 5g
    WoS M. 5g
    WoS M. Plus 5g
    J&H Wilson Med. No.99 20g
    Gawith Hoggarth CM 25g
  • J&H Wilsons Medicated No.99 20g*

    *Corrected ;)
  • Samuel Gawith: Golden Glow, Celtic Talisman, Black Arabica
    Bernard's: Klostermischung X3, Zwiefacher, Magic Moments X3

    All 10g tap boxes.
  • WoS Super M 25g 
    WoS SM 25g 
    6 Photo Medicated No. 666 30g
    Dholakia Sparrow Cool 50g
  • A 50 gram bag of Toque Rustica.
  • 10 x Makla Neffa Ifrikia 8g
  • 10 assorted tins Silver Dollar
    50 gram tin F and T High Dry Toast
    25 gram tin of F and T Old Paris
    3x10 gram Otto Chancellor
  • WoS 12 small assorted tins. Only 4.80 pounds couldn't resist.
  • GormurGormur Member
    edited October 2020 PM
    WoS Extra M 5g
    McChrystal's O&G 200g
  • New record! Ordered from Mr Snuff Oct and arrived Oct 12 in dfw USA.

    WOS Red m
    Fubar medic
    Fubar snafu medicated
    Dholakia taj, sparrow cool, medicated, medicated 10, mentholyptus, manjul, ice cool
    6photo super chetak and medicated 666

    Got a surprise when I opened the box to find the 666 medicated was a 200 gram can! Essentially a lifetime supply, even for a young man!
  • bolbam420bolbam420 Member
    edited October 2020 PM
    Fribourg and Treyer High Dry T - 20g
    Fribourg and Treyer Macouba - 5g
    Sir Walter Scotts St-James Parish Blend - 15g
    Toque SP Extra - 25g
    Toque Chocolate - 25g
    Toque Apricot - 25g
    Bernard Magic Moments Black 10g
    Poschl Schmalzler Perlereuter 100g

    Most excited about the last two!

  • Mullins & Westleu: Scented Crumble 25g
    Mullins & Westley: Jock's Choice 25g
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