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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

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  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited October 2020 PM
    Mullins & Westley Black Rapee 25g
    SG Irish D 25g
  • @Huysmans, how is that M&W Rappee? Is it plain or scented?
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited October 2020 PM
    @volunge I bought this yesterday from the Cegar & Snuff Parlour and just opened it this evening. It's a typically generously packed tin from their Snuff menu filled to the brim with a very moist coarse black snuff as you would expect from a Rapee. It smells like an Autumn bonfire perfect for the time of year. This is one to savour. Would go perfectly with a cup of Lapsang Souchong tea it has a very similar smell to it. I am assuming it's a plain snuff and the smokiness has come from the curing process?
  • A tub of Fine Keg from McChrystal's
  • Took advantage of the FREESHIPMS code for new order from MrSnuff. Somehow I went there for Viking Thor's Hammer, added to cart, kept shopping to get to $50 and viola I checked out and no Thor's Hammer!

    New to me:
    Snuv Reaper 10g
    Poschl JBR Yellow 10g
    Poschl JBR Wintergreen 10g
    Poschl JBR Blue 10g
    6 PhotoKrishan Sudama 50g
    6 Photo Green Dragon 30g

    Poschl Packard's Club 6.5g × 4
    Poschl Mix-Snuff Sachet 10g
    Samuel Gawith Black Arabica 25g
    6 Photo Motia 30g
  • Another from MrSnuff

    10x Taxi Green
    10x Poschl President
    1x Viking Thor's Hammer
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    3 — Bernard • Charivari
    1 — Dholakia • Irish Coffee
    1 — Dholakia • Coffee Cream
    1 — Dholakia • Black
    1 — Dholakia • African
    2 — McChrystal • Aztek
    2 — McChrystal • Jip!
    2 — McChrystal • O & G
    1 — Poschl • Radford
    1 — Poschl • Schmalzler Perlereuter
    1 — WoS • Bee M
    1 — WoS • Africa
    1 — WoS • Royal George
    1 — FUBAR • RnR
    1 — FUBAR • Fido’s Spicy Treat Menthol
    1 — Viking • Dark
    1 — Viking • ISS
    1 — Viking • Persica
    1 — Viking • Spear
    2 — Rosinski • Odorlander
    2 — Rosinski • Frankfurter
    2 — Rosinski • Berliner Luft
    2 — Rosinski • Brusseler
    2 — Rosinski • Uckermarker
    2 — Rosinski • Alter Fritz
    2 — Rosinski • Carlsbader
    2 — Rosinski • Goldpaper
    2 — Rosinski • Kathnertabak
    2 — Rosinski • Ochsenkoph
    2 — Rosinski • Poltergeist
    2 — Rosinski • Roter Kaschube
    2 — Rosinski • San Souci
    2 — Rosinski • Stargarder
    2 — Rosinski • Tabacum
    2 — Rosinski • Morgentau
    2 — Rosinski • Nordisch Grun
    2 — Rosinski • Nordwind
    2 — Otto • Schmalzler
    1 — Otto • CM
    1 — Otto • AM
    1 — Otto • Glacier
    1 — Otto • Chancellor
    1 — Toque • Ambrosia
    1 — Toque • Vanilla
    1 — Toque • XMAS Pudding
    1 — Toque • Berwick Brown
    1 — F & T • Princes
    1 — F & T • Princes Special
    1 — F & T • Dr. Justice
    1 — F & T • Macouba
    1 — F & T • Morlaix
    1 — F & T • Patchouli
    1 — F & T • Santo Domingo
    1 — F & T • Old Paris
    1 — F & T • Bordeaux
    1 — Hedges • L–260
    1 — 6 Photo • Green Dragon

  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Last order for the month... have a lot of snuffs to baby, care for......and have fun and play with lol

    1 — McChrystals • Warm Glow
    1 — McChrystals • Glacier
    3 — McChrystals • Sturco
    2 — Poschl • Gletscherprise
    2 — Poschl • Gletscherprise Gold
    2 — Poschl • Gletscherprise Nachfullbox
    3 — Paul Gotard • Irish Cream
    1 — Samuel Gawith • Black Arabica
    1 — 6 Photo • Coffee Kick
    1 — FUBAR • Fugazi Black Joe
    1 — FUBAR • Fugazi Menthol
    1 — Wow! • American Caramel
    1 — Wow! • Coconut Toffee
    1 — Taxi • Green
    1 — Taxi • Red
    1 — Dholakia • Honey
    1 — Dholakia • Vanilla
    1 — Dholakia • Swiss Chocolate
    2 — Poschl • Radford Premium
  • A pretty huge order from MrSnuff, I do not have the energy to type up a full list. Emphasizing non medicateds, quite a lot of SPs and plains. It seems like only after an order I realize how much I already had tucked away. Oh well, at least I would be ready for another quarantine, the powers that be forbid!

    Waiting for some direct-from-Toque stuff too...
  • @AlKindiSnuff so that's where all the Rosinski Snuffs went! Lol some nice choices there enjoy:)
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Thanks pal yeah I don’t usually place big orders I was lucky enough to get some extra clientele and income this month At least very rare I do this. But worried about shipping going up seen new shipping info may skyrocket so I figured I better get a lot. A lot of snuffs is good but a lot to baby and care for as well. Getting things in order to be optimal. Probably over worrying about storage and keeping it good and such, but that’s me Mr Neurotic
  • I am a bit hoardy too. At least there is something to show for it.
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Yeah snuff literally sucks you in! you try 1... then you order 5.... ok this is good...then you start browsing and start to see the endless types and flavors and grinds, moist or dry, then... Yes...we have a snuff addiction lol
    Very fun and enjoy snuff immensely! :-O
    Wife is always like more snuff! I “I won’t get anymore for awhile I promise Hunny” yeah rite... like 3–of the many great promises... the check is in the mail... I’ll just put the tip in... And I won’t buy that much snuff... lol
  • Fribourg and Treyer High Dry T - 5g 
    Makla Ifrikia 20g × 2
    Poschl Gletcherprise Gold 10g 
    Poschl Red Bull Strong 7g 
    Wilsons Gold Label 25g
    Wilsons Crumbs of Comfort 25g
    Wilsons Tom Buck 25g
    Wilsons Bee M 25g
    Wilsons Dynamite - 25g

  • AlKindiSnuff that sounds about right, ha! :D
  • Lol
  • Where is Hawaiian_Ryan ? Haven’t seen anything by him for awhile???...
  • Pls suggest the best preservative for moist snuff. Water base snuff
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    A nice parcel from Toque! Probably no more for at least another year now :D

    Toque has the F&T snuffs in the classic tubes, BTW
  • F&T — Seville
    F&T — HDT
    F&T — Patchouli
    WoS — Irish No.22
    WoS — Best Dark
    Viking — Thors Hammer
    Viking — Brown
    Viking — Dark Rappee
    Viking — Scotch Dark
    FUBAR — Grunt
    FUBAR — Medic
    FUBAR — Bohica
    6 Photo — Chocolicious
    Mullins-&-Westley — Jocks Choice
  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Glad I re-upped on ones from Roderick, sucks badly they are changing packaging. Very foolish I think I mean I get a business wants to save money. But... come on the snuff is so good but also that style of containers just adds to the joy of using snuffs and visually pleasing too as well. Love seeing them sitting there in my snuff mini-fridge, only ones I keep in containers for a long while. Sad... maybe I’m overreacting a bit but just really bums me out pretty badly [-(
  • A local order. A few for friends, but the following for me:

    6P Green Dragon - 30 gms
    Afghan White
    Natural LA Golden - 35 gms
    Special - 200 gms
  • @AlKindiSnuff I agree, they are perhaps the nicest containers being used right now. Although it seems not the most corrosion resistant. I am going to hold onto at least one empty tin just for display.
  • I just made a big order direct from rosinski. I got 1 from mrsnuff and its loaded with aroma, I just have to try some others.
  • @Mr_O yeah I save some too as well
  • @Snuffalufagis
    Nice! Rosinski is great snuff!
  • @alkindisnuff yea the 2 I have now are very high quality, for the cost I couldnt pass it up. $45 shipped for 160g of fine artisan snuff is a great deal.
  • @newbiesnuffer, could you please shed some light on 6P Afghan White? Curious about this one, still haven't tried it. Is it akin to plain Cheeta or Cheeta Gul? Or perhaps more similar to 41P White Elephant? I would really appreciate your thoughts about it.
  • newbiesnuffernewbiesnuffer Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Sure @volunge  - I will report on my findings of this batch when I receive it. When I used it earlier (a year back approx), to my nose it had a similar scent profile to Dholakia White / White Elephant (which is no scent at all really) and a tad bit stronger than White Elephant. It is as finely milled as Cheeta is, but with no scent at all. The gul is toasted, while the Afghan White doesnt seem so at all.   

    P.S. Just sent you an email before reading this comment :)  
  • Ordered from snuffstore, as always:

    Wilsons of Sharrow Diplomat (5g)
    Wilsons of Sharrow Crumbs of Comfort (5g)
    Wilsons of Sharrow Grand Cairo (25g) - my absolute favourite, all day, every day
    6 Photo Chocolicious (8g) 
    6 Photo M. G. Madras (8g)
    Otto Chancellor (10g)
    Hedges L260 (20g)
    FUBAR FIDO Spicy Treat Menthol (30g)
    FUBAR Jungle Fever Mango Menthol (30g)

    Every single one of them is worth a try with some of them regularly entering my daily rotation.
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