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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

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  • @Hloridison, nice! Dragon Madras is probably the strongest nasal snuff on Earth.

    How much is shipping from India to your place?
  • @Humppa

    My mini fridge storage vessel and main kitchen fridge has snuffs in it and came home and where’s my snuff?... she got a little basket to put them in on shelf lol she hates them all in the fridge. Was kool of her though but yeah I break her stones with snuff all over lol
  • @volunge
    Is Dragon Madras and Madras Toast two completely different animals or similar? Thnx —
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    @AlKindiSnuff, they are very different. Dragon Madras is less smoky, a little bit coarser (but still a fine grind), has more pronounced sour note and hits stronger than MGM. If I remember it right, Dragon is brighter, contains less ghee..

    Oops, I compared it with MG Madras. Dragon is more similar to Dholakia Madras Toast, than to MG Madras. Texture is similar (referring to the texture of them fresh), both have similar sourness. But Dragon feels like five times stronger ;-P
  • Bernard Fichtennadel 10g × 2
    Toque Toast and Marmalade × 1
    Wilsons Jockey Club × 1
    Toque Toast and Marmalade × 1
    Toque Peanut Butter × 1
    Toque Coke × 1
    Toque Almond Toast × 2
    Hedges L260 × 1
    Toque Almond Toast × 1
    Taxi Red × 1
    Samuel Gawith Celtic Talisman × 1
    Samuel Gawith Golden Glow × 2
    Bernard Jubilaums 10g × 1
    Bernard Postillion 10g × 2
    Bernard Regensburger 10g × 2
    Bernard Gekachelter Virginie 50g × 2
    Mini Porcelain Snuff Altar × 1
    6 Photo Kailash × 1
    200g / intl

    I just wanted a pinch of Santo Domingo and found five tins had mold. Any advice on cellering? I keep in factory tin in an ice chest for all but menthols. Any better ways to protect investment are greatly appreciated.

  • @volunge the shipping from India to Germany was 28€ a little high. But he mentioned it and gave me two tins for the half price. Very nice communication too. I‘m really excited about it. Has it a smoky taste to it like the mg?
  • 6 Photo Medicated #666 200g
  • @StudiodecolBleu

    Nice order! Got some real gems in there! Nice :•]
  • Babaton • Plain Blue
    Gawith Hogarth • Cafè Regal (Kendal)
    FUBAR • Snafu Medicated
    McChrystals • Aztek
    NTSU • Black
    NTSU • Green
    Poschl • Gletscherprise Gold
    TAXI • Green
    WoS • Africa
    Dholakia • Coffee Cream
    Dholakia • Swiss Chocolate
    Samuel Gawith • Black Arabica
    Schnupfdosn • Snuff Shooter
  • newbiesnuffernewbiesnuffer Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Hello @StudiodecolBleu - moist snuffs mostly will get moldy even in their original tins. This happened to my tins of Santo Domingo as well. Best to decant moist snuffs in airtight glass jars and use a clean washed and dried spoon to remove some grams into a smaller box / tin / snuffbox for your consumption over a week or two.  
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    Snuffstore order arrived this morning.

    Taxi red 
    Dholakia Black
    Janta Red Label Black.

    It will be my first time trying these snuffs. Well i have ntsu black already so I know what to expect from Taxi.

    But for Dholakia Black and Janta Red Label i have no idea.

    I am at work now  and looking forward to going home and try them.

    What should i expect from these snuffs?
  • First impressions:

    Taxi Red: similar to ntsu black but i prefer Ntsu.

    Dholakia Black: Dark brown colour, Good nicotine, I neither love nor hate the aroma yet. Good snuff but i dont think i ll reorder it. I ll stick to the amazing Dholakia White.

    Janta Red Label Black: Total Black colour, Nice nicotine, the scent is new to me i cant describe it yet, good but i cant see me reordering it. I ll stick to my favorite Dragon Madras Janta.

    So this order made it clear for me that i have to order some ntsu black rolls and some Janta Dragon Madras.
  • @ALLex, try mixing some Black with White. Also, White with Taxi! (1:1)

    In regards to Janta Dragon, I recommend ordering directly from Janta to get it fresh.

  • @volunge thanks mate! i will definetly tries those blends!

    yes a comment of yours caught  my eye about ordering from Janta
    so i emailed them and they informed me with very quick replies about prices.

    I will order a lot (a kilo or two) Dragon Madras in the near future!
  • @ALLex, sounds rocking solid. We could get some small trade or snuff swap going in the future. I miss a good pinch of that Dragon, mrsnuff is too slow at restocking it, and I don't use PP to order directly from JNF.

    Interesting material you have stumbled upon, those (i)nsunko videos, thanks for sharing! Rarely seen, but familiar snuff taking techniques, like sniffing directly from the palm and scooping snuff from the can with its' lid. Love these!
  • 100g brick of Perlereuter
    Packard's Club
    Gletscherprise Gold
    Gletscherprise 15g
    Gawith Apricot

    Very exciting. Many of these I havn't used since I was in Germany over 7 years ago. This is a nostalgic order.
  • Gawith Hoggarth CM 25g x2
    Hedges L260 20g
    Bernard Weiss Blau 10g
  • Just got my Toque order in.
    50g W&H USA
    3 10g tin Ambrosia
    All 6 Otto snuffs

    The Ambrosia is exquisite I will definitely do some size economy bag next order.
    So far I have only done a couple pinches of the Otto snuffs and some I like more than others but overall they seem pretty great too.
  • 100g economy bags of Otto Schmalzler, and USA Whiskey and honey. And a new one for me, Fribourg and Treyer High Dry Toast 25g tin, I'm really looking forward to trying it. How have the shipping times been from Toque to the US? For my fellow American snuffers.
  • @BobFrapples I just got a Toque order in a few days ago and it was just under 2 weeks to the Philadelphia area.
    I have had orders in the past take way longer.
  • @bobfrapples my pre-covid deliveries were around 9 business days to Colorado. They haven't changed too much now that the initial lockdown panic has subsided
  • @willc @Gunnar Right on, that's not bad. For myself in California, pre COVID delivery times from Toque were almost always about a week. I used to place my order on a Friday evening and I would have it the following Friday, once or twice it'd arrive on Thursday even. I was always very impressed with how fast Toque handles business, you can ask em anything at all, they don't mind special requests, just an all around great company. Since COVID our postal system has been suffering and international post especially has been effected. My first Toque order since the virus started took 34 days, the next was 9 days, and the last one I made in early September and it took about 12 days. It's not so bad though, it just means I gotta make fewer but larger orders.
  • I'm still waiting on my rosinski order from Nov 11th, ive been informed that Deutsche post is shipping via ship, and to please be patient. \m/
  • Various non-fruity Poschl. Andechs Special being the best of the lot.

    SP Extra
    Berwick Brown
    Camphor & Clove
    Natural Toast

    F&T: Bordeaux and Princes Special

    Otto Chancellor (love this one!)

    Wilson's Rows of Sharrow

    Waiting on a Rosinski order - was told it would either arrive in a week via air or via ship within an unknown timeframe.
  • There was a 15 percent discount on the gernan store on Viking Snuffs so I odered

    1 Dum Thors Hammer
    20 Gram Black Rapee

    the Black Rapee was just added because when it is above 50 EURO total price there is not additional shipping costs.
  • @Humppa Thors Hammer is a great snuff. Just finished a can.
  • Just made an order on

    Taxi Green 15g
    Taxi Blue 15g
    3x Taxi Red 15g
    Sws Havanna Toast 50g
    6P La Natural 150g
    6P MG Madras 100g
    Fubar Snafu Plain 30g
    Fubar Toasted 50g
    Dholakia Sparrow 50g
    Yellow Lilly Natural 20g
  • McChrystal's O&G 200g
  • pantsBootspantsBoots Member
    edited December 2020 PM
    9 different Bernard offerings
    NTSU Black
    Poschl Gawith Original
    Wilson's Irish no 22
    Wilson's Grand Cairo

    On a quest to try most of what's out there and start stocking what I really like.
  • Just made a little order on German Snuffstore. There was no shipping.

    Dholakia White
    Wos Gold Label
    S-G Madagascan
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