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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

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  • @ALLex try the s-g silky dark or the black magic from they are like the old Viking dark
  • SHbickelSHbickel Member
    edited January 2021 PM
    Packard's Club x5 - bored, so I drove an hour each way to a tobacco shop in a neighboring metro and picked up five tins.  Their only other choice was O&G.  Locally I only have access to dry-as-dust Silver Dollar.
  • @Hloridison Thanks a lot !
  • Red Rags 50gr
    Princes Special
    M&W Black Rappee
    Otto Chancellor
    6photo Anarkali
    Dr Rumney Blue
  • JNF Red Label
    41 Photo Himtaj
    41 Photo Super Himjaj Golden
    Laxmi Gulab Sihori
  • F & T Old Paris
    F & T High Dry Toast
    F & T Macouba 
    Bernard Civette
    Bernard Jubilaums

  • I was pleased to get my snuff order from UK to Massachusetts in about a week.
  • Rosinski order travelling by boat from 2 months ago still has not been processed through customs. Mr. Snuff order being processed quickly as usual
  • 6Photo - MC Madras 100 gram
    WoS - Irish No. 22 25 gram
    SWS - Havanna Toast 15 gram
  • WS Latakia. I used to smoke Balkan Sobranie when I was a pipe smoker, and was in love with latakia aroma.
    Hope it will be as good as I remember.
  • pantsBootspantsBoots Member
    edited February 2021 PM
    Note to US customers:

    I just had something happen with a snuff order that I've been reading about on other tobacco forums regarding shipments ordered from outside the US. My package made it to my local post office and then just sat there for a couple days. When I went to inquire, the post office told me that US Customs had issued them a notice to NOT deliver my package and instead return it to Customs so it can be returned to sender. When I spoke with US Customs, the agent I spoke with said this was not their doing, but something that the post office initiated. It's a confusing situation since these two agencies can't even agree on who is creating this mess. It should be noted that there was no contraband (i.e.: Cuban) tobacco in my order, so the US Customs has no issue with my order, but are just following their instructions as received by the post office.

    Caveat emptor if you are in the states and planning on an order from our excellent vendors.
  • Well thanks for the heads up boots
  • I just ordered a load of Rosinski snuffs

    Black: Berliner luft

    Brown: Poltergeist

    Green: Nordwind

    Schmalzer: Oderlander

    Purchased the accompanying violet glass receptacles as well and a horn snuff flask.

    Opinions on the above sought and welcomed.
  • willcwillc Member
    edited February 2021 PM
    @Aaron that is funny that you just ordered from Rosinski because I just received my order from mid November.
    This was my longest wait ever from overseas.

    I am sure your order will be much quicker.
    I definitely ordered at the wrong time.

    The only Rosinski snuff that I am familiar with is Berliner Luft, I enjoy it very much.
    It is a somewhat sweet snuff.

    Just now I opened my package and the only one I tried was Tabacum and my initial reaction is good.
    A somewhat plain snuff but it does have its own character. I need to try more of it though.

    Be sure to post when your order arrives, I am curious as to how long it would normally take from Germany.
  • AaronAaron Member
    edited February 2021 PM
    @willc - I’m in the UK and they’ve quoted 5 days from tomorrow so hopefully by the following Monday it will arrive.

    I will definitely post my impressions of these snuffs - particularly intrigued by the green snuff but really looking forward to Berliner Luft as well.

    Had to buy Poltergeist because of the name and with the schmalzers it was either Oderlander or Frankfurter - frankfurter just has to many reconstituted sausage associations.

    One thing I will say for Rosinski is they have a pretty good operation - they even sent me a user guide for the horn snuff flask I ordered.

    Will report back soon.

    Thanks for posting your impressions of these products by the way - it’s my first experience with what could be referred to as an artisan snuff - but I’ve enjoyed everything from Red Bull to Toque to F+T so far, so as far as it’s ground tobacco I’m game.
  • @willc Was the tracking for your order ever updated? Mine hasn't been scanned since Frankfurt in the beginning of December.
  • @Aaron, I was treated with Oderlander by a friend here, it's a very nice and well-made schmalzler. It doesn't contain any Brazilian tobacco (Rosinski use only local cultivars for his snuffs), but it's very satisfying in all departments, including the nicotine. Super easy to take, pleasant schmalzleresque scent, great  potency.
  • @volunge - good to hear.

    I like the fact that Rosinski uses local produce - certainly adds to the appeal.

    I don’t have any experience with schmalzers but thought this would be a good place to start.

    I have used Indian snuffs which contain a good quantity of ghee so hoping this helps prepare me for the additional oiliness but otherwise just keen to get stuck in!
  • @Aaron welcome to the forum and since you are UK based,you should try the Sir Walter scott's line,great artisan snuffs!
    And yes,Poltergeist is a great menthol snuff(not overly mentholated like the british ones)
  • Good shout @tobaccobob - my brother ordered a few SWS snuffs recently and has been recommending them to me.

    I just can’t get my head around the price difference.

    Is it worth it?
  • @pantsBoots I actually do not know if it had tracking.
    I never even contacted Rosinski about it as I heard there was a virtual mountain of overseas packages sitting in Philadelphia in January.

    I was gonna give it a few more weeks and contact them and see if I could get it resent.
    But to my surprise it arrived yesterday.

    That is crazy that they sent your package back to Rosinski.
    Did they try to initially deliver it to you?

    I had that happen with a package of razor blades from India that needed signature and when I went to P.O. a couple days later they said they sent it back. I was like wtf?

    You could file a complaint with postmaster but I really doubt that would end up helping.
    Who knows maybe it would prevent something similar happening, I don’t know.

    I hope you get things sorted and can get package from Rosinski in the future.

    In past years packages from Germany for me usually were in the 3 week to month time frame and I am just outside Philadelphia.
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited February 2021 PM
    I just received:

    - 400g F&T high dry toast from artisansnuff .com

    - 12 tub roll of Babaton plain blue from mr snuff .com

    what a great day!
  • @willc My order from Mr Snuff/SnuffStoreUK is being sent back. The Rosinski order is simply MIA. Mr. Rosinski advised patience as he said most orders are taking about 3 months for delivery. Mr Snuff/SnuffstoreUK have not replied to my email as of yet. :(
  • My Snuffstore order arrived within one week. Shipped on monday, arrived today (monday).

    Good time... it was also fhrough customs without problems.
  • @Humppa Did you use tracked shipping? I ask because my preferred cigar vendor does not offer tracking as he's found it tends to get packages flagged and refused more often. I chose tracking for Snuffstore :/
  • @Aaron i think it is worth to pay. I use Sws for special moments. Havanna Toast is one of the best snuffs I ever had. 50/50 and st James parish are also genius. If you like plain snuffs there is nothing better out there i think.
  • @Hloridison - thanks for the info.

    That was enough for me to order some Havana Toast and Latakia Blend (big fan of Latakia when I smoked pipes).

    I’ll update on here when the SWS and Rosinski arrive.
  • @pantsBoots sorry for the misunderstanding.

    So there is a solid chance your Rosinski order could show up any day now.

    I think we just ordered at the wrong time cause that was the longest I ever had to wait for any type of package from Europe.

    I like the way the snuff comes in foil sealed packets.
    So far I have only tried 4 of them and they are all fresh and actually very good.

    Hope you get your order soon!
  • The Sir Walter Scott snuff has arrived

    Just tried the Latakia Blend and I’m impressed to say the least.

    The Latakia is there in spades and the supporting tobaccos are sweet, creamy and well balanced.

    I’m totally converted and I don’t think this 15g tin will take long at all to get through.

    I think I will save the Havana Toast until tomorrow - but the premium nature of this one is absolutely apparent and as much as I love my other snuffs, this is a different experience to all of them.

    Thanks for the suggestion @tobaccobob and the second opinion @Hloridison
  • @Aaron yes the Latakia Blend reminds me of smoking a very good Latakia Virginia mixture in the pipe. The st James parish like smoking a Virginia perique mixture. Nothing compares to Sws for me. It is like another level. But not all day for me. It is something special
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