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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

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  • @mrmanos will be interested to know how the Janta Menthol is.
  • Waiting on mrsnuff/snuffstore to restock. 
    In the meantime, grabbed lots of taxi red, taxi blue, and ntsu black. just because i was close to running low. 
    Many of the ones i really want are out of stock. 
    ( got 7 kilos vacc sealed, but you know how it is, we want our faves ) 
  • BeerandSnuffBeerandSnuff Member
    edited December 2021 PM
    From Toque Snuff:

    McCrystals Jip 4.5g x 4
    Jaxons Alpine 20g x 1
    Bernard Jubilaums 10g x 2
    Toque USA Whiskey and Honey 100g x 1
    Toque Natural Toast 25g x 1

    Not had Jip for years and years so decided to try it again, lost my two tap boxes of Jubilaums so was annoyed about that and I really enjoy it in this weather. Alpine is a new one but the other two are very enjoyable and firm favourites of mine.
  • So Yeah.... A bit of a festive order for me; If you can't treat yourself at Christmas when can you? :)) Great to see the SWS range re-stocking at Snuff Store :) 

    Some re-orders of old favourites that I'm running low on: 

    Sir Walter Scott's Lundy Foot  
    Sir Walter Scott's Havana Toast 
    McChrystal's Original and Genuine 
    McChrystal's Jip! 

    Some exciting 'new to me' snuffs to enjoy over the course of the festive period

    NTSU Green 
    NTSU Black 
    Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown Scented
    Sir Walter Scott's Latakia Blend 
    Sir Walter Scott's Princess Juana

    Very excited to sample the last two. I've been really enjoying dipping into my stash of Molens de Kralingse Latakia AO 1860, but as there's never going to be anymore of that, I'm hoping that the SWS Latakia will be a strong contender. Princess Juana seems to have similar scents to F&T's Santo Domingo. I have my fingers crossed that this will be similar to Roselin, which to me, is like a luxury version of the F&T Macouba style - If it is that will be amazing!   
  • Just_BrowsingJust_Browsing Member
    edited December 2021 PM
    Waiting on restocking from Mrsnuff, so, 
    i put a quick cheeky one in with Toque, but recently had a delivery  from them, so just stocked up on my 3 favourite ones, 
    2x25g coltsfoot
    2x25g st clements
    2x25g xmas pudding 
    Grabbed on their 6 tins for £18.50, approx 3 quid a tin, hoorah 
  • Toque cheese and bacon 400g. I seem to always want it.
  • @just_browsing good choice but never tried st. Clements.
  • FM @betty1967 You must REALLY like the cheese and bacon vibe :))
  • St. Clements = Orange & Lemon presumably? 

  • @MisterPaul Yes, its a good scent too, kind of fresh, and not sickly. i like it very much with cold IPAs, its a pairing made in heaven. 
  • @Just_Browsing - Hmmm... interesting! I might give it a go in my next order, I tend to go for old style SP's like Mullins & Westley, or toasts with an ale for some reason :-? Widening your 'circle of snuff' is never a bad plan though is it? ;) :-D
  • Just got this in on time before the Christmas break from Wilsons of Sharrow:

    Sharrow Snuff, Grand Cairo: Large
    Sharrow Snuff, Irish No.22: Large
    Fribourg & Treyer, Princes Special: Large
    Fribourg & Treyer, Macouba: Small Tap Tin
    Fribourg & Treyer, Morlaix: Small Tap Tin
    Fribourg & Treyer, Dr. J.R. Justice: Small Tap Tin
    Fribourg & Treyer, French Carotte: Small Tap-Tin
    Fribourg & Treyer, Patch: Small Tap Tin
    Fribourg & Treyer, Seville: Small Tap-Tin
    Dr Rumney's Green Small Tap Tin
  • JetfixerJasonJetfixerJason Member
    edited December 2021 PM
    Nicotine overdose in

  • Haggis2021Haggis2021 Member
    edited December 2021 PM
    This will be my first real snuff order. I have always had a tin or two kicking about but have decided to get into it more. Any suggestions would be greatly received.

    Toque Camphor and Clove Bullet
    Toque Cherry Menthol Bullet
    Toque SP Extra Bullet
    Toque Whisky & Honey Bullet
    Toque Pomegranate Bullet
    Toque Christmas Pudding Bullet
    Gawith Hoggarth CM Snuff 25g
    McChrystals Jip – Small Tin 4.5g
    6 Photo Gold Rush 6g

  • OmgromaOmgroma Member
    edited December 2021 PM
    @Haggis2021 If you have not already tried them, I would be inclined to add a plain dry toasted (fine) snuff and a dark unscented rappee (coarse) snuff to your list. Also, maybe, a schmalzler (oiled). Together with what is already on your list, this would give you a nice broad selection for comparison.
  • Thanks Omgroma. My first snuff was Toque natural toast and to be honest it almost put me off snuff as I really did not like it. My taste is now for strong flavours so a schmalzler sounds right up my street. Would Bernard Original Schmalzlerfranzl be a good place to start. It gets a top banana review on Simon's Simply Snuff youtube.
  • @Haggis2021 Both oiled and mentholated snuffs tend to block my nose up pretty quickly, so I only partake occasionally or mix them with other snuffs. I cannot recall the Schmalzlerfranzl particularly, but I very much enjoy Bernards Zweifacher. I recall Poschl schmalzlers being very strongly flavoured (fruity). Also, of course, if you have not already tried them, the F&T snuffs tend to be very highly perfumed. Have fun! :)
  • Watched Simply Snuff youtube channel, and gradea snuff channel, reviewing the new snuv black range. Popped along to mrsnuff, only to find the black tange is all " unavailable". Bummer. So, strolled on over to snuffstore, couldnt see the snuv range on the drop down menu, but found it using the search function. Low and behold, they have some, and cheaper than mrsnuff at only 3 quid each. Very odd, as snuffstore is owned by mrsnuff as far as i know. 
    So, just a little order, to test the water, so to speak, 
    Snuv back in black, 
    Snuv Black Rose
    Snuv Black eye 
    Yet more NTSU black 
    Gotard peanut butter
    Gotard chocolate 
    And i had a 20 percent off code. 
    Come on mrsnuff, whats up with the prices, and why Black range, your range, showing unavailable? 
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited January 4 PM
    "Yet more NTSU black"  - Ah yes; 'the force' is strong with that one @Just_Browsing!  

    I don't know what's going on with the pricing at MrSnuff either; most perplexing... :-?
  • @MisterPaul I suppose they can charge what they wish. And they do have lots of products hard to find elsewhere. BUt i dont understand why snuffstore has different prices, considering its owned by mrsnuff. I also miss their reward points too, i often chose them over elsewhere just to get to the next points level reward. 
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 5 PM
    @Just_Browsing, many American snuffers don't even know they can order from
  • Was nosing around on Wilsons of Sharrow, noticed they had 6 filtered corn cob pipes for £2.26 each. well i use cobs to try out new tobacco,so as not to ghost my briars with odd scents, so i bought 4 of them, and just to top up bought large cans of:
    F and T high dry T
    F and T Santo Domingo 
    Dr Rumneys Brown
    WoS Kendal Brown 
  • ^^^ @Just_Browsing - Cob's are great for that, I have some cheap clay pipes that I used to use for the same thing. That's a fine selection of snuff too ;) Temping me to put another order in... :D 
  • @MisterPaul Truth is, i've got waaaay more snuff than i can ever use. Almost every brand and type i can find in the UK. It's mostly decanted, labelled, vacuum sealed with a kitchen food sealer, and stashed away in my old fishing bait fridge ( I'm going blind with Stargardt disease, can't see to tie knots etc anymore ). But i can't help myself. Besides, it's good to stock up on faves, as sometimes certain types stop being sold. 
    Never tried a clay pipe, used to dig up tons of broken ones in my garden. But cobs are great, always smoke cool and sweet, and who cares if they ghost. 
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited January 10 PM
    @Just_Browsing - "Truth is, i've got waaaay more snuff than i can ever use."  Ah yes - I hear you there brother! :)) I'm sorry to learn of your ocular issue... :( There's a lot of wisdom in holding a bit of stash I think; I try to keep mine half sensible [only fooling myself here!!] but your quite correct, sometimes they just stop making a favourite variety. Clays are good, though you do need to treat them with respect as they can burn hot if puffed too hard (and do break if you drop them on the floor ;-) ) Well worth a go though! Someone on the forum (to my same I forget who) recommended this supplier to me years back Heather is small artisan producer but her work appears a lot in film and TV, she is the wizard of the period clay pipe, I have several of her clays and they are all bangers. Worth checking in on the website now and then as she has different stuff at different times. I'm especially partial to her clay cutty nose warmer nubers  - I want to smoke one now... Doh! :))
  • First snuff order ever >>>

    I thought I’d post it up just to share as well as to track shopping times to my area in case anyone wanted to know. I know I was checking out what I could beforehand. I’m located on the west coast of Canada. I placed one order with MrSnuff and then just to see what happens, I placed another with Toque. I tried to keep the product cost under $20 Can on each order to avoid getting hit too hard with duty. Here goes:

    My MrSnuff order (Dec 27th, 2021):

    Bernard Weiß Blau 10g
    Poschl Lowenprise 10g
    Poschl Red Bull Strong 7g
    Ozona Snuffy Weiss 5g

    Update - shipped Dec 29th, 2021

    Toque order (Jan 6th, 2022):

    OTTO Schmalzler 10G Tin
    Pöschl Ozona President Snuff 7g
    Toque Bourbon Bullet
    McChrystals Jip - Small Tin 4.5g
    McChrystals Mini tin 3.5g Old English
    McChrystals mini tin 3.5g Aztec
    6 Photo Kailash 8g

    I’m especially interested in trying the Schmalzer. Anyone’s favourites listed here?
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited January 12 PM
    New Year = New Snuffs

    Except for the M&W's Keen obviously - I just have issues/obsessions with that! 

    Hat-tip/Honourable mentions to: 
    @Betty_BW for the Rosinski recommendations which have finally come back in stock: Yay! and to @Just_Browsing for the SNUV recommendations, I'm really not sure more rustica in my snuff  is wise, but hey-ho! ;-) :))

    Has anyone tried these 'Artisan Snuffs' I brought them as I'm a sucker for any type of rappee - Is it a case of "a Toque in any other tin smells the same?" to paraphrase ShakeSnuffspeare??  :-?

    Anyways it goes a little something like this: 

    SNUV Nutty Joe
    SNUV Rusty Trombone
    Rosinski Nordish Grun 
    Rosinski Morgentau   
    Rosinski Ochsenkopf  
    Artisan Snuff Dark Rappee 
    Artisan Snuff Ficus Rappee 
    Artisan Snuff Robusta Rappee 
    DR. RUMNEY'S Brown 
    Mullins & Westley Keen Scented 

  • Just_BrowsingJust_Browsing Member
    edited January 12 PM
    @MiasmaticPractices NIce orders there, lots to get you started 
    @MisterPaul One of my fave youtube reviewers, Simon from Simply Snuff, was sent some of the Toque Artisan range, the JP one, hes posting the review Sunday  at 5  
    Im looking forward to it, its always good when new ranges hit the shelves, 
  • @Just_Browsing Yeah we know Simon; he used to post here many moons back, mind you Rodrick from Toque, and the infamous Uncle Squinty  used to post as well. I shall let you know my thoughts when they arrive tomorrow [hopefully!]. Very nice to see some new rappee's; you can't have too much moist course snuff IMAO as I'm sure you'd agree ;)

    I need to post a few reviews tbf - I still have the Princess Juana to give some thought's on; I have been sitting with that over the festive period :)
  • @MisterPaul I know Squinty, he's totally blind ( wife too ) , and i'm almost blind. I admire his ability to do things ( and his radio voice ) 
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