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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

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  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited April 17 PM
    I agree that these boxes are of very little use for me; the box I feel is so porous it may as well be open (losing freshness), and the size is impractical. Reusing the various tins that come with snuff make more sense, and in public have the benefit (for police) of being labeled as tobacco
  • From Snuffstore:

    F&T HDT - 1 large classic tin
    F&T Dr JR Justice - 1 large classic tin
    F&T Princes - 1 large classic tin
    F&T Princes Special - 1 large classic tin
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Box of Poschl Gawiths, box of Presidents, 15g of SWS Havana Toast and 10g Rosinski Alter Fritz.

    Boxes for her, artisans for me
  • clsmoothieclsmoothie Member
    edited May 29 PM
    From Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop in Englewood, CO.

    Note: Smoker Friendly in Parker, CO has some product too. Let me know if there are any other shops in Colorado! I think I heard about the one in Steamboat as well...

    What I got:
    McChrystals Violet
    McChrystals Mulled Magic
    McChrystals Aniseed
    Dean Swift's Dr. Rumneys (same as McChrystal's O & G) I found out.

    What I didn't get:
    McChrystals Supermint (Glacier)
    McChrystals Lemon (Sicilian Burst)
    McChrystals Clove
    McChrystals Smokers Blend (already had some)


    F&T Old Paris 20g
    Jock's Choice 20g (excited to try!)
    Bernard Magic Moments 10g
    Bernard Magic Moments White 10g (heard it wasn't very good, I like the artwork though)
    Rows of Sharrow 20g
  • Waiting for what seems like months for FedEx to get to me from toque. Package arrived in New York to California now in Wisconsin :-w
  • ^^^ :-(
  • mrmanosmrmanos Member
    Ordered one of each Rosinski snuffs, including the schmalzlers. A German holiday for me without going to Germany.
  • @mrmanos - You're in for a treat there ;-) 
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