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  • WOS is one of my favorite manufacturers. But I found Best Dark very bland.

    Also think Ripple is a bit overrated as it is menthol for ages then the raspberry ripple appears after several minutes. But most times I got menthol ..............then nothing ?
  • Elmo's Reserve. Sour vanilla and cheap cleaning fluid. Disgusting dust!

  • @spinyeel, dust? Are you referring to the 10 g plastic tap box? Fresh Elmo's comes fairly moist in 25 g vacuum-sealed tins.
  • @ALLex I still don't get some huge hit from them. I notice more nic but not like people rant about. Now get some Semios and grind that up wow that is a kick in the head.
  • Santo Domingo
  • Agreed with the above. Santo Domingo is awful.

    Also I don't get on with Toque dispite my very best efforts. I relly wish this weren't the case.
  • NTSU
    Too much hype about nic.. e.g. Viking Dark is twice stronger IME
  • I'll put forward Toque Quit. Still an excellent snuff, but I would never choose it over Toque Natural, which I find has a nicer feel in the nose. I don't notice too much difference in nicotine, either. 

    I'm a little distressed over the distaste for Santo Domingo though. Them's fighting words. ;o)
  • I can second this about the Santo Domingo. The tobacco taste is not that bad - but it has some kind of metallic scent in it. I absolutelly don t like it. (Even if I get it in a tobacco store just one kilometre from here)

    Also the Jubilaums Snuff by Bernard has the very same metallic scent in it. I can t stand it as well as the Santo Domingo.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2020 PM
    @Humpa, then steer clear of Bernard Weiss Blau und Wiesn Snuff - reportedly, they are the same as Jubilaeums. That is, all three is one and the same snuff with different labels.

    I guess it's ammonium carbonate to blame for that metallic taste or smell you can't stand. By any chance, did you feel the same in Polar Prise, Fichtennadel and Feinster Kownoer? These also contain ammonium carbonate.

  • @volunge
    Weiss blau and jubilaeums in my nose are different
    Jubilaueums is similar to amostrinha they have a subtle peaty smoky background aroma which resemble bernard F

  • About santo domingo
    Is good but I expected much more and by the way to me is identical to SG black rappee
  • @volunge No, I didn
  • @volunge No, I didnt get it at the Fichtennadel or the Kownoer. The Amostrinha and Polar Prise are similar but far from the same stuff. The Jubi and the Wiesn Snuff are the same. And in both I get that strange and unpleasant metallic scent.

    It is good info about the ammonium carbonate. I suspect that I dont taste that metallic in the Polar, Fichten and Kownoer due to their different, stronger aromas in them.
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