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French tobacco shop

I went to almost 10 different tobacco shops in the area during my holidays. I found only ozona president and ozona english menthol type snuff, i am a bit sad that i have found only those 2 menthol snuff to start with but glad i found snuff. The weirdest thing i encountered is a girl from a tobacco shop that told me she has lost a lot of customers with ozona president and now she only sells ozona english menthol type. She told me that in a way that could mean that ozona president is dangerous. I wonder why she told me that. In another tobacco shop after buying president the shopkeeper told me be carefull it is strong. I wonder as well why there is only those 2 types of snuff in french tobacco shops, i guess it is not the same abroad as french law is very restrictive on tobacco products i found that selling or buying snuff or whatever product relative to tobacco on the internet is stricitly forbidden. Once i will go home, i will get in touch with my local tobacco shop to see if he can order other snuffs. Does anyone had the same issue here ?


  • In the town centre here (Rotherham UK), there is a newsagent that apparently (according to GH) has a good range of GH tobaccos, but doesn't carry any snuff. Most shops here that sell tobacco might carry one or two snuffs though, and I think the one at the end of my street sells Hedges as their particular offering.

    The only shop I've found here that has more than one snuff on offer, isn't actually a tobacconist. They sell some small electricals, do watch repairs, sell smoking paraphenalia and lighters... and have some WoS and Poschls, and possibly a couple of others. When I was smoking, I got my Wilsons XL Skinny filters from there
  • This has nothing to do with the OP, but it is strange enough Wilson's motto tries to make their product less appealing than smoking. That they make cigarette filters I find even stranger.
  • @TerrapinFlyer Which motto would that be? I can't recall seeing one lately. I can remember seeing something I thought was odd ages ago, but not what it was.

    They sell (but not make, as far as I know) a whole host of accessories from cig papers, to filters, to pipe cleaners, pouches and tons of other stuff. I think that diversity helped the business through leaner times. I used to have a brochure of theirs somewhere, and snuff was one double page I think, and the rest was general tobacciana
  • @50ft_trad it's something like: when you can't enjoy a smoke, have some of our snuff. I don't see it on their website now. I guess it could be worse, like: Wilson's, better than being poked in the eye.

    I didn't realize that they were so diversified, which may help account for their longevity.
  • Thanks for that. I do kind of remember it now. It does kind of fit in with the local history actually, as this area was big into coal mining where of course snuff was used to avoid underground explosions. Doesn't really promote snuff as it's own entity though does it .... Toque have definitely got a better approach in that respect :D
  • I am back from holidays and went to my local tobacco shop, the owner said to me that he can't order other brand than what's on its catalog. I then ordered a cartdrige (10 snuff box) of Neffa bledi it's the only non menthol snuff that was on its catalog. I read on the forum that it is good snuff, it sounds like it's from Poschl but cannot find any information about it elsewhere if you have any let me know.
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