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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

Pairing pipes and tobaccos



  • Reading (aka skimming) this thread some more - Savinelli 320's are a great shape, and the bowl seems to handle most anything well.  I have a two - one for English, and one for Va and Va based.  Flakes, kakes, ready rubs, whatever.  I know some that have tried the Rossi variant, which is cheaper, and claim similar results.
  • Googled it - that looks a robust pipe.
    What's that classed as? Apple? Prince?
  • I believe the Sav 320 is their author shape. I thought about one some time ago, but at the time, I could only find the giant version (KS, maybe?) at a price affordable for me.. I'd like a wide bowl, but I don't need to put half a tin in there! People seem to love these pipes, though. My cobs will keep me happy until--or if--I invest in good wood.

    Of course, now that pipes are drug delivery devices in the USA, I imagine them being soon taxed out of any possible price range I might have.
  • The expense of the tobacco is an issue for me with the large bowls too. All the same, I have been rather intrigued by the Wizard Cobbit and MM Freehand cobs with their large bowls.

    That said, I got 1.1/2 hours from a bowl of rubbed out Ennerdale Flake yesterday evening in a "standard" 3/4" diameter x 1.1/2" deep bowl. Do I really need a pipe to give me more than that? I don't think so.
  • Vapers go particularly well in small MM cob. I love Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls, and never smoke it in anything other than a cob. I did dedicate my best pipe, a restored 1920s Dunhill, to this tobacco. But it just tastes better in a cob.
  • Ha ha, @50ft_trad. I can get over an hour from flake in a MM Legend. I can get nearly an hour from ribbon in a MM Diplomat. I'm a moderate to fast puffer, too. I know some folks love the big bowls, but I don't get it. If you look at clay pipes through history, they start tiny, when tobacco was an expensive luxury. Bowl size fluctuated with the cost of tobacco. By that standard, we'll be loading one-hitters soon!
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