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Snuff container Idea for traveling

Hi everyone, I received my first Mr Snuff order and it delivers very well to France.
I have now a toque natural toast snuff bullet, it was a bit too much for me so I filled it with mc chrystal whysky still to high now lundy's foot is in it.
The portion of the bullet is kind of too much for me so I had another Idea to transport snuff: For those who vape just take out the up seringue of any eliquid empty bottle. After washing them and let them dry just put your favorite snuff in it. Open the bottle take it upside down and fill the hole with your favorite finger, snuff sticks to your finger then you can pinch it ! As a beginner the dose is perfect for me.
Regarding the Toque snuff bullet, whatever I do even if I do it very gently the snuff bullet is too much for me but I don't think I m the only one who doesn't support it. Any idea ? am I doing it wrong? Anyway I ve got my SWS Mull of oa fulled eliquid bottle ready for tonight :-)


  • The problem for me is that bullets send snuff too far up. It's usually the worst when I pack them or shake them to fill the chamber. The compacted plugs of snuff travel in larger pieces that break in the nostril and send snuff into the sinuses. I had the same problem with my snuffmaster originally, but now I use it fairly often with few problems.

    I still break out my Aluminum bullets from time to time as well. They carry such a small amount, so I usually rely on them to carry a mentholated snuff for those stuffy moments.
  • MarkMMarkM Member
    I use a bullet when out and about, but I use it as a snuff dispenser onto my thumbnail or the back of my hand, and never simply straight from the bullet itself.  I can take even the finest, driest snuffs from my "boxcar" with no problem, but it always seems to shoot right back into my sinuses if I try to sniff it directly from the bullet.  Some people say they feel that using the bullet to sniff from is a "discreet" method of taking snuff, but I personally don't think there's anything particularly discreet about sniffing a powder out of what looks for all the world like an illicit drug delivery device.
  • @MarkM I use bullets on occasion if you cover the bottom part and most of the bullet it looks like those allergy medication nose dispensers. I use bullets at work and my coworkers think I have bad allergies.
  • Bullets don't send it up too high. The problem is if you are used to using a coarser maybe moister grind you get used to sniffing too hard. The only time it goes too high is when I think something else is in the bullet but even that hasn't happened in a long time.

    Their only problem is the bucket is too small. I'd love to find a cup that fits .10g of a toast without excessive packing required. I drilled mine out as far as the metal will allow and I can get .07 but only with packing. The fix of course is upending it multiple times to get more in the chamber but that's a hassle.
  • I use this plastic box which is threaded (you turn the lid to remove, put it back). It stores around 5 g of snuff and is enough for 2-3 days. Found it effective as it doesn't even bad an eyelid if someone sees it. Get one of these if you have access to some stores which keep plastic containers. 

  • @newbiesnuffer

    Do you have a link where to buy them ?
  • Nah. @yisraeldov . I bought them from a local store which sells things like drinking water bottles, plastic cups, plates, plastic spoons etc (you catch my drift?). Maybe you can search online saying plastic small box or something like that with your location- google will always throw something up. Try your local general store too (where you would get a pen or stationery from). They would always have any small plastic box which has threaded closure lid like this. Personally, I use it since I find these convenient to pinch or use a spoon,and it fits in your trouser pocket. AND - its just an alternate due to a irritating lack of choice. 

    Also would like to state that I am in India and snuff accessories are barely even available to buy over the counter. Thus, this is the least I can do. 
  • @yisraeldov - BTW, buddy, I had to make that snuff spatula out of an ice-cream stick since I couldn't even find a decent sized Starbucks coffee stirrer spoon for a make-do snuff spoon. None available even at the store I bought the box from. (Yes, we have Starbucks in India but I don't like their coffee and I find their pricing extravagant vis-a-vis quality). 
  • OregonOregon Member
    edited February 2017 PM
  • These are good quality. Though I'm happy with the ones I have, will try to look for the cosmetic one in the first link in post above.
  • I use a bullet almost exclusively. It's all about the angle for me. If I leave the hole in line with my nostril it hits my brain and nearly kills me. I tend to aim the bullet almost directly into my nose (as in 90 degrees from my forehead) the extra distance it has to travel kills some velocity and dusts the lower part of my nostril wonderfully. Heavier coarser snuffs tend to need a harder sniff however doing this.
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