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Who hates vaping besides me?

I hates them soo much. Trend jumping (expletive deleted) hipsters!
Lets get a vote going! 



  • I think big tobacco hates it too.

    I've never tried it but I love that it's another tool in your box for getting off cigarettes.
  • I am not a fan of the whole vaping/medwakh/hookah scene.
  • Lol I don't hate it but see it as mildly amusing and a fad who's days are numbered. I find it kinda sad how folk think it'll stop them smoking. It might work for a little while thru' nothing more than novelty value but sure enough the lure of the REAL THING and the stuff vape does not contain, will be too strong to resist. I base that comment on my own, oft-repeated observations. The ones I most feel sad for are those who've taken up vaping to be part of the crowd, having never used nicotine previously. Sad,sad,sad. And all these vaping contraptions which get ever more complex! It's like I can make beer out of the most basic kit which is as good, if not better than the stuff my buddy churns out with his megabucks stainless steel micro brewery which looks like something out of a nuclear power station. But each to their own I suppose...
  • @fj1988 Hear hear. If someone is looking for a nicotine replacement that works (there is a reason why nic patches and gums don't work), snus, nasal snuff, pipes, and cigars are the best option for harm reduction. This whole vape thing is a little too edgy for me. Glad that it works for some people, but too hipster for me personally.
  • I thought it was nice for a minute, puffing indoors and such.  But then the hipsters started going all MacGyver, rigging up massive cloud machines and talking about Ohm's law like they weren't flunkies.  Actually I think it was just one hipster that put this image in my head, but it made a lasting impression and I will never again smoke a douche whistle.  I didn't coin "douche whistle", but I love it.  Really though, I'm all for my girlfriend using it when she's trying to quit the cigs.  Cinnamon Pixie Roll - whatever she's got, smells a lot better than ashtray mouth.  
  • peacockpeacock Member
    edited July 2016 PM
    I think people would be more successful if they changed where their nicotine comes from. Getting your nic fix via your lungs doesnt really break the habit. Your body gets used to where the nic comes from because of how your body processes it. Cigarettes no longer do it for me i think because my body likes it's nicotine to come from my gums and nose. I can smoke a cigarette but ill still want a snus or some snuff to get completely satisfied. That being said, the only evidence i have are charts showing how long nicotine lasts in your body when comparing smoking to oral tobacco and the psychological addiction of smoking cigarettes
    (sorry in advance for how huge this pic is)

  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but millions of vapers who have  used them to quit cigs would disagree with your assessments. 

     That is not to say there aren't a boatload and change of douches playing in the clouds. 

     I vape at work since they banned my pipes. it gets me through the day. 
  • peacockpeacock Member
    edited July 2016 PM
    i agree with you but there are still more people who quit using other means. since 1965, 40% of all people that have ever smoked has quit and e cigs havnt been around very long. My brother actually quit with vaping but i also know at least 10 other people who went out and spent 200 plus dollars on these fancy machines only to go back to cigs a month later. i think its a fad at best. The government here in the U.S. is currently going after the vape industry and you cannot vape anywhere that you also cannot smoke cigarettes. if you want to vape, better start looking for the smoking areas!
    btw, i cringe every time i smell a full grown man vaping double apple cherry bubble gum or whatever candy crap smell they are exhaling lol. but thats just me...
  • edited July 2016 PM
    I remember when vap machine came out it was a large apparatus you would put a special balloon on top of to collect the vaporized weed. I believe they called it a volcano. 

    I like real tobacco . I am not a slave to cigarettes they stink . I don't know any hipsters. The man bun makes me uncomfortable , I have nothing against a man wearing long hair style or even cross dressers. but that bun is just ridiculous. I don't know what or how it related to vaping. I just don't trust inhaling the same liquid I put in my cars radiator. I don't hate people who vap, smoke hookahs or any alternative smoking device. I feel it that's what they want to do; who am I to say anything. To each there own.  Live and let live. Life is too short for me to have any concern in this matter. Also there is too much hate in the world separating us from them. We should fine ways to be united as a people. Divided we fall! ;

    History of vap Older than you think 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Hahaha I may come across as crude sometimes and when i say hate, i really mean i will playfully make jokes about people who vape. People are gonna do whatever they want and they should be able to do so. im not a fan of rules or etiquette in general. if i doesnt harm anyone else than i simply dont care. thats still not gonna stop me from making fun of man buns or people that vape either :)
  • I'm secure enough in my masculinity to vape Raspberry Cotton candy. Once. 
  • I've recently quit vaping and now snuff is my only nicotine delivery. Couldn't be happier because I much prefer the buzz, the action of taking snuff and also it's far cheaper (I even made my own vape juice and it's still far cheaper!). Also, I no longer have to worry about filling my tank or taking extra batteries.

    To be fair though, vaping did get me off of cigarettes.
  • I agree. It drives me up a wall when people wear them around their neck like some hipster medal of honor.

  • I quit cigs in April, after 25 years of heavy smoking. It was a hellish transition, but vaping played a important part of the equation in getting me off the cigs, and has been a huge help in keeping me off them for the last three months. I'm currently weaning down from them, but they are still part of the equation at this moment in time.

    Yes, I do sometimes wear mine round my neck for convenience, and to prevent damage or spillage in a pocket. I don't consider it a fashion accessory, and neither do I consider myself a hipster. It's helping me recover from a 25 year addiction. If that makes me a douche, then so be it. Quite frankly, I don't give a shit, and I won't be changing my coping strategies just to appease the narrow minded.
  • Wow what started as a joke thread really got people going. trust me guys, no one is judging you! relax and vape on my friends.
  • How come an addictive substance in the form of vaping products and NRT aids can be advertised on the televitz device ( in the UK at least ) under the pretence of smoking cessation? For the life of me I can't envisage glitzy ads for branded methadone endorsed by celebs to get smackheads off heroin. I smell a rat cos I'm quick on the draw like that!
  • Vaping is expensive compared to snuff IMO because with vaper, you need to get atomizers and different burners or box mods etc......

    I don't hate vaping, it's just that I started to like it at one point till I learned about snuff, then all my pens just stay where they've been for months, in the drawer.
  • I love vaping. I have been doing it for around 4 years now. Learned to build on mech mods. Learned OHM's law and spent countless hours teaching safety. I loved smoking cigarettes. I just hated the taste and the potential nasty cancer bit.

    However hipsters have invaded the scene. Within their arrogance, I have been insulted day in and day out by them working in shops having no clue about the products they sell and their general piss poor attitude. I order juices, wire mods and batteries online just to avoid dealing with these morons.

    However with my busy lifestyle and the inability to have a fox whenever I like because now its legally in the se class as cigarettes, I'm very turned on to snuff as a flavorful companion to my Variable Wattage mod.
  • @mrsniffles vaping can be expensive. But if you restrain from buying a new atomizer every month your costs can be as low as $60 a month. I was spending upwards of $400 a month on cigarettes before I made the switch.
  • GrimGrim Member
    Jesus, why start a thread bashing another means of helping people quit smoking?

    Anyway, back on topic-I never much got into vaping because of how expensive it can get and not really knowing how dangerous the chemicals are.

    I would also bet people seeing someone stick tobacco up their nose would be labeled as gross or a hipster.
  • The only possible unknown variable iin juice (from good manufacturers) is the synthetic nicotine. You can buy PG in health food stores or Walmart in medical grade and most pharmacies carry VG. Most flavoring you buy online are food grade as well.

    Even if they fond something down the road that is a danger, it still is hardly as dangerous as smoking a cigarette or any other form of combustible.
  • I smoked 20 years. The day I vaped I quit and have not touched a cig in 4 years. I quit because work, restaurants, hotels.. etc became illegal to smoke in my state. I thought cool I will just start vape instead. Now I can't vape in public because it's banned everywhere so I'm going to throw out my rig and snuff instead. Next they will ban snuff import and I will be fubar. Seems like the gov won't leave me alone. Last time I was in the hospital was never so don't give me that B.S about how I am a drain on healthcare.

    P.s. when I vape in public I hold it in after a hit and blow out no smoke. If I didn't hold the rig to my mouth you couldn't even tell I was doing it.... just want my nicotine and to be left alone.
  • I buy 32 oz bottles of e liquid for 48 buck and it last me all year. I change my insert 2 times a month... comes out to about $10 a month to vape. My buddy smokes 2 packs a day and it cost him 12 bucks.
  • Vaping and the TPD discussed in the Lords Grand Committee 10/05/16

  • Right on @trotro !
  • edited August 2016 PM
    photo IMG_20160804_1608087_rewind_zpse09pi4jr.jpg

    Cost $50 for a bottle that last me a year.
  • photo IMG_20160804_1609005_rewind_zpshbdwujfj.jpg

    Soon to cost $18 for a 3 day supply. I make $9,000 a year for a family of 3 and can't afford e juice anymore. Going to switch to the least harmful tobacco which is snuff. Thanks government for getting me back to tobacco and killing me. Hope the lobbyists paid for a nice second vacation home for you.
  • @RobertAnderson where are you? hopefully not the States. thats as much as a cig habit costs! 
  • i like how this thread has turned into a general vaping thread. i wish i could rename it to something less sarcastic haha. im trying to get my mom to try vaping btw. my dad hates her pack a day habit
  • @peacock yeah I live in Illinois. The tobacco act goes into affect 2018. You got about 16 months till the ball drops to get your parents off cigs. After that every flavor (menthol, blueberry, cherry) from every manufacturer Will need to be fda approved. The cost will be millions per flavor. So if you have 30 flavors in your inventory you better I have a large bank account. This cost will get passed to the consumer of course. Driving out most low cost choices.

    From what the video above shows the u.k. is doing the same thing. Along with it they are also lowering the quantity you can purchase. No more bulk. Just a matter of time before they add a luxury tax for healthcare purposes. So instead of choices we will be stuck with a few top players in the game and inflated prices.

    In the end the price will be almost the same per day as cigarettes. People will say $#=@ it I may as well be smoking cigarettes. Win for tobacco companies and big pharmaceutical. They have already talked the public into Deming it a public nuisance and I get looked at like I am a smoker again. My wife's grandma tells us every time we see her that we should go back to cigarettes because e cigs are dangerous.

    Scare the public, control the facts, destroy the competition.

    I'm giving up and moving on to snuff happily. If you wanna vape get bulk before 2018 or your wallet is going to pay.

    Just my 2 cents.
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