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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Great Value New Supplier of Dip,snuff and snus in U.K


Hi guys.I'm completely new to this forum malarkey but i decided to sign up as i have found a great supplier for all kinds of dip, snus and snuff in the UK. This came about from my dip habit i picked up whilst working in the U.S with a bunch of marines who introduced me to the joys of dipping.

For a while i was making do with a supply from Northerner, untill they started being funny about age verification,addresses and whatever other excuses they could come up with.

Anyway my name is D and i have been in that place before without dip and it wasnt great, so assuming there maybe others out there in that position then hopefully i can help.My supplier has all of the american and scandanavian brands and is the cheapest i have found that can actually deliver in the U.K.

If anyone is interested then let me know.




  • Hi @Davidjames .... I know you posted this quite some time ago. I am reaching out in the hopes you are still active on here. Does your supplier ship to Canada? I am having similar problems with Northerner. Contact me if you get this. Thank-you.
  • This post is 4 years old. Probably not happening.
  • Always worth a shot....especially when loses your order and you are completely out of Snus going on 3 months. Oh well!
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