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Getting acclimated to menthol snuffs

At first when i used menthol snuffs, all i could get was the menthol flavor. the more i snuff them tho, the more i can pick up the other flavors. is that what anyone else has experienced? are they something you just have to get used to? 


  • Yea that's just called your palate improving, but yes, absolutely
  • I def. can't discern as many flavors as some, (and cigars are really the worst for this) . Takes time and depends on damage levels as well as genetics
  • edited August 2016 PM
    It can also go the other direction ,But yes after time with snuff you learn what is what ,and your mind remembers. You can pick up on flavors and base tobaccos with an educated palate. Too much menthol abuse and you may loose all touch of scent. could be temp or perm. Some meds have the same effect . Sometimes you will use one and not like it, put it away and one day you love it. Could be a number of factors that cause this phenomenon from the weather to time of year.

    Some people won't review a snuff until they had finished 25 grams, 10gs is enough for me. Although if you never smelled a fruit or herb and it in the snuff you can't figure out what it is. And some with many scents only the dominate one stand out. Medicated snuffs get me like that. is it camphor, eucalyptus or menthol the dominate one?  What get me is when someone say they detect a lime scent in the back ground when the lime the manufacture used was Ca(OH) 2 Slake lime also called calcium hydroxide.  It definitely is not the citrus fruit. 

    I started out with Scotch, When I first tried Menthol is was like snuffing cement. I thought I never breath through my nose again. Didn't touch them for a decade; same shit rebound congestion. Then I found the Black Indian snuff with menthol and no congestion, eased my way back into english types some work other don't.
     I have a bit of mad scientist in me and had added menthol to Toasts, Scotch and other non menthol snuffs, sometimes improved the flavor. The other day I was using Q Snuff Ice Cool and it came to me, the base tobacco was the original grunt with that coco nutty  back ground .I had got that tin when grunt had first come out. Dholakia uses the same base tobacco in most of there blends. But batches have changed many times since then, and it looks like the Q line is being phased out. Your mileage may vary! 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Were you using straight mentholatef snuff or menthol with other stuff?
    My first mentholated snuff was poschls gawith apricot. At that time it was an intense menthol scent with a strong apricot flavor after the menthol settled down. My only guess was the menthol was overpowering your nose and couldn't discern the other scents. Now that your nose is getting used to the menthol your nose is able to pick or the other scents.
  • 50ft_trad50ft_trad Member
    edited August 2016 PM
    I'm very sensitive to menthol, and it is also a sensitising compound. Some people may well find they get more intolerant rather than getting acclimatised. I would suggest that anyone struggling with menthol in any way, be it irritation, rebound, or just the scent being overwhelming, to try and minimise exposure to it, or only use it when suffering extreme congestion. I have thrown out most of my menthols, although I have kept a few back for medicinal use.
  • I started using snuff about four years ago. 

    Hedges was the first menthol I tried.  I loved it, but it was a bit too intense for me.  I only used it when I needed to unclog my nose the first few years.

    This year I've been using menthol regularly, and branching out to try other menthols, but Hedges is still my favorite.

  • @basement_shaman Im starting to think they clog my nose too. I used menthol snuffs all day yesterday trying to un clog my nose and it stayed stuffed up all day. This morning i am using non methol snuffs and in not having a problem with my nose
  • @peacock I use 6 Photo black snuff when ever my nose gets clog up. My favorite is 6 P Special. Kailash ,Anarkali ,and  Motia all work great for decongestant. Some non menthol's also clog me up. Then I reach for the 6 Photo Black Snuff. Medicated snuffs also work but I reserve then for when I am under the weather. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I find a big dose of Rooster will clear out your nose, sinuses, brains, and anything else clogging your head, :P
  • Menthol clogs up my system. 

    In addition to that, I dislike it so much in general that if the only available snuffs were menthol I would give up snuff forever. I have given menthol snuffs a fair try and some time ago I decided that I am done with menthol forever. And yes, forever is along time indeed. Menthol has destroyed a lot of otherwise fine snuffs, imho
  • Well said @fredh Menthol has indeed ruined many snuffs. I've not brought myself to throw out all my menthol snuffs, there are a few small tins still tucked away, but I have decided that I'll never (knowingly) buy any more snuff that has menthol as an ingredient.
  • ive all but gave up on them too. there are some that have a little menthol to them that i still like. however, after giving them an honest try over the last week, they definitely congest my nose rather than clear it. 
  • I like a menthol snuff once in awhile, I just don't use it very often so as to not have to problems some of you speak of. G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • I find the same phenomenon happens with colognes and perfumes. I believe this could possible be because when a dominant scent is present it is very distracting for the olfactory receptors and hides the less dominant notes hidden in the blend. Although the more you get accustomed to the dominant scent which would be the menthol, you start to then realize what menthol smells like and you desensitize yourself to that scent so you can then start picking up other notes in the snuff. Its not like you don't still smell the menthol, its just that you know what it smells like on its own subconsciously so then you have one less scent, while trying to deduce whats in the mix.
  • 786  Initially I tried all kinds of menthols but concluded that they clog me terribly, so I saved them for morning and anytime I had to endure a dreadful smell. 
    Years later (2011) I was in Harrogate getting married, and I availed myself of a few English menthols from the local tobacconists.  I found myself returning to them more frequently during my stay; and upon my return before I knew it I was taking them throughout the day with no repercussions.  I was delighted, but before I knew it I had run out.  Now my biggest problem with them is keeping them in stock.
  • I don't get rebound and can use menthol all day.  However I'm using WoS Singleton's Super Cool and it stuffs me up after a while.  I think it's because of the snuff though; it's coarse.  Coarse snuffs tend to clog me up while fine (dry or moist) don't
  • I always get a bad rebound with most menthol (medicated) snuffs. The only ones my nose can take are mainly 6P black snuffs and McChrystal's O&G. Dholakia Medicated No. 10 and their herbal snuffs sometimes misbehave, but are mostly great snuffs for clearing my head. 
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