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Stop vaping with snuff

edited August 2016 in General
Does anyone has stopped vaping with snuff ? I discovered snuff now i vape and snuff before i only vaped. I don t snuff everyday so that means for me snuff is not addictive i do vape a lot everyday though. When i snuff i vape a little less but still has the desire to vape. The only time i m not vaping anymore is when watching TV or


  • Back in April, I quit the cigs with snuff, vape, and the occasional pipe. I still have "unsettled" moments where the cravings come back to haunt me, so I haven't yet moved to stage two and wean off the vape. Using snuff, I can cut back on the vape a little, but am not yet ready to take the big step and go through the next phase, of withdrawal symptoms. When I do, snuff will certainly be part of the support framework.
  • I hardly imagine myself without vaping and now snuff there is so much pression in this world. If they don t use tobacco a lot of people drink alcohol or takes a daily antidpressant drug. I d like to stop vaping though cos sometimes it bothers me to buy liquids r
  • edited August 2016 PM
    resistance and refilling the tank, snuff is very handy you just need snuff :-)
  • 786  I'm one of those who quit smoking with snuff and snus, and now use snuff exclusively.
    By always taking a pinch of snuff and/or a pouch of snus before I lit up, I came to associate the crappy feeling of too much nicotine with smoking, and soon stopped.
    It really helps to have some strong snuff; if you need any recommendations along those lines we'll be happy to help you out.
    And Good Luck with your endeavor!
  • Thanks usually i take sws lundy s foot during the day and mull of oa during the Evening. I have other snuff but they tend to make my nose clogged up
  • Snus the absorption is slow but lasts a long time. You will use less and save over vaping. Regular strength portions should be enough, extreme portions may exceed your needs.  
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • My plan was to stop smoking with the help of vaping, but I found that I was not able to afford vaping at this moment, so I've just stop smoking, using no other form of support. Few weeks later, I found a little can of snuff I bough several years ago (to try as a medicine against my headaches), and took it. At that moment, I was having my worst cravings, and they've stop. They've stop ever since. I believe you can quit vaping and keep just the snuff, If you want too.
  • Viper just hit the nail on the head - "if you want to"

    I quit the smokes this year, because I'd decided that it was the right time. After 25 years, it was a hell of a challenge, but I beat it as the determination was there. I guess I'm just not motivated enough to take the next step yet.
  • I quit smoking with snus (rip claq qui) relapsed, and quit with again with vaping. Kicked vaping with snus (thank you general for coming stateside) and now kicked snus with snuff.

    Basment shaman speaks truth. Have a strong snuff on hand for when your cravings are at their worst.

    A decent pinch of strong snuff makes me forget about cigs/vape/even snus.

    I reccomend ass kicking strength, maybe an indian white.
  • @agentshags Maybe something with clove.
  • 50ft_trad50ft_trad Member
    edited September 2016 PM
    It's time!

    It's now 6 months since I ditched the cigs and moved to mainly vape (plus snuff and pipe). Despite the occasional craving, and the utterly hellish first few weeks, I have now adapted quite comfortably to a cigarette free existance. However, 6 months of depending on the vape to retain that comfort level is quite enough. It's also a long enough "recovery" phase before subjecting myself to the next bout of withdrawals.

    I have about 3ml of vape juice left in the current bottle, plus three small bottles of flavoured juice (which I'm not keen on). Once this 5ml is done, the plan is to only use the vape in "emergencies", and try to stick to snuff and pipe for the nic fixes. I haven't weaned down the juice strength, so I don't know if it will be too big a leap straight away..... and there's no way of knowing unless I try. If I struggle, I might find a couple more unpleasant flavours to fall back on during the transition, whilst aiding the negative conditioning.

    I can't imagine giving up the vape will be as torturous as giving up the cigs, though I don't expect it to be a breeze either. Hopefully by Christmas time though my entire tobacco/nicotine usage will be based around what I choose, when I choose, and not when I need.
  • This is kind of ass-backwards, but I've just discovered vaping! But with cannabis oil, legal of course in Colorado.
  • @mrmanos, delightful discovery!
  • I will always be a smoker! I started in 1974, stopped in 1987, started in 2001, and in the last 15 yrs have stopped and started several times. I tried vaping, just gave me a headache as I'd suck that thing dry in about 20 minutes. Found snuff late 2015, was smoking at the time, dropped ciggies for a few months, started again for 2 weeks in July, stopped again with snuff. But the urge for smoking I doubt will never leave. However, snuff is certainly the best form of nicotine and tobacco I have found, just sometimes I crave that smoke.....
  • My attempts to quit vaping by using snuff haven't been successful so far, and I had to restock with vape juice yesterday. I think it's fair to say that vaping was the primary "support" when I quit cigarettes, and I'm still needing that crutch to lean on. I'd rather keep falling back on the vape than fall back on the roll ups.

    Having said all that, I still feel on target for being vape free by the end of the year.

  • @dansimpson, I can almost guarantee that the reason vaping didn't work for you was just that you had the wrong device, setting, or liquid.
    There will be some combination out there that will work for you.
    At a guess, I'd say that the headache was from too much nicotine.

    I quit smoking with vaping five months ago, and I haven't looked back.
    The first week was a bit weird - something just didn't feel quite 'right', but it was only a slight thing and it's been easy since then.
    I almost felt like I had cheated :D

    I haven't snuffed since I started vaping. I'm a bit worried that I have got over my addictions to the other alkaloids present in tobacco, and that I will reignite them if I take snuff.

    I do miss it though, which I guess is why I popped back into the forum today.

    I think I might leave it a little longer before I try snuff again, just to be safe.

    I have been mixing my own juice, which is incredibly cheap, and I have been gradually reducing my nicotine about 1% per month for the last few months.
    I started on 12mg, and I'm now down to 8mg.

    I think this is probably the best way to quit vaping - mixing your own juice gives you very fine control over the amount of nicotine.
    I could even reduce it by 0.5% or even 0.25% if I wanted to, which may come in handy when I get to lower levels.

  • I recently quit smoking using vaping and snus, then I started using snuff and the amount of snus I use has gone down drastically. I am starting to cut down the nicotine levels of my vaping so I'd say I'm making progress lol, I've dumped many addictions over the last 5 years and I'm so happy I finally quit smoking after 9 years (started at 13)
  • 2 years now without a cigarette (the longest I've gone in 30 years!) and i honestly don't miss them.  1 year without vaping and I don't care about that anymore either.  Snuff did for both of them. I guess it's never going to be the same for everyone but it worked for me, is all i can say.
  • Congratulations @Vostok I've quit the cigs with vape and snuff, but still not quite the vape yet. A straight stop didn't work out for me, so now I'm fading out the strength of the vape juice instead. I'll get there eventually.
  • I m still vaping with a new device I went to 6mg instead of 16/18 mg but it makes a lot more vapor and it's in direct inhalation so I guess I still get the same nicotine amount through the day.  Sometimes I take snuff for pleasure and sometimes I try to quit vaping with it. When I think about it I will try to pinch a high nic snuff like Lundy Foot straight after waking up, get one pinch at mid day and one pinch at the evening and it should make me reduce my vaping.
  • I've dropped down to 6mg too. I've also started using a Pina Colada flavoured juice, which isn't particularly enjoyable, but the habit is still hard to break. I'll get there. I ditched the cigs, so I can ditch this too. I just need to be ready
  • I started with vaping in late-2008 . I was obsessed with it until about 2015 .I still love it now as a smoking simulator .  But it hasn't helped me quit .

    I ve always felt 'hollow' using nicotine alone , I went 18 months without any whole tobacco products and they were tough times . My temper was of particular concern , frankly I m lucky not to be cooling my heels in jail right now . I was that volatile . 

    I started supplementing the nicotine with variants of smokeless tobacco around 2011-12 . Whole Tobacco Alkaloid eliquid was also available at the time ....but ruinously expensive . I ve made my own but the process scared the bejezzus out of me :D 

    I just sort of fell into a daily pattern of snuff use last year when my COPD was playing up . Now weeks go by and I don't pick up my efag . I doubt I ll ever give up vaping as a tobacco simulator . Decent quality juice in an artisan device can deliver a hedonistic experience well in excess of any smoking I ve ever done . :D I just don't see me relying on it as a drug delivery device anymore .

    My next vape order will be 0mg .
  • Four weeks since my last post in this thread, and it's now time to take the leap. The only vape I have left is about three drags in my pen type and one cartridge in my cig type. I've managed thus far into the afternoon on just snuff, and have decided I'm done having to buy vape and charge batteries. From here on, it's just snuff and the occasional pipe bowl.

    Done! Finished! End of!

    I might end up using the pipe a little more for a while, but my target with that is a maximum of 50g a month. What's that? Three to four bowls per week?
  • GilliatGilliat Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    I never vaped tobacco, but in the last 2 months I noticed that the more snuff I used the less RYO cigs I enjoyed, until a week ago when the last one tasted and felt horrible. The downside is that I don't fancy pipesmoking so much anymore. It was an enjoyable 2 bowls per day ritual for me. Guess that I'm fortunate or I just switched between rituals, and once I managed to get over the initial beginner's enthusiasm and binging sessions with snuff and my nose became more "educated"and also went down from 35-40 pinches daily to roughly 20. Still smoke the occasional pipe now and then, because I like pipes and still have huge amounts of pipe tobacco to consume.

    There is certainly an important part that autosuggestion plays into this transitions. And for me snuff taking has only advantages over any other form of tobacco consumption: cleaner, "healthier", cheaper, less time comsuming and infinitely tastier and more diverse in flavours, both plains and aromatics. The only downside seems to be the ocasional nose clogging, but that's helping a lot to narrow the options and eliminate the snuffs that don't suit me.
    Everything you do comes back to you! Respect Life, Share Peace, Live NOW!
  • Done it!

    I've just done two weeks with no vape, and because vape was a major part of the support structure when I kicked the smokes, it's taken almost a year from ditching the cigs to be ready to move on. The first week saw me increase my pipe use up to two or three pipe bowls a day. I had expected this to happen, and was prepared to allow that for a few days. However, this week I have smoked maybe three bowls all week, which is a level I am happy to maintain. I don't want to ditch the pipe altogether, just limit myself to a maximum of 50g a month.

    The rest of the week has been snuff only, and while there have been some cravings, it has been reasonably easy to disregard them. As such, this has been the first week where I have been (almost) snuff only, and surprisingly (VERY surprisingly) my snuff intake hasn't increased. In fact, if anything, it may have even dropped slightly.

    For the first time in 25+ years, I now feel that I use tobacco on my terms, and because I want to, not because I need to.
  • Bravo!  Well done!
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