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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Plain tobacco snuff

I got my hands on some OM PVT and Perfecto. Those are my first tobacco only snuffs. Are other plain snuffs similar to any of those? Or is it because chef Daniel just made some really good snuff? Any other good plain tobacco snuff recommendations?


  • So many! Havana Toast, HDT, Dholakia White, Viking Dark would make a good little sampler.
  • Bernard Virginie
    Toque Quit
    SG Kendal Brown Plain/Viking Brown
  • @JakartaBoy I've had my eye on dholakia white and HDT.
    Thanks both for recommendations.
  • I'll add two:
    Toque Natural Toast.  I love it!  So buttery and yummy.
    SWS Lundy Foot, if you're feelin' fancy;)

    @n9inchnails Is Toque Quit seriously plain tobacco?!  I almost can't believe it. My Quit smells like sarsaparilla or molasses to a level that makes me sure it's scented.
  • I'm a huge fan of Sam Gawith Black Rappee. 

    Just tobacco and salt.

  • Quit is definately plain tobacco, your tin might have been contaminated by a nearby snuff or it could just be too fresh and the ammonia is messing with your nose.
  • I second the Toque Natural Toast, my favorite except for that heavenly PVT!
  • London Brown Plain coarse moist.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I'll second the Viking's already listed and also add Thor's Hammer ... really nice stuff.

    Those are all fairly moist and easy to take.  For something dry and fine, the HDT is delicious.  Also, for a more musty / savory scent Old Paris is really nice.

    Desert Campfire is pure tobacco also, btw ... Dark Fired and Dark Air Cured leaf.  I'm working on a pure Burley blend right now as well that I hope to be ready for Thanksgiving. 
  • Thanks for the info.
    @cobguy, I forgot about yours. I figured it was plain tobacco. I was thinking of plain tobacco that wasn't a scotch or scotch inspired in the case of desert campfire. Let me know, I'm interested in some more of your blends.
  • I just got some Viking Brown in the last order opened it a couple of days ago and been growing on me ever since
  • @moemojo I agree about the Black Rappee. Great snuff
  • Toque Quit, Toque natural, 41 Photo Lilly Natural (new favourite), 6 Photo Golden Natural and F&T High Dry Toast are top quality in my personal opinion.
  • SG Silky Dark is very plain, very wonderful and, sadly, very much used up till my next order comes through. Identical to Viking Dark as many here will tell you, though I have no personal experience. It also works well as a neutral but potent stiffener for other SG darks if required.
  • Toque Natural, Toque Natural toast, Viking Blonde. Those are the three that I have the most experience with.
  • My current favorite even though its probably not considered a plain snuff is F&T HDT also another good one that is a true plain snuff is the Samuel Gawith Blue Crest, i can take huge pinches of the blue crest its a very good beginners snuff in my opinion (super easy to take).
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    I am not sure if this is a plain tobacco snuff like all of the other Vikings mentioned. Although Viking Dark is absolutely incredible! I cant believe I have just gotten around to it, due to some reviews claiming it smells like Viking Brown. It has the same base as Viking Brown and Viking Thors Hammer, although is strongly different. Dark has a stronger smokier earthy scent, while having Raw Olive, Fig, and Plum overtones. The snuff is beautifully and delicately balanced with a scent that slowly bleeds off after 10-15 minutes. This has to be my absolute favorite snuff at the moment and I do not see this changing any time soon. If you haven't had the pleasure of trying this snuff yet, and you are a fan of natural tobacco snuffs do your self the favor of picking this up on your next order.
  • @Aamon out of curiosity, do you know how Viking Brown and Viking Dark compare to Sam Gawith Kendal Brown Plain?  (The unscented one.)  Or their scotch black?  I'm really interested in trying those, but if the Sam Gawith ones are the same snuff at half the price, well...
  • If you want to try Viking Dark without the premium price, get SG Silky Dark. Same thing different label ;) there was actually a picture of someone who received a tin with a "Silky" label stuck on top of a "Viking" label.

    Viking Brown is supposedly KB Plain, but I don't know if that is 100% correct or just conjecture
  • @smm I have not tried SG Dark or SG Kendal Brown plain, though I can say that Viking Brown and Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown are quite similar. Viking Brown is a little more smokier, and has a heavier herbaceous rich earthiness to it. While the SG Kendal Brown Original isn't as heavy in the smoky and rich environment, it does though have a faint citrus orange note which makes a more sweet and less smoky snuff in nature which I really enjoy.
    I have noticed though that Samuel Gawith has a little more consistent grind, nothing too significant or troubling though it is noticeable. This should not put you off the Viking Range even in the slightest.
    @50ft_trad I have heard rumours that they are the same snuffs, or very similar anyway. I had suspicions since my first tin or Viking came in the exact type vacuum sealed tin, which I absolutely love by the way. As I mentioned earlier, Samuel Gawith seems to me to have a more consistent grind than Viking, in Viking there seems to always be a few larger particles in the tin not many, though Samuel Gawiths seem to not have this.
    Is it the SG Black Rappee that you are comparing Viking Dark to? I need to update my list
  • Sam Gawith Black Rappee is nothing like Viking Dark.

    Black Rappee is fermented several times with salt water.  It is BLACK, salty, and delicious.

  • I will second the S.Gawith   Black Rappee  and   London Brown.

    Don't take Black Rappee if you are going out.   Your nose looks as though you desperately need the services of a good chimney sweep,    Lord knows what the neighbours think of my personal hygiene  if they have ever seen me after using Black Rappee.  My hooter looks like the Black Hole of Calcutta after using it.  

  • Lol, I always made a point of only using SG black rappee right before a shower just because it was so dark n' dirty
  • Man, I'd love to try the London Brown.  Still looking for a shop that'll ship it to the (non-Germany) continent. 
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited June 2018 PM
    @Conk, I would recommend trying South African snuffs, particularly Taxi Red.
    Just be warned, it is coarse, moist and fluffy. It's the third coarsiest
    snuff after SG Rappee and neftobak. If you find Taxi
    enjoyable, you might try NTSU black as well, which has even more
    ammonia. You can easily air the beast out overnight if you are not fond
    of it. Or you could start with Babaton Blue, it's the same cut, only
    less nicotine, a tad drier and no ammonia whatsoever (I suspect it's
    just an old stock issue - natural loss of moisture and ammonia).
    EDIT: has just restocked Taxi Blue. A little bit weaker on nicotine, this could be the best introduction to the realm of SA snuffs.

    Then there's Icelandic snuff - neftobak, the one made by state monopoly ATVR, sold in 50 g plastic cans and 45 g plastic horns (the same snuff in two different containers, horns are absolutely airtight, but cans are more convenient for pinching). Utterly recommended, but very hard to get. Unfortunatelly, neftobak is available only in Iceland. If you happen to be there, please take an opportunity and procure as much as you are allowed (if you don't enjoy it, you can trade it here, at Snuffhouse). Coarse, moist, strong, and saturated with ammonia. It's one of so few plain snuffs where you can actually feel the Tobacco. Using math terms, this and South African snuffs are tobacco square. Neftobak has one major drawback - it is expensive, GBP 12 for 45 g horn.

    Mind you, these are not office snuffs (the Drip)!

    Talking about fine and dry plains, Neffa Ifrikia rustica snuff should be mentioned. Another fine and medium dry plain snuff is Jaxons SP Premium, stronger and plainer than WoS Natural (visibly different tobacco used). And just for the record - SG Red Crest is totally, even dully plain. It could well be a point of reference for assesing the level of plainness of plain snuffs.

    Finally, there's one representative of super fine grind plain snuffs league, which doesn't fall into Indian white category, but approximates them in grind: Dholakia Sparrow.

  • bobbob Member
    I have not tried these, however if you ask me plain snuff is simply the best.
  • And some luxury snuffs from Sir Walter Scott:age border rappee,golden horn,thrice brewed,st.james parish blend,auld alliance!
  • Don't forget Havana Toast & Lundy Foot. I think Latakia Blend is a plain snuff, haven't tried that yet though.

    Lundy Foot is a need to try if you like high nicotine snuffs. Same with St James Parish and its intense flavor.
  • Dholakia Black is another good plain snuff to have around.
  • ConkConk Member
    This is great! Not for my bank account, but I didn't realise how much I was missing out on. @volunge - your knowledge is impressive! Cheers, all!

    I'll start with with an order of pure plain snuffs and save buying more toasted varieties for now (I have a lot of these hanging about).

    My current excuse for blowing my nose in the office so much is 'hayfever' and when it gets to winter it'll be a 'cold'.
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