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Sneezing during the night

Have anyone ever woke up during the night with non stop sneezing after taking maybe too much snuff ? Any trick to prevent that ?


  • I've sneezed once or twice and usually done. Either don't snuff too much, or clean out your nose before going to bed.
  • My stock answer to this is hydration. Irritation from snuff is most likely going to be either snuffing to excess (beyond what your body is used to) or dryness. Increasing fluid consumption by at least a litre per day would be my first suggestion. Not only is nicotine a diuretic, but snuffing makes your body need to produce more mucous too. Drink more, sneeze less
  • I had a sneezing snuff night again, yesterday I took maybe 7 pitches of SWS Field of junipers plus a little mull of oa and I woke up non stop sneezing in the middle of the night. It does the same with Lundy Foot. Usually I don't take that much. It has never happened when I took SWS Latakia blend in the same proportion I don't know why am I doomed to snuff only Latakia Blend ?
  • I would suggest flushing your nose thoroughly with water before bed. It might help.
  • SunnyDaySunnyDay Member
    edited May 2018 PM
    maybe you are allergic against some chemicals in juniper and clove (i think mull was that)
    cant stand those personaly, good pesticide though
  • bobbob Member
    I don't snuff right before bed to prevent this. Oddly a few minutes before bed is fine.
  • Another thought is that the culprits have a grind that doesn't agree with you nasal passages. Do you use any snuffs besides SWS? For example, do finer things like Toque or Wilson's elicit this response? If not, switch to finer snuffs in the evening would be my two cents.
  • edited May 2018 PM
    Yes I have other snuff but field of junipers and Lundy foot are already very fine. I m going to test a full day with Poschl Gletscher Prise.
  • edited May 2018 PM
    No sneezing at all with 6Photo Kailash. Maybe my nose is only made for black snuff ! I sneezed again at night with Field of junipers even with washing my nose what a shame this snuff and lundy foot are so good.
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