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Which snuff for which moments of the day ?

I ve already read on the forum that on the morning we can take SWS Lundy foot for its stimulant effect and on the evening SWS Mull of oa for its relaxant effect (Thanks to lunecat I ordered those precious snuff just after he told me about them when I first introduced myself on the forum).
I think it would be a great idea to make a list of the most used snuff and the effects they give you and when do you take it during the day.


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    I use a medicated when I wake up, when I take a shower and when I go to bed. Otherwise I use Toque Original or Berwick Brown all day every day. I don't, as a rule, switch it up or use special snuffs for special occaisions. In fact I rarely use anything other than those.

    Edit: I forgot to list the effects. The effects are my family, friends, neighbors and other fellow humans don't have to deal with me going into nicotine withdrawal which is a dangerous situation for everyone involved.
  • I use what I want, whenever I want. Usually it's the medium English type grinds throughout the day, and I might add in some of the coarser, darker snuffs in the evening. However I find the difference in effects comes more from quantity consumed, and the underlying state of mind. Much the same way that alcohol can act as an upper or downer depending on your mood at the time.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    I use a strong medicated, like Highland Ice, first thing in the morning and Kailash before bed. Throughout the day, there is no solid pattern. Depends on what mood I'm in that month. Lots of toasts and Madras during work hours.
  • Got a smash box full of 6 Photo Special in the shaving kit, for the mornings.  Enjoy a natural or mostly-natural throughout the day, such as F&T High Dry Toast, Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown, or SG Scotch Black.  Would probably enjoy a floral or scented at night if I could find one that didn't stuff me up. 
  • Superior in the morning with black coffee.

    At bedtime I like Dholakia Ganga.
  • MrBrookeMrBrooke Member
    edited January 2017 PM

    It seems we share that morning ritual; Superior and black coffee to get the rest of the gears running.


    I've found a hefty pinch of something stiff like Superior in the morning has had a tremendous impact on my mornings. It really helps me to shake of grogginess and set about doing my tasks for the morning. It also seems that I get out of bed much more quickly, as I know that sitting in the other room is a tin full of pick-me-up-powder.

    Enough people in this thread have mentioned taking a strong menthol in the morning, so I might give that a try when I get my hands on one.

    Since my present collection is limited to scotches, I don't have much in the way of choice, but I certainly will return to this thread as my collection grows, because I too am interested in the different effects that different snuffs might have.
  • I usually do something strong(either scent wise or nicotine wise when I wake up) lately it's been toque Spanish gem Ambrosia or ft hdt. When I go to bed it's something lighter in scent like florals or a dessert type snuff. Old Mill Kind of blue used to be my go to for bedtime.
  • @MrBrooke I started on Superior. I was waiting on my first order from Mr Snuff and went to Food Lion and randomly selected a snuff.

    What I do like about Superior is that it has some moisture to it. It is much easier to take than something like Railroad Mills or Society.
  • Thanks all carry on I ll make a list out of it within one or two weeks a kind of compilation of the reviews ;-)

  • I find F&T HDT to be stimulating, and Sam Gawith Black Rappee to be a sedative.
  • Bernard first thing in the shower. After that, it's whatever tin I have open which is usually 2 or 3 various types.
  • 6 photo Special is my night cap. Any good tobacco based like Natural or Swastik through the day - or on stressful ones, something like Super Kailash. Mornings are usually 6 photo Anarkali or 5 photo Himalaya.
  • GilliatGilliat Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    My current usual routine goes something like this:

    McChrystals O&G - first thing in the morning after brushing my teeth
    SG Kendal Brown / Viking Brown - with the morning tea or coffee and regularly all the rest of the day
    SG Elmo's Reserve or any Bernard schmaltzer - after breakfast

    Another 3,4 various fine plain snuffs during the day

    Something less punchy but more exquisite for the afternoons (usually some F&T)

    SPs in the evening, sometimes even fruity of florals.

    If I happen to wake up during the night, I just open a snuff box, smell some high ammonia snuff (like NTSU Black) without actually sniffing it, close the box, and go back to sleep.
    Everything you do comes back to you! Respect Life, Share Peace, Live NOW!
  • edited April 2017 PM
    Hi all, here is a recap:

    Relaxing(evening/bed time):
     -Type of snuff:Coarser, darker snuffs. medicated. floral or scented
     -Snuff: Kailash ,Dholakia Ganga,SG Kendal Brown,Viking Brown,Old Mill Kind of blue,NTSU Black,Sam Gawith Black Rappee,Super Kailash.,6 photo Special ,SPs, SWS Mull of oa

    Work hours Stimulating / Stress fighting:
    Type of snuff: toasts and Madras, fine
    Snuff: F&T High Dry Toast, Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown, SG Scotch Black,Natural, Swastik, , Viking Brown, SG Elmo's Reserve, any Bernard schmaltzer,SWS lundy foot,Berwick Brown

    Stimulating (Early morning):
    medicated,Berwick Brown,Highland Ice, 6 Photo Special , Superior , toque Spanish gem Ambrosia, ft hdt,6 photo Anarkali, 5 photo Himalaya , McChrystals O&G

  • I usually go for white elephant or cheetah in the morning. The nic punch is a great boost and they both seem to decongest my nose. For an after dinner desert snuff i snuff toque blueberry menthol with a spoon. this is one of the few medicated snuffs i use. i just love how sweet it is 

  • What you take and when you take. Are they equally important? There are times when the when is much more important. Like the first snuff of the day. Other times the what has a greater significance. Specific snuffs will tie in to specific emotions and trains of thought.
    So is it what to take when or when to take what?
  • @Juxtaposer Who Nose only the Nose Nose?
  • Well the idea was the moments of the day but it can be what should i take if i m stressed or what am i going to take if i m tired to boost.
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