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Reduced SG and GH lines

To save people having to refer to other sites, this is what appears to be the reduced range of offerings and product name changes from the Kendal brands:

Gawith Hoggarth

Cafe Regal
Special M (Special Medicated)
Kendal Brown

Samuel Gawith

Keswick (Apricot)
Black Arabica (Black Coffee)
Black Rappee
Dr Vereys Plus
Cob Dark
Elmos Reserve
G&T (Gin and Tonic)
Kendal Brown
Rberry (Raspberry)
Scotch (SP Scotch???)
SGM (Menthol)
Madagascan (Vanilla)


  • All the rest are gone ?! :(
  • Yes, GH have dropped 25 blends and SG have dropped 59 blends (including the ones they dropped when the two companies remerged)
  • So GH dropped all their florals, which evevn though I didn't use them often, were very good.

    I'm fine with SG's new line up. The only one's I'll really miss are No.1 High Mill and CCC. I've been missing red crest for an long time now anyway.
  • Yes, I'm probably more upset about the GH reduction than the SG. Ambassador, Mitchells, Wild Mint, Cherry, Western Glory, Sea Breezes, Dry Orange..... *sigh*
  • Where's that info from? They still have more than that listed on their website.
  • Ooof , that's a bit of a shocker to be honest . I was expecting deep cuts but not that deep :( 

    Guess that doesn't look good for the contract brands either :( I did see remodelled graphics for Jaxons briefly on buysnuff...and some of their range has survived the cut .

  • Viking snuffs still around? They must, being so popular. Hope those survive a while because they are great staple snuffs to stock up on for the end of days.
  • Whaaaat? GH's English Rose and Sandalwood are both absolute staples. And I never got to try GH's Irish D toast. That just can't be right. Can't be right...*rocks self*
  • I realise they haven't updated their own website yet, but I'm fairly certain this is the situation due to end of line sales and updated stock ranges at Jaxons. I have sent a message to MSS about Viking, and am waiting to hear back.
  • Might be a good time to grab what MrSnuff has left!
  • Dark days, my friends.  It feels wrong to "like" the post, but I appreciate the consolidated information.

    Never got to try Sea Breezes... *sniff
  • dwhytedwhyte Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    I grabbed a tin of GH Sandalwood with my last MrSnuff order.  There are only two 25g tins left in stock there. There's still some in stock at SnuffStore too.
  • I grabbed a spare Wild Mint and a spare Western Glory when I ordered some pipe accessories earlier today, but there's so many of my favourites lost this year, it's not realistic for me to keep trying to stock up on them all.
  • Ah crap. This sucks.
  • This is really sad.  SG Scotch Black (which was recently discontinued) and their Chocolate are both fantastic snuffs.  I'm sure many of their others which are based on their coarse, dark, moist base are great too, and now I'll never know!

    For my part I will continue to order their terrific Kendal Brown, and also look in to Viking (which I read is made by them and is very much a Kendal-style snuff).
  • To add to my earlier post I'm also going to miss Grousemoore, Lavender Dark and Wild Duck.
  • Yeah @dwhyte I also ordered a tub of GH sandalwood with my most recent Mr Snuff order--guess I will have to ration it. I'm just shocked. Wasn't GH's English Rose what they stock in the U.K. Parliamentary snuffbox?
  • Well the GH website still lists "Kendal" sandalwood snuff tobacco--you can buy it by the 500g drum!!! Ditto Irish D. No English Rose, though.
  • English Rose is still showing on page 2 of the site, but they haven't updated it yet. It took them a while to update it following the merger with Sam Gawith too. As to bulk, it may still be possible. However, the only place I know of to buy bulk is Aireys of Kendal
  • R.I.P Ambassador. you will be missed
  • tboyertboyer Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    Yes SandwhichIsles , I also will deeply miss
    Grousemoore, and Lavender Dark
    Hopefully it was  Kendal Brown Original  that survived 
  • GH-KB is still listed in 30g. And available. =D>
  • This is terrible. What on earth is going on? First WoS and now this.

    SG form the backbone of my collection. The tins that I'll no longer be able to replace are too numerous to mention :'(
  • Life is rarely consistent. Adapt, overcome and move on.
  • what what what what what!!!!!! SG Black Rappee, Scotch Black and Elmos Reserve are gone!!!??? Which Kendal Brown has been discontinued? @50ft_trad please tell me this isnt so?
  • @Aamon the "standard" KBs appear to be the ones that survived.
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    That is so bloody irritating. Why?? Surely they sell well! I'm going to email them
  • Hang on, @Aamon have you completely misread this? The list in the OP are the snuffs that are continuing
  • @50ft_trad  :(|)
    oaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah geeez you have no idea how relieved I am right now. ahaha I feel quite the fool. As long as I can keep buying these snuffs I dont care how silly I look :P
    Thank you 50ft_trad for putting my mind at ease!
  • Hello everyone My Smoking Shop has one tub of Samuel Gawith Banana left but they won't send it to me in the U.S.A. ! Would any one of you like to buy it and send it to me as a Gift  ? I would be more than happy to send you a Gift of Cash !


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