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warming between fingers do you notice any difference?

Hello Everyone, just wanted to see what everyone thinks about theory that taking pinches warms the snuff and release more flavor. I personal prefer the spoon or bullet method because my work keeps my hands fairly filthy. But wouldn't your body heat warm the snuff anyway after its in you nostrils? Just want to hear your thought plus I am not keen on fingers being in and out of my snuff even if there clean which I highly doubt they are dosnt that bother any of you who prefer the pinch method?


  • I've mentioned on the forum before that I just don't understand the idea of 'contaminating' snuff or being uneasy about touching/pinching it. Not that I have any problems with how anyone takes their snuff, take it how you take it. Just doesn't enter into my thinking.

    Anyway, on to the first question since I just answered the last. No, I've never noticed any difference between a pinch I've held longer than one I just grab and snuff. Possibly could make a difference with 'artisan' snuffs but I've never used any so I don't know. I keep my snuffbox in my pants or waistcoat pocket so I'm fairly certain its near or at body temperature when I pull it out anyway.
  • SeanOCDPxSeanOCDPx Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    There are certain snuffs such as SWS Lundy Foot, and SG Irish D Light (dry, medium/fine grind) that just feel good to take via the pinch.  Besides those, I spoon out the snuff onto the palm of my hand or wherever, and take the pinch from that, warm it, and sprinkle out a boxcar (or just snuff from the pinch).  I keep my hands out of most tins, just in case I ever give them off to somebody, or just for my own peace of mind.  IDK, it's probably just a quirk of being an OCD snuff collector (also being in the healthcare field probably has me all sorts of paranoid).  Surely the tins will corrode or dry out before any snuff contamination will ever matter, but it's part of the tinkering process for me.  
    Have I noticed a scent boost from warming?  
    Maaaybe, and it seems like artisan snuffs might especially be boosted with some warmth, but I definitely don't notice since they're usually pretty rich on their own.  
  • If I've had my snuffbox in my trouser pocket, there's no discernible difference as it's pre-warmed anyway. If I've just filled the snuffbox, or taken a pinch from a cold tin, then yes pre-warming does make a difference.
  • So we are all pretty much in agreement and I didn't even think about the fact that my tin has been in my pocket all day and at temp already.
  • Im sure if you're somewhere with cold winters than yes, here in Australia sometimes trying to warm it between your fingers actually cools it down :P
  • Hey just a quick question is there any Australian snuff on the market Aamon
  • Oral tobacco and snuff are illegal to manufactor or sell in Australia.
  • @JasonC Sandwhichlsles is on the money. Unfortunately Australia doesnt even grow tobacco anymore, its all imported.
  • OregonOregon Member
    edited January 2017 PM
    Honestly I have snuff spoons and still pinch 99% of my snuff. I haven't noticed a significant difference with "warming". Same as everyone else who answered though, I carry my snuff in a pocket close to my body. It's rare that my snuff is ever cold. Hell, even fly fishing the rivers in winter my snuff is still inside my waterproof waiters close to my chest.
  • edited January 2017 PM
    Yes , and my favorite to pinch is Hops .It really brings out the flavor. I employ a spoon or box car method often and it is not the same with Hops. Back of hand is close. I was a craftsman and my fingers were definitely contaminated so the spoon got plenty of use. Retired now and those calloused hands all long gone.    
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • WOW so you can buy fags in Australia and cigars but no dip, snuff, snus or chew? Does anyone know the penalty for being caught?

    PS thanks for all the comments and it sounds like we are all in agreement about the warming effects.
  • I only use a spoon with certain snuffs, like the Brazilian Rapes, and perhaps with Dholakia White. Other than that, I pinch, but I don't warm it up first. 
  • @JasonC that's correct, retailers cannot sell snuff, dip, snus or chew. If a retailer was caught selling the any of these items, they would have their tobacco suppliers licence revoked and would be obliged to pay a hefty fine. Though as a citizen I have a legal right to possess and use any of these products, though luckily for me there is a loop hole as long as I'm importing under 1.5kg in one shipment.
    On a separate note growing tobacco for personal use is highly prohibited. If you are caught growing tobacco without a licence, you will be fined $85,000 per illegal plant and face 2 years imprisonment!
  • JasonCJasonC Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    @Aamon WOW I thought America was tough on tobacco. Thanks for the information.
  • I don't use my bare hands with snuff but I just noticed this thing I do when using my spoon.  I'll shovel out a dose or enough for two, then I breathe out through my nose onto the snuff (gently, of course) so as to warm it while readying my lungs for a hit

    It might not look as dignified as rubbing between fingers but it works
  • WellerWeller Member
    edited July 2020 PM
    I noticed an interesting thing with a tin of Toque Spanish Gem I am using at the moment. If I take just a light pinch and then sniff, then I get the standard aromas and flavours (totally beautiful), but if I squeeze the pinch quite hard for three or four seconds before hand, besides compressing it and it being easier to partake, I get an immediate noticeable aroma of Milk Chocolate on applying it to the nose, just for fleeting three or four seconds. Anyone else found this with other snuffs, compression changing the aromas. 
  • ar47ar47 Member
    I start to feel my pulse in my fingers
  • I take my snuff quickly. I never let it rest in my fingertips very long.
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