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Afflictions. Thanks guys!

Dunno whether this kinda talk is allowed but i just wanna thank you guys! I've had a heroin addiction for the last few years and have been in recovery for the last 6 months and in that time i've found snuff, and because of that i've found you guys aswell! Am finally glad to feel a part of something and to be surrounded by genuine people.

Thank you so much all of you for being a part of this and making it possible :) 

Do any of you have anything massively positive things to come from use of the forum and snuff? 

The only downside i find is it's too mentally stimulating. If i'm on my meds (which is every day) if i use too much snuff i can no longer feel the meds (which i definitely need to do reading into as i heard Uncle Squinty speak about how nicotine works on opiate receptors in brain).

Cheers guys :) x


  • Snuff helped me break free from the smokes after a 25 year habit, and it's nice to have a "vice" that is harmless to those around me, and virtually harmless to me too, as well as being relatively cheap and educational in respect of history etc. Having never been in your situation though, I can't comment on or relate to how snuff will play a part in your journey or interact with your meds. All I can do, is congratulate you on taking steps to beat your addiction, and wish you all the best for your continued recovery. May you find peace and happiness in your new life.
  • PikeyPikey Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    The interaction between drugs is imperfectly understood in my opinion . I find it no end of curious that I find a joint more satisfying than cannabis and tobacco consumed seperately , especially since pure cannabis gets you far stoneder , for less money :D .

    I did notice that when I used to smoke tobacco after prescription opiates I d find the two complementary , becoming relaxed and euphoric ...often having the classic 'opium den' type visions . Even the next day a cigarette could trigger several hours of mild fogginess . After I switched to vaping , this pattern changed entirely . The same prescription opiates would qive me a euphoric charge , often I d be unable to sleep at all ...sitting pleasantly wasted but alert for many hours . 

    For me , snuff has been a very positive thing in my life . I have COPD , after years of taking too many risks with my lungs .Like you , I used to take a few too many drugs (nonopiate). I ve also worked in terrible polluted enviroments , by choice for the money , all the while chainsmoking my arse off .

    Snuff has enabled me to give my weak lungs a total break , hopefully they might even improve some over the longer term :) 

  • TeknoTekno Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    That's awesome @50ft_trad! How long have you been using snuff?

    Thanks for that i really appreciate it and like i said am so happy to be a part of all of this and like you pointed out it's cheep and so so cheerful! :D 
  • That's very very true actually, @Pikey. i used to smoke roll ups at the same time as smoking gear on foil as they complimented each other so nicely. I'm glad you've got some good out of all of this!

    As far as i can grasp at the moment i think it may have something to do with the fact that Buprenorphine (the medication im on) is only partial agonist of the Opiate receptors, the same with Tramadol. Whereas Morphine/Heroin/Methadone are full agonist which i guess gets right amongst it in your brain and gets you really high. 
    Will have to do some research but haven't found much along the lines of snuff users and opiates so far haha.
    Am unfortunately still smoking tobacco with cannabis quite heavily and daily.
    Baby steps i guess! 
  • While not so extreme, I do find that I have a leaning towards addictions in general so have to determinedly control my use of things like coffee and tobacco to avoid losing my will.  

    How do you find your snuff use in that regard? 
  • The first two weeks were relentless @Effy, every 5 minutes and basically constant if with friends (I think i do it when i feel anxious in conversations). I kind of put myself off it after a few weeks because i did so much and wasnt sure if i was doing it right and that, plus my friends/family just think its another dirty habit when i saw such positivity in it. I've learned to ignore that now though! I've also managed to cut down use to maybe every 15/20 minutes now.

    I guess its a bit more manic than your average noob, then again i've always put things up my nose so it could be subconsiously feeding that itch aswell 
  • I know it doesn't feel like it to you but that buprenorphine is a powerful narcotic in its own right . Your daily dose would probably put me to bed for 18 hours :D  I d suspect some sort of mild psychoactive interaction you say :) 

    Personally I m right into the notion that the whole tobacco alkaloids are what we crave , rather than just the nicotine . I had no problem giving up the harder drugs ...they became dysfunctional in my life I ditched them . Drink and fags went much later ...but they were the more physically damaging in the end . I doubt I ll ever shift my tobacco addiction .

    Out of all of them , I only use tobacco , cannabis , sugar and tea  these days :D . I did start using low dose opiates to alleviate my COPD symptoms but I was starting to take them to kill time on a rainy tuesday , so they had to go . :) 

  • Do you find cannabis helps with the COPD @Pikey
    I read once it opens your airways and is good for asthma!
    Alcohols a very strange one i seem to be able to pick it up and put it down like its nothing (and sink it sometimes, christ!) 
    Have you gone down the benzo route with the COPD?
    God knows what would have happened if i had a Valium/Xanax script
  • @Tekno I've been using snuff since 2013, but only made the full transition from the roll ups (30+ per day) in April last year. The amount I was spending on baccy in a month would buy me enough bulk snuff to last me 18 months.... although I have now taken up the pipe again too, but only a few bowls a week, and some weeks I don't bother.
  • Probably :) , but smoking or vaping it aint doing me no favours no more . I actually need to get down the doctors about my medication ... I ve been on the same inhaler for years and it's not working like it used to 

    I ve never had a 'drink problem' until fairly recently . Mostly because I was so off my tits on stimulants I barely noticed the barrels of poison I was necking :D I lost a couple of nights in 2014 after some massive drinking sessions .

    The last time I lost hundreds of pounds and nearly died . So I knocked drinking on the head forever  .

    I get to drink Baileys at christmas , otherwize I stay sober :) 
  • @Tekno this forum has and does help me in a quite similar way. I had a pretty serious 15 Xanax a day habit and when I got back home I found that I had to keep active and keep working. I always heard the age old saying "Idle time is the Devils time" and I understand this very clearly now. Snuff and this forum has not only helped me quit smoking though also have kept me active and given me a hobby to stay of the Xanax. I have not shared this with anybody on this forum before, mainly since I see there is no point in dwelling in the past, if it is truely the past! Though I really should give my appreciation to you guys more than I have.
  • Wow fair play to you @Aamon well done mate :) I lost a friend not too long ago to benzo withdrawals and can only imagine how shit that must have been for ya.

    I know i've not been here long whatsoever but i love it already, find myself scanning through here looking at posts all the time!
    Is a good job i'm single as trawling forums with a brown snotty nose for hours isn't the most attractive look i could imagine, snuff it! 
    I appreciate you putting that into words as i did feel silly myself writing about it at first and kinda thought "Who's gonna even care"?
    but it was part of me and this is all another part in this chapter of my life and i'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out
  • @Tekno, that's pretty brave of you putting your situation out there like you did. I'm glad you are seeking help. Keep at it and stay strong.
  • Cheers @Psicko. I did worry about posting it at first, thought i may get shunned by a few as always.
    It was just such a big trivial part of my life that mattered to me at the time. Just wanted to share as this has become a second home to me recently, and you normally find your family at home :) 
    I kind of put it out there aswell so if anyone is/has gone through similar they're not alone, and they can speak about it!

    If any of you guys had any kind of affliction even if its just as simple as an arguement with spouse i want everyone to know if i can help i will, even if its just a chat, something to take your mind off it, sharing pictures of dogs, anything! i'd even send some snuff if i knew it'd help haha! 
  • I am an alcoholic... off and on but mostly off lately, I've had detox in the past and various meetings but I now realise alcohol is my drug and it will always be a part of my life.. I control my habit by not drinking daily anymore, if I binge I then cut down, stop and stay sober for as long as I can before the next binge.. which can be a week sober to months, as long as I am not binging daily I am content.. 20+ beers or 2bottles of vodka daily.

    Snuff is something I use now instead of cigarettes... snuff and the forum I guess keeps me occupied on the healthier drug I take. Which really can't do me any harm to be here.
  • @Tekno

    Big props to you for kicking heroin! Stay strong brother; if you can make it 6 months, you can be done with it for good. I'm glad to have you here with us.

    There are lots of benefits to snuff. It's a form of harm reduction (far less dangerous than cigarettes, American smokeless, etc). For me, it's definitely a stress reducer. I was a daily snus user for 5+ years consuming an ungodly amount of nicotine, and I've now gone to only using snuff and I feel much better.
  • Congratulations on your road to recovery.  A good many of my friends from my late teens and early twenties went up the chain of drugs until they got to heroin - a good many never made it out.  At least five very good friends died from OD and the others are living a nightmare.  Prostitution, sores, amputation - it's heartbreaking.  

    I'm only still in contact with one of the survivors and he is in AA and lives by AA.  He knows he'll never be completely free and is in constant communication with his AA buddies.  I hope you have such a support structure.

    I introduced him to snuff, as well as the world of Kendal pipe blends, and he loved it.  I hope that he, and you, continue the journey forward.  As you probably know, it's that one step back that usually leads to an OD.  You lose your sense of how much you can take, lose control, and it's lights out.

    God Bless on your journey.
  • Thanks everyone for being so supportive and kind in your comments, and it was amazing reading your stories.
    Is nice to know we're not alone on the journey no matter how crap it can seem!
    It's even nicer to know we all have at least the one thing in common = A fascination of snuff :) 

  • SeanOCDPxSeanOCDPx Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    Thanks for sharing Tekno, and best wishes.  I know there's a handful of us here in the online snuff community that have struggled with similar stuff.  I'm an alcoholic, and it's only taken me ten years to realize what the solution is for me, and that there is no happy middle ground for me - no booze can enter my body without some serious consequences!  Reefer also leads me to the bottle in no time.  I hope you stay on the better path!  I know this snuff "hobby" and being on Snuffhouse has been a nice supplement for me.  Since joining, I had over a year of sobriety and then... I thought I could smoke some weed.  I thought snuff might be more enjoyable.  Turns out when I'm living that life I lose interest in taking snuff and checking in on Snuffhouse.  30 days now for me... Peace!
  • Fair play to you chaps- many people do not know what it is like to have a monkey to fight with, and some of you are dealing or have dealt with some of the King Kongs of monkies.  
  • Leaving the past in the past, these days I find tobacco, coffee, meditation, intense physical exercise, and regular sex all work for keeping me from dark corners. I really have a bit of personal distaste for puritanism. I used to feel bad just having a sparkling mineral water in a bar when my friends were drinking alcohol. Smoking a good cigar helps a lot. It enables me to tell them that I'm not a puritan, I'm just making different choices.
  • I met someone very close to me who struggled with heroin addiction for years. She copes with very strict, puritanical Buddhist practice. She gave me a bit of a hard time about snuff. I told her I didn't want to be addicted to a religious concept of purity, and snuff was the sacrament I took to honor that belief.
  • @Tekno, I don't post here often (I'm still learning a lot, so I'm really more of a lurker), but it's good to bear in mind that damn near everyone has something they struggle with, whether they admit to it or not! Pills, cigs, gambling...whatever. But you've already made a great first couple of steps on your own, and maybe finding a community like this where everybody shares at least one thing in common that isn't your particular vice will be a great help to you.

    Either way, I wish you the best. And if you want a legal and relatively safe mind-altering experience, start sticking a 50/50 mixture of rustica and Elmo's Reserve up your nose!
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