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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Which is the craziest and most metholated snuff you have ever tried?

Which is the craziest and most metholated snuff you have ever tried? 
My choice so far would go to RED BULL strong snuff but your opinion is very welcome!


  • I do not think anything can beat HEDGES snuff on menthol... 
  • For sure L260!
  • WoS Dynamite or Fubar Snafu medicated. Wilson's is easier to use.

     I do like Hedges it is refreshing. I put some on top of a bowl full of five brothers and it was delightful . I may have to get more when the time is right. I feel there is nothing crazy about it. It's just strong. 

    For a all day menthol I have to go with Mc C O&G.
    Red bull was one of my first strong medicated. :)>-
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  • Red Bull was the strongest I've had. I didn't handle it well.
  • Hedges hits the hardest, Medicated No. 99 is as mentholy, but smoother.
  • I would have to put my vote in for Hedges, too strong of a menthol for me though still has a time and place.
  • OregonOregon Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    Personally I think WoS Super Menthol is about as potent as it gets.

    I'm a big fan of L260, WoS Dynamite, FUBAR Medic, Poschl Redbull, etc; I know it's absolutely opinion but I find the WoS Super Menthol to be the strongest menthol. It's very sharp!
  • WoS Dynamite, I took it only once and got half of my skull frozen in less than 2 seconds, and never touched it since. I have another 5g tin of Super Cool (Super Menthol) still unopened, might be stronger, but I guess that I won't be able to compare, as those are well above my tolerance level.
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  • From the ones that I have tried, I would say WoS dynamite is my favorite, but I can't take it all day like McChrystals  O&G. 

    I have yet to try hedges, but I have heard good things about it.

    WoS extra menthol, is strong menthol, but not very complex.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    I would have to cast my vote for McChrystals Highland Ice. Menthol, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint Oil. Take a pinch in the winter right before going out to shovel snow, and it feels like an air conditioner blowing from your sinuses through the back of your head.
  • On the WoS site they say that Super Cool is the "equivalent of Medicated 99" and SM 500 is the "equivalents of Hedges L260."

    What does that mean, these are copies of Hedges and Medicated 99 or they are the same product with a different label ?  
  • @Hitsuzen I remember reading that Highland Ice is the same as O&G, but I don't detect any peppermint in O&G.

    That being said, I don't think that any of the McChrystals come close to WoS Dynamite, when you open that tin the whole room smells of it.
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @yisraeldov Highland Ice and O&G are definitely very different creatures. I have a bulk tub of each. Highland Ice is like O&G on steroids B-) You should check out Paul's video on it, it's hilarious!
  • @Hitsuzen, from this thread ( ) it seems that McChrystals says they are the same. Does anyone know if Ian McChrystal uses this forum ?
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @yisraeldov Yes, but at the end of the thread, OP states that new that it's in his hands, they're definitely different. I just did a comparative pinch to follow up the pinch of O&G I had already taken, and I have to agree.
  • @hitsuzen, Ok, I only had my tin of highland ice in my hands for about 2 seconds before some one snatched it up, my first impression was that I was inclined to believe that it was the same as OG, but that was just from the tin note, I never even got to take a pinch.

    I just saw Paul's video, and will have to make another order from McChrystals ( who does free shipping BTW )  The OG is a great all day snuff, but I really like peppermint.  
  • For me it is the 6 Photo Medicated No 666. Strong blast of menthol.
  • Hedges
  • @yisraeldov and @Hitsuzen that is what McChystals claim, that Highland Ice is just O&G packaged for a different market (whatever that means). Though I am 100% sure these are different snuffs, I found O&G to have a Menthol and Camphor while Highland Ice has a Menthol and Eucalyptus. Personally I found O&G stronger in the menthol department than Highland Ice, though thats just my nose.
    Whether "packaged for a different market" they mean it is exactly the same snuff or basically the same snuff though slightly different. I did notice a slightly different grind though that may just be me, i've been out of Highland Ice for a while they used to be two of my favorites
  • polar prise or bernards jubilaeum/wiesn/weiss blau and their bernards steife prise
    polar is most icy one but kind of numbs your nose so its not that strong (still strong) then jubilaums is next which is similar to the polar prise (or  amostrinha) but a bit less sharp but not less strong
    and then bernards steife prise which is very strong in menthol and everything except no smoke like the above
    taking a big pinch of those in cold windy weather is lovely insane
  • LadySnuffLadySnuff Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    For me it is 6 photo no.666
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  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Id say WoS Extra menthol is still the strongest menthol Ive ever had in my life. Its so strong that my eyes start to water just being near it. Ive tried red bull and honestly feel WoS extra menthol is stronger. Red Bull seems to develop in the nose, whereas WoS extra menthol throws an iceberg on your head; hurts, but the pain fades eventually.

  • i dont find the 6 photo very strong but its a different kind of cooling effect less "piney" than the western ones its more of a neutral cooling without a lot of menthol camphor mint eucalyptus or pine oil smell
  • @Rogue I'm thinking WoS Extra menthol has been renamed, do you know what it is?
  • s.menthol maybe i got that one? but the thing is menthol is capped by law to 40/50 menthol mg/g and 20 mg camphor mg/g
    which is not all that high (most of german medicated cap that)
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    My last menthol surprise was WoS Singleton's Super Cool. It's worth separate review (pending).
    Meanwhile I'll only tell you Sharrow guys were definitely kidding when they rated it 2 (out of 5) in their menthol scale.

  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @baconpete it's called extra cool now.

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    @Rogue, @baconpete from now on it's Extra M.
    On Sharrow menthol scale Extra M is 3, Super M and WoS Dr. Rumney's Green are 4, Dynamite is 5. Crumbs of Comfort and M Plus both are 1 and M is 2. Visit WoS website for more info on nicotine and moisture.

  • Are there any really strong mentholated snuffs that don't give you that stuffed nose "rebound effect" thing a member here has talked about? I mean I love medicated snuffs, but I've only found McChrystal's O&G to be powerful yet not overwhelming to my nose. As far as what's the most craziest, I'd say 6p Medicated 666, but two or three hits of that and my nose just taps out.
  • Also WoS SM500 was unimpressive. You'd think something with numbers in their name would be impressive, such as indy 500 or super soaker 3000, but it wasn't much. Also Arnold Andre's Kensington is good but for some reason it's too clogging.
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