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Which is the craziest and most metholated snuff you have ever tried?



  • menthols plugged me up at first but i feel like my nose just got used to medicated snuffs. i dont think rebounding is a real thing. i can use strong menthols all day and my nose stays clear. 

    poschl radford belongs somewhere on this list too. its pretty good and strong on menthol. i cant use it because the essential oils makes my nose raw. i had a similar effect with peppermint oil
  • DrOctagonDrOctagon Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    Really? The first time I got my hands on a good variety of medicated snuffs, I thought my head was gonna blow up from the sinus headache. I was told it was a rebound effect so I went with that.

    I still haven't found a GOOD powerful medicated snuff with a decent nicotine kick, but Hedges was definitely mentioned so I will try that.

    @peacock how can you tell which ones use essential oils as opposed to whatever else?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    @DrOctagon If that could serve as a kind of vague guideline, McChrystal's is rated 3 in aforementioned WoS menthol scale. These ratings might be of some use, if based on actual amount of added menthol.
    Just a guess - other ingredients (camhor, eucalyptus or anise oils) may cause/strengthen rebound, too.

  • ConkConk Member
    I'm with the Dr on this, heavily mentholated snuffs do not open up my airways, they shut them down. I find the menthol in Indian snuffs don't have such an unwanted effect but WoS Extra Menthol and Jip put my nose out of action for a good half an hour. I'd say Jip is the stongest I've used.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @Volunge they changed names again..?

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    Yes. I visit WoS website quite often and noticed those changes at the very beginning of this year (

    What's next, I wonder. Snuff names consisting of numbers alone?
  • @DrOctagon  im really just guess because of the burning. i think its common for german snuffs to be flavored with oils though. (someone correct me if im wrong)

    ive been on a strong menthol kick for a while now but it sure isnt the first time ive commented and people thought i was crazy. some snuffs just plug my nose just as quick. heavily perfumed ones generally do. its to bad cuz i really like perfumed snuffs

  • bobbob Member
    menthol and rebound go together the only way around it is less menthol. The toque menthol line isn't too strong in the mixes. Best suggestion is to get a natural unscented snuff to cut it with.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @volunge god forbid! Itll be impossible to find a tempting snuff easily, unless we get some sort of catalogue explaining all the numbers.

  • @Rogue Another future nightmare could be enforced random selection. I. e., buyer never knows what he will get. Now that would be an utmost sadism.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @volunge That could actually be fun too..unless you have a lot of things you don't like.
    Man, imagine if WoS made everything'd find one you really liked, but you'd have no idea what it's called or anything.

  • Snuff lottery! :)
  • ^Lane pipe tobacco does exactly that with like half their blends. one of their best sellers is simply called 1-Q
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    @Peacock sounds like I need to try Lane for fun..

  • I bought a package of menthol crystals. I grind a little up in mortar and pestle, then add to Viking Brown, let it rest awhile, then have the most intense menthol/nicotine experience ever. I recommend this to all menthol lovers. I enjoy all menthol snuffs, needless to say.
  • ArtChooArtChoo Member
    edited July 2018 PM
    Wilsons of Sharrow have a special offer on at the moment.

    S.M.Blue their  equivalent of  Dr Rumneys Blue  is reduced to.....

    small           60p
    medium       90p
    large          1.25p

    also available in 1 lb tubs.

    All prices in English pounds and pence.

    Menthol strength 4 on their scale of 1-5     

  • I'm not a menthol snuff user to speak of. So my opinion is they are all crazy!
  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited July 2018 PM

    L5-1 descending menthol strength
    5: Poschl Radford, Hedges L260
    4: Poschl Red Bull, Silver Dollar Mentholated, McCrystals Highland Ice, WoS Ripple, J&H Wilson No99
    3: Various Poschls, McCrystals O&G, WoS Rumney Green, 6Photo No6
    2: Toque USA Peach, Toque USA Citrus, Rosinski Nordwind
    1: Silver Dollar Original, Cola and fruit flavors, Rosinski Alter Fritz

    Just a pinch of Radford to a couple grams of Toque gets them to L1-2

    I can't handle those L5s. My wife goes through grams of Radford a day. I tried a boxcar from her while driving yesterday and almost had to pull over
  • Fubar Snafu Medicated or Wilsons Dynamite?
  • 6P Medicated No. 666
  • Me too about the 6 Photo #666. I never tried hedges L260 tho and always wondered if it could give 6 P a run for the money on menthol but I got hundreds of grams of 666 and never really found a need for another menthol. I could be missing out on something tho.
  • I've only had three thus far, but I'll give it a shot

    1. Hedges L260  The first mentholated snuff I had.  It's very easy to use so I go through it very fast, but it does occasionally make my eyes tear up
    2. McChrystal's O&G This is even easier to use but I think you have to like the nuanced complexity of it, which takes a few tries to appreciate.  I like it for what it is, which is rare because I'm mainly a toasted tobacco user
    3. WoS Singleton's Super Cool Maybe I'll wait and see if @volunge can comment on this, but I find it nice except it can easily be overdone and then the burn is bordering on concern that I just made my nose raw.  My question is whether or not it's just menthol in this one because if there's e.g any mint oil it might be the culprit

  • @Gormur, I think it's high pH to blame. Loads of alkalizer there. I would say, it's pure menthol snuff.

    Hedges is really mild now. Current version is very different from the one I was familiar with 14-8 years ago.
  • All right it's getting easier to use Singleton's Super Cool.  Definitely not a snuff I'd try to use when out somewhere.  It's very messy
  • GormurGormur Member
    @volunge I get what you're saying about Hedges L260 now.  All previous tins I got of it were very potent menthol and eucalyptus wise as well as decently nicotinated, but this last batch I just received or at least this first tin I started on is very mellow.  It's even a different color and not as moist.  It almost seems a bit dry, although it isn't dry in the sense that it doesn't work properly.  It's just not super moist like I'm used to with this snuff

    I have a theory that there are different batches and I'm curious to open the second tin I got to see if it's a different color etc
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 8 PM
    Frankly speaking, I am disappointed with Sharrow snuffs. Take this with a pinche of salt, mate. Might be just me and my evergrowing nicotine tolerance, expectations too high or my own blahs, but their snuffs just don't satisfy me anymore. I'm not referring neither to their dark moist nor to high dry types, for I haven't ordered those for a long while. Only expressing my discontent with their SP things, from their own SPs to Hedges, J. & H. Wilson and Mulllins & Westley. Every snuff I ordered came brighter and drier than it used to be, weaker in nicotine dept, too. Even ordered directly from the mills, all large tins (not to blame any particular retailer). It's been like that for a while, started getting on my nerves in 2018, or a bit earlier. Whichever year it was, I can trace this decline in quality back to their switch from a tape seal to a leaky shrink band seal. It's all about moisture loss, I would say.
  • GormurGormur Member
    @volunge I rehydrated the tin and it was better but still a bit dull till I got to around the middle of the batch and it's perfectly fine.  How odd.  I've experienced this with another (non-mentholated) snuff before so I wonder if it has to do with storage location.  Cheers for your input
  • Poschl Radford in the metal tin. I like menthol and have some most days, but this stuff is hard to like. Far too strong - has made me nauseous a few times.
  • volungevolunge Member
    @pantsBoots, too much nicotine or menthol? Or both?
  • @volunge menthol. I've definitely given myself the spins with too much snuff after or during a night with some friends and a bottle or 2, but as a cigar and pipe smoker as well, most nicotine doses aren't too formidable. The menthol in Radford has this burning quality unlike any other snuff I've tried, and there is something different about it I haven't found in any other medicated snuff.
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