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New(probably) snuff pre warm technique

Hi all, I ve read here that if you pre warm snuff in your fingers it gets better.
I ve been sneezing a lot with Gletscherprise those days,I don't know why but I found a new way to take snuff without sneezing no more.
This can be very usefull for beginners, I put snuff on my thumb and index (Kind of pinch) then join both of the fingers to warm it up. Then I move my fingers with the snuff inside it get warm and it agregrates to build some kind of small balls. I snuff it and it's kind of smooth and got me 0 sneeze since I ve been doing that.
Maybe it's not a new technique but I thought it would be good to share it ! ;-)


  • Thanks for sharing. I have been snuffing since a few months now, and had noticed the method you mentioned above helped me with getting some find dry snuff up my nose initially. Yes, it can help beginners and would recommend them to try this if they love fine dry but are discouraged to use it because of its sting and sneeze early on.

    I get zero sneeze and love the fine dry variety any way I use it, since I follow the tips from the experts. 
  • Snufferdemedicis,
    You're correct, it's not a new method, to be sure, but thank you for sharing to remind people of the importance of warming.
    You've privately discovered the method, which is fantastic. Some stuff just works!

    Ross Arlen Tieken, Tobacconist
    The Briar Shoppe, Houston, TX
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