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One pack of 20 cigs equals to ? Pinches

Hi maybe it has been asked before but how many normal pinches equals to 20 cigarettes ? I m talking about nicotine intake and for exemple with high nic snuff like sws lundy foot or sws latakia blend.


  • Not really sure you can make an equation. A cigarette is intense delivery for a few minutes followed by "coming down." Snuff is a more steady delivery system. In my mind, from a carcinogenic standpoint, one pack of cigs is equal to about a kilo of snuff.
  • I'm not sure about how many pinches, though 25g of an average snuff would last me as long as around 30-40g of rolling tobacco. Pinching is a little subjective since I take huge pinches.
  • edited March 2017 PM
    Right if we consider 0.5 g of tobacco per roll up Cig we have there about 80 cigarettes. 25g of snufftaking equals 40g of rolling tobacco that is to say 0.3 g of snuff taking equals a cigarette. 20 cigs would mean about 6g of snuff which sounds a lot to me. The question is: is 0.3 g of snuff a big pinch ?
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited March 2017 PM
    I was a 40 a day smoker when I met my wife, a cancer research scientist. It was her that got me started on snuff.

    If we take my 40 a day and how many pinches I used to replace the craving it might give us a glimmer of equality but, this could merely be a mirage.

     The first week I particularly remember and I took very small pinches every 10 - 15 minutes. I admit I wasn't very confident and took small pinches often because I thought it would hurt me. About half way through that week I discovered I could take a large pinch more easily than a small one and my number of pinches dropped to about 3 every hour. I smoked about 3 cigarettes every hour so one pinch one cigarette however, as the weeks went by I noticed I was snuffing less and less. After around seven years I found I could go days without snuff and had no cravings.

    Today I snuff because I like it, not because I'm addicted. I think most of us will admit that at first we snuff far more often when giving up but, once we've cracked that addiction snuff is what we want, not what we crave. 

    I can even have the odd cigar and not crave one the next day. 

    So can we say a pinch is the same or equal to a fag? When your giving up it might appear like it but, I don't think it is the same. It's tobacco and here the similarity ends. Snuff is a very different product to smoked tobacco.

  • @Snufferdemedicis 0.3 grams is alot of snuff too much for one pinch. I know was when I was doing a cost/benefit analysis on it, a 4 gram sample of tobacco would last me 6-7 hours where 4g of snuff would last 10-12 hours. Those number were after I had quit cigarettes and seeing which would last me longer, due to all tobacco costing me around $1 per gram for rolling and for snuff tobacco where im from.
  • @Roderick I was just having a conversation about this exact subject with my wife ( a neuroscientis ), regarding sugar addiction. 
  • Yisraeldov,
    Don't get me started. Sugar is my worst addiction. How am I to compare that to snuff?
  • @Roderick

    I would also say that sugar is far worse for you than snuff. Once you get off it, it will make you sick if you try it again, but you will get hooked quickly. 
  • if you are asking about the health effects i say stick with snuff. snuff as much as you need to satisfy your cravings. i smoked 40 a day for 10 years and at first i snuffed a lot. then slowly started snuffing less and less after using it for only a year. it was the same way for me with snus as well. the important thing is that you are not inhaling hot smoke. carbon monoxide its extremely harmful. to me, the cravings for a cigarette are a lot more intense than a craving for snuff 
  • @snufferdemedicis there is approximately 12-13 grams of tobacco in a pack of filtered cigarettes.
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