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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • Toque • Vanilla
    Otto • Glacier
  • 60/40...
    McChrystals • Wee Dram
    F&T • HDT
  • Homemade.
  • F&T Santo Domingo
  • F&T • Dr. JR Justice
  • Radford
  • 6P Mysore Sandalwood x my HM rustica
  • Toque Berwick Brown
  • Irish D
  • Old Paris
  • 6P Super Kailash
  • Zwiefacher
  • Taxi Green
  • F&T - High Dry Toast
  • I'll join you with some HDT
  • 6Photo Green Dragon. Like a mix between Cheeta and one of their 6X Medicateds. Interesting stuff for an occasional treat. Much easier to take than Cheeta
  • 1:1
    Paul Gotard • Irish Cream
    Wow! • American Caramel
  • 6 Photo Cheeta Chhap Gul from old, almost empty tin with just a few grams left. Now it's dried out and doesn't kick that hard anymore.
  • F&T Princes Special
  • Himtaj Golden- man I'm really liking these 41 Photo Himtaj snuffs! Fantastic price for 50gram tin. Has a mild Indian scent that is perfect for someone that doesn't care for the heavy Indian snuffs, this stuff is well done and one I'm proud to have I'm the collection. Cheers!
  • MG Madras - with some more ghee added
  • Mostly Taxi Green today with a little Snuv Reaper here and there. Trying to give it a full chance. The aroma is interesting and the texture is great but anything but a little bit at a time I'm not enjoying so far.

    Now a little Old Paris thanks to @newbiesnuffer and the Snuff Call Out thread for a night cap
  • A nice mix of:
    Toque • Vanilla
    Dholakia • Swiss Chocolate
  • MG Madras with added ghee (clarified butter). My all-day today. 
    4-5 drops heated, cooled and added to approx. 5-6 grams and mixed well to avoid lumps. A small batch, so it can be used before it gets a chance to turn rancid.
    Some observations: The addition of ghee makes this snuff more fluffy and very easy to take even if sniffed hard. It loses that sharp nose feel (which I love as well btw) and makes it a slightly moist, more aromatic (ghee-wise) deeper tobacco scented snuff. I would recommend this experiment to beginners who find taking MG Madras either challenging or loud in its original form but want to upgrade to plain tobacco Madras snuffs.   
  • MG Madras
    I just got a 8g tub of this a few days ago and it is very nice.
    6 Photo did a great job with this one.
    Next order will have to go with larger size.
  • JohanoJohano Member
    edited November 2020 PM
    my new hm plain snuff, 50/50 rustica & oriental variety. Sharp burn, needs to mature a bit
  • Abraxas St Casura
  • F&T - High Dry Toast just right now

    Several others during the day...
  • Irish D and homemade coarse from Orange Virginia (4% natrium carbonate, 2% salt, 30% water) today.

    Beautiful tobacco, @Humppa, thanks again! Interestingly, it darkened in just one day in room temperature. Matured for seven days, it developed rich sweet flavour, similar to that of raisins/dates. Still feels a bit raw, but potency got better with time, and this snuff hopped into my daily menu already.

    Will probably add 0.5% salmiak for extra bite.
  • Snuv rigor mortis
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