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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • ^^^ Don't know that one @Huysmans; any good? I've been pondering the sad loss of Abraxus; so some premium batch course for me a good hit and ❤'in the coarseness of this still
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited September 8 PM
    @MisterPaul It's a decent one. Fineish grind, moist black Indian snuff. Nicely perfumed with a bit of musk and a little menthol. It also has a satisfying nicotine level. It was £1.53 for 40g on Snuff Store so worth a punt.
  • Betty_BWBetty_BW Member
    edited September 8 PM
    6P Riviera alternating with O&G.
  • Poschl Alpina
  • Old Paris. Such an intruiging snuff. Now I'm getting an earthy rainfall smell from it.
  • Dholakia Mighty Eagle. This reminds me of the flavor of the old Blackjack chewing gum when I was a kid. You know, back when god was a boy.
  • @Huysmans - cheers for the steer, those dark and moist Indian snuffs are an exotic treat, agree they usually have a good nic hit too. At that price it would be rude not too as well; what a bargain!
  • @Tapout - I used to be rather fond of blackjack sweets as a kid too, the ones we had used to turn your tongue black - Very amusing as a little nipper!
  • Neffa Ifrikia.
  • Was looking for Square, but found Bruton Scotch  
  • Toque Rose
  • Toque Lime Toast
  •  De Kralingse St. Omer #1 - Not sure if Jap is still going? Does anyone know? 

  • Mullins & Westley Particular
  • @ MisterPaul:  You are one of the lucky ones! I consider St. Omer #1 the best snuff I made in the windmills in Rotterdam. But that is history! Nowadays I am helping to revive the historical art of canvas making. We are using windmill "De Paauw" in Nauerna to stamp the stems of hemp in to fibers that can be used for spinng threads, which in turn can be used weave canvas. So I am still busy with windmills, but no more with tobacco. 
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited September 9 PM
    Japp! How the devil are you? What a shame - I will have to ration myself then and save that St. Omer #1 for very special occasions then  ;) I agree with you, exceptionally fine snuff. I think that you were the last one manufacturing snuff from carotte tobacco in the old traditional way. 

    I'm delighted to hear that your artisan skills with windmills are still being put to good use - That sound facinating  
  • SWS Crème du figue - Ah yes = *YES* 8-}
  • @snuffmiller What a life you've lived! I envy you your passion. I have a handful of your lovely snuff left in my stash, but alas, no St. Omer #1.  :(

    In honor of your post, a pinch of my dwindling De Kralingse Chococreme-L.  Be well, sir!!
  • Bruton Scotch
  • As others have stated, so nice to hear from our old friend from the mills in Netherlands. I too have a dwindling supply and just the other day decanted 3g or so of Mettaijer. So that's what I'm pinching just now. Still in good condition, too.
  • JNF Dragon Madras. Really been enjoying the comments in the thread above.
  • SWS Aged Border Rapee
  • Will join @Omgrona on the SWS. Sadly I don't [yet!] have the aged border rapee in my otherwise rather extensive collection, so a couple of pinches of the Thrice Brewed to kick off the day for me :) 
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited September 10 PM
    Like Hansel & Gretel the investigative fellow could track me down by following the trail of snuff crumbs back home to my desk today; which can mean only one thing = [tragically the very last of my :'-( ]Samuel Gawiths London Brown... 
  • Otto Classic CM
  • Rosinski carlsbader and top mill N.1
  • Toque SP Xtra
  • Mmmm, I'll join you for some SP Extra
  • WoS Royal George followed up with F & T HDT
  • edited September 11 PM
    6 photo that smells like nagchampa. I forgot the name. Sure is cool to hear from the forefathers of snuffing ;)
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