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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • Toque USA W&H
  • Toque Quit with my morning coffee.
  • Mullins and Wesley Black rappee.
  • F&T Princes Special for the best part of the day.

  • Equal parts SWS Princess Juana and 6 Photo Cheeta … a lovely mix imho
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited January 17 PM
    M&W Black Rappee.
  • A bit on the shady side today... Slept badly, got up late, no shower - A couple of cups of java ~O), a BEST sandwich and some SNUV Nutty Joe and Rusty Trombone and I'm only 1/2 zombie now... ;) 
  • Hedges L260 before a very long and boring meeting. I need all the help and snuff I can get!
  • W. E. Garrett Scotch
  • Ozona C type 
    Red Seal Sweet 
    Fubar Snafu plain
    Gotard Choc after lunch 
    Fubar Toasted
    M and W Jocks choice 
    M and W Black Rappee
    Snuv Nutty Joe after dinner in a while 
    Big Bull and Dragon brand Madras for this evening
  • Berwick Brown
  • 6 Photo Anarkali
  • It was a few bumps of Hedges L260 to shake off the cobwebs when just risen, and has been Artisan Snuff Robusta Rappee since then :-)
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited January 18 PM
    Toque Artisan Ficus Rappee.

    @MisterPaul made a wonderful summary last week on this and I don't have much to add. There is the aroma of sweet fig together with a gentle lemon and the citrus balances and enhances the fig very well. The scent is natural and not at all cloying. I felt the rich base tobacco coming through behind the topping and then the fig came back again in waves. It's as coarse and moist as you would want from a Rappee. This is very good snuff indeed. One to savour and enjoy.
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited January 18 PM
    @Huysmans reading my mind :D 

    Toque Artisan Ficus Rappee most of the afternoon for me too! 

    Surprisingly good isn't it? I think that I'm going to get the rest of this range when I next order with Toque (which might be sooner that I had planned) as the rappee's I brought last time are going down a treat!  
  • WoS Ani Extra 
    Dr Rumneys Brown 
    WoS Brunswick 
    Gotard Chocolate after lunch
    Rosinski Ochsenkopf
    Rosinski Morgentau 
    Toque Toast and marmalade
    Snuv nutty Joe after dinner soon 
    Toque lime toast, and St clements later tonight 
  • Toque Artisan JP, initial aroma reminds me of a Lemon cheesecake, nice lemon in the nose with hints of vanilla, I like it.
  • @Beerandsnuff - Sounds interesting for sure; one for my next order I reckon! ;-)

    Off my game today - some Hedges L260 toi start the ball rolling and then Viking Dark Rappee (just for the variation!) for the rest of today so far... :D
  • Regular Toque W&H. I like the pronounced nic of the USA version,  this has the N in standard amount, and a different and great flavor. I can toot this all day and sometimes do.
  • After a couple of post lunch bumps of the SNUV Rusty Trombone, it's been the good Dr. Rumney's Brown for the rest of the afternoon :-)
  • Jip wakeup call 
    WoS Gold Label 
    F and T Santo Domingo 
    Gotard Choc after lunch 
    Dr Rumneys Brown 
    F and T high dry toast 
    Wow brand Roasted Nuts ( almost out, and nobody is restocking, boooo )
    Snuv Nutty Ella for after dinner tonight, then lined up 
    White Horse and Taxi Red for this evening 
  • Red Bull followed by Keen Scented, Lundy Foot and Otto Chancellor came after then Ficus Rappee and LA Natural. That was my day in Snuff.
  • First half of the day was an equal parts mix of 6P Cheeta and SWS Princess Juana; second half was an equal parts mix of SG KB Scented and 41P White Elephant. Just sat down with a beer to contemplate what to have for the third half.
  • McCrystals Vintage Velvet for most of the day, Hedges L260 before that. Unsure what I'll be having for the rest of the evening.
  • SG Scotch Black
  • VernstakenVernstaken Member
    edited January 20 PM
    SG Elmos Reserve
  • A bit spanners again today (seems to be the theme for this week :( ) - SNUV Nutty Joe for a heavy hit of the vitamin N and to accompany some Java ~O) ;)
  • SG KB Scented with equal parts 41P White Elephant.
  • F&T princes last night and morning all.
  • Snuv Iron Throne 
    Snuv Back in Black 
    41P Lilly perfumed 
    JNF Laxmi Gulab 
    Gotard chocolate after lunch 
    JNF Big Bull 
    6P Cheeta 
    Nutty Ella for after dinner later, 
    and 6P MG Madras and NTSU Black for this evening 
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