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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

-Snuffhouse Terms Of Service-

HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
edited April 2017 in General
Snuffhouse Administrators and Moderators:



If you have any problems or complaints, please do not hesitate to contact one of the above. Your issue will be discussed by the team and action taken if this is necessary. Membership of Snuffhouse is conditional upon acceptance of the Terms Of Service as listed below.

-Terms Of Service-

Snuffhouse membership is limited to registrants aged 18 and older. While Snuffhouse wishes to create an environment free of restrictions on speech, there are certain subjects that Snuffhouse has deemed inappropriate to discuss on the Snuffhouse forum. These discussions include anything pertaining to religion, politics, illegal drug use, or other topics discussing illegal activities. Furthermore, no comments with any type of hate speech, racial epithets, sexist undertones, violent speech, threatening, or discriminatory based on someone's gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion are allowed. Please aim to keep things civil.

Membership at Snuffhouse is voluntary and may be terminated at will by the moderation staff. Furthermore, threads in violation of the TOS will be closed and deleted, with a warning issued in private to the OP.

When using the Buy-Sell-Trade area (Bazaar) of the site, please keep in mind that Snuffhouse is not responsible for any lost goods or funds. Please buy, sell, and trade with discretion as it is at your own risk. If your transaction has been completed or is no longer relevant, please flag it so the moderation team can keep things tidy. All posts in the Bazaar will be cleaned out after 60 days.

Snuffhouse does not condone the use of tobacco by minors. This web forum is for use by consenting adults, and strives to create an adult atmosphere.

Any advertisements on Snuffhouse are just that: advertisements. These are not endorsements for any products or services advertised. Vendors interested in advertising on Snuffhouse, with all proceeds going to support the forum, are encouraged to contact an administrator listed above for information on how to do so. Using your account solely for advertising without otherwise contributing to the community may result in revocation of your user privileges by the moderation team.

Anybody holding multiple accounts is subject to having their extra accounts banned. This is to protect the community from being misled or trolled. If you have previously had an account and are now applying for another because you have been locked out of it, please contact a moderator.

Lastly, all applications are reviewed by actual humans. Any applications that look like robots are likely to be rejected, so as to prevent spam and mock accounts. If your application has been rejected, please try again giving answers that sound like a human wrote them. Acceptable answers would be "I'd like to learn more about fringe tobacco and snuff culture", "I'd just like some actual interaction before going to bed", or even just the word "SNUFF".

These Terms Of Service exist not to censor you or your point of view. Each condition exists because we have seen what can happen when they're disregarded. The team here enforcing them are only trying to enhance your daily experience here. We want you here, adding what you can to the wealth of knowledge we have built and continue to build. Thank you for your cooperation, your participation, and your continued support.

Sincerely-. The Snuffhouse team.
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