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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Postage Stamp Snuff Sample.



  • Been happy both sending and receiving so far.
  • ChicoChico Member
  • :-??
  • AamonAamon Member
  • Similar to "Pen Pall" but exchanging snuff samples instead of a letter via a envelope. :-B
  • I'm in.
  • I'd really like to see this take off amongst current members. Nothing like getting a good sample of some fresh or "properly aged" snuff to try. Could also benefit manufacturers on the sales standpoint.
    The more people that try something that they may not normally try at a fraction of the price may increase production or keep the varieties at least staying alive if there is demand.
    Not to mention you get to try snuffs you may not even be able to get or can not afford via the limited sources we have to chose from.

    Keep it under 28gr. Including envelope, ink and stamp only amounts to under 50
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    That's a really cool idea. I'm in.
  • cents. I'm sure any abroad postage would not be breaking the bank either.
  • AamonAamon Member
    I love this idea! Not sure if i'd be able to participate, i'll get the AFP dropping by asking why im importing something without declaring it. Worth a shot though!
  • @nicmizer

    Need some more info on how exactly do we get started.

    What are the rules.

    Do We just put a baggie of snuff in the mail  and wait to get something back ? Is there something in place to prevent us from getting something we have already tried ? How about international shipping, If I send to someone and include an israeli postage stamp I doublt it would help them. 
  • AamonAamon Member
    @yiisraeldov you can only use postage stamps issued by your country. . Thank Charles Ponzi for that.
  • I believe the limit for a letter stamp is one ounce. That includes the whole package including envelope and all packing material. Also the common letter cannot exceed 1/4 inch in thickness. 

    In the past, when I sent samples i would tape the baggies to a piece of paper sometimes to a greeting card. The postage sorting machines can be brutal. I have received parcels that have suffered damage often. 

    Take in account that some people have busy lives and can't always get to you right away; also are those who have short memories, and stuff that distract them from completing their promise promptly. So unless you have a transaction of monetary value, don't throw a tantrum if their offer never arrives .    
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Again, I'm still not 100% sure on how this works? Can someone give a concrete example ?
  • I'm not sure how sending powdered tobacco in a "crack baggy" would work with international customs, but price wouldn't be an issue I don't believe.  The last time I sent a letter overseas I think I was told that an envelope costs only $1 to anywhere in the world.  That was a few years ago.  I wouldn't mind paying a buck.

    Yisraeldov raises a good point regarding not getting snuff you already have.  With some of you guys I don't know how you could NOT get something you already have.  The only way I can think to do it is get a list of every snuff out there and have people put their names next to the ones they would like to receive.

    I'm willing to kick it off by offering some scotch to whoever is interested.  
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited May 2017 PM
    possibly if we can create a new page with members listing the snuffs they have on offer, and/or snuff they would like to try. Then interested parties can message whomever has the stock then work something out. I'd be interested in testing the Aussy customs, I would love if this would work here. Though @nicmizer probablly already has something in mind.
    Also isnt there a larger letter size? I just ordered a 60g Boveda pack from melbourne in a letter which surely would exceed the smaller 1 ounce limit.
  • CobguyCobguy Member

    I'm in ... I'll send factory produced snuff as well as some of my own whole-leaf blends.

    As a side note, if someone sends you a sample of a snuff you already have a bunch of just forward it on to your next recipient.  It would be difficult to maintain a page of all the participating members and every type of snuff they have.  Just a thought!  :)

  • I wouldn't want to get snuff I already have just to send it to the next guy.  

    There is a page somewhere that has just about every snuff under the sun listed.  If we were to get that and give everyone a deadline on when they needed to get their name on it, it could be done that way.  
  • Why don't everyone just post what they have for the Postage snuff samples in the buy sell trade thread. Then interested parties can respond with what they have, Via Personal message. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Also Post What you are interested in trying and some one who has it can contact you By Personal message.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • What I've been thinking. Keep it simple and not a hassle with some complex way that requires rules and procedures that are required for such a simple task.
    Pack it with the requested snuff, stuff it in the envelope, lick it and stick it in the mail box.
    The only real hard part is to be able to clearly get the correct address on it and not forget the stamp!
    With the thought of "Pen Pal" in mind, your sending something with the anticipation of receiving something in return. That is the idea of this concept.
    If anybody has more possible ways to make this easier please make comment so we can try getting it going.
    It does not have to be a guessing game or carp shoot. Just communication between two people about what makes them both happy.
  • This could be done right here on this topic thread without clogging up the buy-sell-trade topic that is well deserved for its intended purpose. This seem that it would work there as well but should considered as a step brother to it and should be kept separate IMO.
  • AamonAamon Member
    How would we go about sending to members in the EU? As in if they find it will they confiscate it, or would we be looking at fines and what not? I'm not 100% in the loop with the current EU restrictions.
  • Maybe @Roderick can chime in on your concern @Aamon.
  • PsickoPsicko Member
    edited May 2017 PM
    I was on a pipe forum, and one person started a parcel pass. They put several samples of pipe tobacco in and mailed it to the next person in line. That second person would take a sample out, put a new sample in, then mail it to the next person. Then the next person repeated, and so forth. There ended up being two different boxes going on, one for the USA, one for Europe so shipping wouldn't be too expensive.
  • I suggest you just bomb everyone on your list with everything you got. Tobacco Cigars Snuff Snus Dokha Chew Dip and any thing else you want to surprise them with.  This is a terrible dilemma you get yourself into But you do get to try stuff that you may not considered using . God Damn the Pusher man.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • ChicoChico Member
    @Psicko - yeah, a box pass.  Could be fun - throw a bunch of snuffs in, take a bunch out.  Good way to share things you really love, and ditch things you don't, given that tastes vary so widely.  And like @basement_shaman says, it could also include cigars, pipe tobacco etc. if anyone chooses.
  • It just seems to me that others are just trying to derail the initial idea. Envelope with small amount of snuff in exchange for the same.
    Keep it simple not stupid!
  • ChicoChico Member
  • :(|) Hope everything works out. And thanks for the Ambrosia sample. You're a stand up guy 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
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