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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Cheeta chhap Gul - dentifrice

Hi All snuff lovers !

We have recently introduced this new  product in the market, Cheeta chhap Gul.

Gul is a type of snuff which is not used nasally, rather the use is predominantly as a dentifrice. Gul is very popular in India , much more than snuff.

It is now available at mrsnuff. Would love to hear your reviews on this 



  • IMG_6180
  • As most of the world outside of India there is little known about Gul
    Can you give a description ?
    What color is it ?
     Is it a fine grind ?
    Is it flavored ? 
    Is it mentholated ?
     Is it super dry ?.
     How much in grams is a normal dose ; .25? .5?
    Average time in the mouth until need to replace?
     Do you need to spit ?.
     Do you know the nicotine content mg/g;  is it  like 7-8 mg/g ,  22 mg/g or some where in between or higher ?  
    What percentage  of tobacco is in the contents of Gul ? 
    Is it listed under Snus or Smokeless ?
     If it listed as Snuff, someone may use it as nasal snuff and their dose would be .1 or .05 grams .
    Malka sold by mister s. originally was listed as snuff. I purchased some only to open a can of something that looked like grey clay that had bits and pieces of tree bark. I find out later it is for oral use and only 33% tobacco. The nicotine was extreme and the taste was horrendous and the texture was far from comfortable. I am no stranger to oral tobacco.    
    Some snuffer use a apple seed size pinch , Mine are a bit larger than some.   
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • AamonAamon Member
    edited June 2017 PM
    Isnt this the snuff you use to brush your teeth rather than chew or dip? @sixphoto could I use my regular cheeta in this way? Never used dentifrice snuff
  • Gul is basically powdered tobacco like snuff with no flavour or menthol added to it. It is finer , and drier than most nasal snuffs and a lot stronger in nicotine .

    Cannot explain the nicotine content as it is not mandatory here in india to list it on the label.

    Gul is used in india basically as a dentifrice by rubbing it on the gums . Users generally keep it on for a minute or two before rinsing with water. Depends on individual nicotine tolerance.

    A gram of Gul would be a sufficient dose for a one time use but that again is variable.

    The color is blacklish but not as black as our kailash snuff

    I hope it answers all your questions
  • It is different from cheeta White snuff
  • @Aamon - having said that I would not rule it out .
    Here in India as I have repeated often all type of snuff is used as a dentifrice besides being used nasally
  • GokulGokul Member
    It is a nic bomb I tell you
  • Wouldn't this be hell on the teeth?
  • Looking forward to get my hands on this.

  • Ok Vikas, need to try this one. Gokul says it's a nic bomb, and I believe him.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 2018 PM
    I'm so glad I included this in my latest order! My dream of toasted white snuff has finally come true.

    That 'dentifrice' part in the description made me postpone trying it for quite a long time. Now I would like to reassure everyone, who hesitates about it: it is a nasal snuff, and a decent one!
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 2018 PM

    I would call it a white snuff with a tan. Plain and fine, though slightly coarser than WE or DW, closer to regular Cheeta in grind, but a tad darker, with a light toasty note. It instantaneously delivers loads of nicotine along with a short lasting, but pretty sharp burn. As @Gokul nailed it, it's a nic bomb, indeed!

  • snuffvilliansnuffvillian Member
    edited July 2018 PM
    Can be used as dip... like dippers use american scotches.
    To me this way fits better than its use as snuff. It is not as strong as Makla, but plenty satisfying to a high nic user (without that other weird messy alkaloids present in rustica).@-)
  • A tiny pinch of this gul is enough to boost me up.
    Many thanks to Vikas @sixphoto for this excellent product! Will definitely reorder it for my daily rotation. I'm interested in tapkir as well, it will be in my next order.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @volunge so higher strength than regular Cheeta?
  • @ar47, very likely so. Higher pH, that's for sure. I'm out of regular at the moment and can't make proper comparison, but gul certainly hits faster.
  • I mixed this 50/50 with 666 Medicated. Lovely!
  • I knew what Gul is, quite a few of my aunts are daily users. Not sure which gul they use, but am pretty sure it's dark brownish/blacking in colour. Had been avoiding Cheeta gul because am not really interested in dentrifice but @spinyeel's suggestion to mix it with Medicated 666 makes me include it in my next order with 6 Photo! 

    Good to know it can be used dip too, as @snuffvillian mentioned. I'd like to know how long can it be kept in the mouth.
  • snuffvilliansnuffvillian Member
    edited October 2018 PM
    @bolbam420 It depends on your liking (and tolerance). Pack in your lower lip and keep it as long as you dont feel it messy. ;)
  • I have been enjoying CCG as a nasal snuff in the daily rotation. As @volunge has stated, it has a high pH and delivers nicotine instantaneously. I like the pleasant sweet nutty taste.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 2019 PM
    @tinhuey, I'm obsessed with exploration and snuff tweaking as of late.

    I got a few more tins of this lovely stuff for experiments - converting it to Madras, makla and playing some scenting games. My first Madras experiment failed due to excessive amount of flavourless clarified butter I used for this purpose (9:1), but I will try real ghee and other ratio... someday.

    This evening I mixed up some Cheeta Gul (5 g) with 1 drop of fake Bulgarian Rose Attar (from a famous souvenir - minaret-shaped wooden encasing with a tiny glass vial, containing 0.5 ml of perfume), dissolved in 1 ml of 96% rectified spirit. Kaboom, unexpected instant ammonia blast! Was it that fraction of water in spirit who let the genie out of the powder, I wonder? It evaporated fast, though, along with alcohol, resulting in a very nice floral gul.
  • tinhueytinhuey Member
    edited May 2019 PM
    @volunge Gul would be a perfect snuff tobacco for just about any flavoring as it is very neutral. I still use it several times a day, there is nothing quite like it! I noticed on the 6 photo site at the bottom of the product s page, they sell different types of base tobacco. Endless possibilities...
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited May 2019 PM
    @tinhuey, true. Will try to add some menthol just for the heck of it, when I get some crystalls.

    I'm limiting my gul intake to a pinch or several a day, too. Tried to use it as a mono snuff for some days, but it dries my nose in an unpleasant way when used regularly in large amounts.

    By the way, buttered it turns very similar to 6P Natural / FUBAR Snafu Plain.
  • @volunge I also use Gul sparingly, a few pinches per day. Never thought about buttering it. I bet that would soften the blow. I have a jar of ghee in the fridge. Any advice on how to add it to snuff?
  • It can be done with ease. Try adding 0.5 or 1 part of warm (i.e. liquid) ghee to 9 parts of gul (by weight), rub it in with a teaspoon in a small bowl, carefully stirring, pressing and chopping the mixture with a spoon until ghee evenly soaks in and the mixture turns darker (it might take up to 5 minutes).

    Ratio 1:9 is for extra fat snuff, whereas 0.5:9 gives a stuff more akin to commercial grade.

    By volume it's 2.2 ml or 1.1 ml of ghee for 1 tin (25g) of gul.

  • Thanks @volunge Will give it a whirl soon.
  • Added some ghee to the Gul. Very nice! It definitely rounds it out and mutes the burn a bit. Great idea. Thanks @volunge.
  • Never tried gul but I love Cheetah and tapkir in the nose. I can't imagine rubbing snuff on my gums. I already use a little Swedish snus here and there. I may order some gul just to see what you all are talking about.
  • @mrmanos, me and some other folks here use it as a nasal snuff. It's fine and dry, but not as fine as Indian white snuffs, hence somewhat easier to take.

    I tried it as a snus in snus portion bag and did not enjoyed it that way.
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