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SP Burn Out

SpamSpam Member
I've used lots of snuff over the years, primarily menthols. Then I took a little break from snuff. I got back into it with an order from WoS. Now I've noticed the SPs (including Lemon Grove) really lose their punch quickly.

If I take something like Crumbs of Comfort or Royal George I get the same big flavour every time. However the SPs become quite flavourless to me within a day, then I have to use something else for a day or two before I get the same big flavour hit.

Does this happen to anyone else?


  • For me snuff is seasonal. different times of the year some snuff really shines. At other times they do loose something in translation . Menthol's in the hot summer can be a treat, but during the blast of frozen  tundra winds they will freeze your brain. 

    For your personal reference you should keep track when a certain snuff is best.  Most of the time I gravitate towards plain snuff like whites, scotches and toasts. Then when I reach for an SP or floral ,fruity or other scented snuff I enjoy them. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • be grateful you can smell them at all i cant even detect citrus anymore
  • ar47ar47 Member
    I heard reference to my anecdote here elsewhere, but I'll post my version to add to this thread. And this is even with reducing my ecig use about 75% since when I started using snuff

    In my ecig right now I have a flavor bomb of honey dew and cantelope. Taking a big puff and the vapor having to bounce right off my tongue, I can't taste a single thing. If I wasn't willfully using the ecig I wouldn't know any flavoring was there. Zero sensation. Exhaling I can taste just a hint on the sides of my tongue. But when I got the 130ml bottle a month ago the flavor was almost too strong.

    After enjoying a flavor 10-50x every day I suppose the body just filters it out. Much like how I forget I'm in chronic pain often until someone asks or reminds me about it, or if I get some kind of releif. Or how at my old home someone remarked how you could hear the freight trains blowing their whistles in the distance - I couldn't recall hearing them blow their horns in the years I lived there just because our sensors save our attention for things they aren't always accustomed to.

    That's what I think at least
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 2018 PM
    My sisters' husband suffered from that. He was deeply depressed by the complete block of e-juice scents after one year of vaping.

    As of late, it started happening to my nose quite often, too. I don't feel the aroma of Super Kailash anymore. I don't get any rose or floral scent in Anarkali and I smell only spearmint in Himtaj Golden. Just faint sweet smell and menthol. And no, they haven't lost their scent, my wife smells them all even from a fair distance.

    In my case this blockage is kind of selective, it affects Indian snuffs only. I still smell, say, bergamot and rose in GH SP and get citrussy smoke notes in Kownoer, though in the nose smells fade out a way faster than before.

  • ar47ar47 Member
    @volunge with the GH SP you can still smell well, is that something you enjoy as often as the Indian snuffs that you don't smell as much?
  • @ar47 no, I got my first can of GH SP only last week. I'm trying to resist temptation to draw any conclusions or generalise, though, for this issue seems quite complicated.

    (A few paragraphs deleted)

    I don't use any medicaments and my sense of taste is intact.

  • I find the nose will filter out most scents, but it never filters out the scent of danger - the smell of organic material exposed to fire - toasts, scotches, etc.  Menthol.eucalyptus/camphor will always produce a chemical reaction in the nose, as will citrus and certain spices.  Makes it next to impossible to choose an everyday snuff that relies upon added scent for it's appeal.  A lot of people prefer the toasts as their everyday snuff, that toasted tobacco flavour never disappears.  For the menthol lovers you'll always get that chilly blast, and for SP lovers you'll always get that sharp citrus burn. 
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