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Snus, chewing nicotine gum

Hi i never had snus but to stop vaping i am trying to take some small portions of nicotine chewing gum and i was wondering if the sensation was similar to snus ? Actually i vape and Snuff and i am like replacing the vape by nicotine gum and still Snuff a little. A long time ago when i tried to stop smoking i used nicotine replacement tab or gum but it gave me Tommy ache so now i m taking nicotine gum but i spit it.


  • PikeyPikey Member
    edited June 2017 PM
    Nah , nicotine gum is all hat and no cattle ...a bit like vaping . Nicotine on its own is a useful therapeutic tool and it might well work for you :) . Personally I can take nicotine til I puke and still want a smoke.

     Snus provides the whole tobacco satisfaction , just like snuff . 8mg snus is more effective for me than highstrength eliquid  and a jaw full of gum :D . Your mileage may vary :) 

    Personally I prefer the snuff , as a decadent nasal pleasure . Most my snus goes to waste , but it is very handy at times . 
  • PikeyPikey Member
    edited June 2017 PM
    I should add I think vaping is the dogs bollocks :D . It is totally possible to extract all the psychoactive alkaloids in tobacco and put it in an ejuice . They were doing it in the US years ago , but it never caught on because it was expensive stuff  .

    Sadly my lungs are wrecked just now , so I rarely vape recently. 
  • I never vape , but with any thing it is more of a psychologically addiction than a physical one. It is the act you are addicted to. Nicotine actually leaves your system rather fast.   3 days for most people. Although it can stay as long as 3 months. By that time most organs have rejuvenated. Add daily vigorous exercise and it speed up the healing process.

    Inhaling antifreeze , propylene glycol can't be good for you. You should save the money and hire a hypnotist to stop vape. You may get addicted to Nicotine gum. 

    You be better off smoking a combination of  lobelia,  coltsfoot and mullein herbs. Just cut back the lobelia over time.  Best of luck!

    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I personally think you can only use nic gums if the taste and feel of tobacco doesnt matter. To me, it matters a lot. I love snuff due to what it is, and I love tobacco in general. Though I try to use less oral tobacco, snuff is my go to every single day. Used to be a smoker, nowadays I smoke a cigar or pipe very occasionally (once a month as of now) when I am drinking. But snuff has rid me of other forms of nicotine overall. I've heard vaping is bad because it shoots your nicotine tolerance to a very high level and then you're a hopeless addict. I personally stay clear of it - and use snuffs with high nicotine only a few times a day or week. I want to keep enjoying it throughout my life - hence want to use it, not abuse it.  
  • PikeyPikey Member
    @newbiesnuffer . You ll hear a lot of things about vaping that aren't even slightly true :D . Nicotine uptake in ecigs is abysmal . These days users are tending to vape lower and lower strengths , many vape a larger bottle of 3 mg each day or a small bottle of 6 mg, to blow big clouds :D  . Frankly , I d have to drink juice that weak in a shotglass , but thats the way the market is developing .

    I was a 'hopeless addict' to tobacco , long before I vaped . After years and years on the vaping I still have a modest nicotine habit  . For instance snus over about 16 mg is waaaaaay too strong for me . A 45 mg portion would have me vomiting in a few minutes . 

    I have had no success with nicotine gum at all over the years . I saw some interesting looking nicotine/tobacco sweets (candy) out of Pakistan on Outlaws channel that I would love to try one day :) 
  • Thanks for sharing your experiences yeah i stopped smoking 3 years ago using vape and now i am at 6mg (low) and i discovered Snuff a year ago caus e i missed the alkaloids. Today i vaped less than usual replacing it with only half of a 2mg nicotine chewing gum splited in small parts ( i do Snuff as Well i had some sws havana toast). I tried essentiel oils and homeopathy as Well to get some alkaloids like effects but Snuff is the best.
  • GilliatGilliat Member
    edited June 2017 PM
    As I spent more than 20 years consuming tobacco in various forms, and did a huge amount of research on its addictive potential, some of my own personal opinions to be wrapped around this subject are:

     - Nicotine itself has no addictive qualities when present in unadulterated tobacco.

     - Smoking (inhaled) is addictive as hell (especially in the cigarettes which are fully loaded with chemicals that completely alter and ramp up the delivery pathways through the blood-brain barrier)

     - Vaping is a success because it keeps the inhaling habit while eliminating the harmful effects of combustion and I would recommend it to any cigarette smoker who needs a way out. It is actually not at all about nicotine strength or harm reduction, (which is why no nicotine patches or gums will ever have any real efficiency other than making you nauseous) and that is why a lot more people have successfully and definitively quit smoking through vaping than through any other strategy. Contrary to most uniformed opinions PG is not antifreeze, and you dont need to be a chemist to know that is has been long and widely used in inhalers for asthma treatment and other well proven safe methods of treatment. (btw, you can have juice with no PG in it if that really scares anyone more than cigarette smoke at least)

     - Snuff taking is probably the best, safest and most enjoyable all around form  of tobacco consumption. It gives you the burn, the flavors, the mood enhancing capabilities and all the other nice psychosomatic effects with practically no incovenience other than having to blow  your nose more frequently.
    Placebos left aside, it is almost impossible to take more than your body can handle without giving you the signal when you have too much. The right analogy here would be the sugar and honey comparison. When you eat too much honey you will start vomiting, whilst with sugar, we all know that the craving has no limit..

    I could go on for days talking about this issues, but I doubt than anything can be more valuable, efficient and empowering  than ones self education and research with an open mind and a clear intention. And I encourage anyone here to do his (her) own!

    Everything you do comes back to you! Respect Life, Share Peace, Live NOW!
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Nicotine gum is way too weak, and is nothing like snus.
    Nic gum feels...artificial, tastes funny, and makes my mouth numbish..snus is way better. More nicotine, tastes better, no numbness.

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