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Snuv has arrived!

Israeli Spearmint snuff.


  • I live in Israel and I have more of these snuffs than I know what to do with.
    You have to buy them in rolls of 10, and the labeling of the scent (only on cardboard paper holding the roll together - labeling scent written on it with a sharpie!) is sort of misleading at times, and sometimes unreadable because it's written in bad handwriting or in a hurry.
    They basically have two main brands, "Pil" (meaning Elephant) and "Zamir" (meaning Nightingale).
    Oh, and they have something called "Bagli", which is a bit less known.

    All three "brands" seem to come from the same main brand, and their tins are the same, basically. The same way Toque has a range. Just the three different logos on their tins differ. Pil has an elephant, Zamir has the Nightingale and Bagli has a picture of tobacco leaves. Those plastics tins they come in are cool, I think. They got that robust plastic feel. Much like Taxi, but more robust. A local friend say they are "military"-like. I somehow agree. I can see  myself camping and trekking in the wild with a 5 gram tin. They come in 5's and 10's.
    The Pil is dark and similar to Viking Dark/Brown in terms of color, grind and moisture. Though a little finer and a little drier. I have yet to sniff a snuff which sits more comfortably in the nose than this one. When I need a break of comfort, that's my go-to-snuff. It works as a buffer in the nose too, if you want to take menthol on top of it, or something dry on top of it, having a base of Pil below works really well. Medium, long-release style nicotine and an undescribable flavor. It's kind of like Taxi in that it's a bit barnyardy and really not about the flavor. It's worth gold in it's comfort-aspect.
    The Zamir has a yellowish tan color, is kind of dry, velvety soft and fine. There's a weight of moisture to it, but balanced very well with it's fine grain. It tastes a lot like a good, creamy toast. It's a lovely flavor. Nice and buttery like a good toast. If HDT can be considered an evening toast, Zamir would be a morning/daytime equivalent. It runs a bit after a few pinches and colors the handkerchief some buttery shade of light brown. It gets uncomfortable after a while though. It feels like it clogs the mucus membranes or something - like no other snuff I've experienced. The nicotine level is 8/10. Zamir's appeal is it's buttery, velvety deliciousness.
    The Bagli is most similar to Zamir, but even more similar to the Indian White Elephant. It doesn't really taste like anything in particular, just a light tobacco flavor. It's extremely dry, extremely fine (more than anything else I've seen) and very strong. It's a 10/10 in terms of nicotine. Hits hard, fast and doesn't last too long. It gets you going. After a few pinches it will start to run on you though - a lot, actually, surprisingly so, for such a dry snuff. It suddenly turns dark dark brown on the handkerchief and I start reaching for scotch to absorb and dry out my nose. I just took a good fat pinch now and it gives such a nice life. There's actually a very faint hint of toast in the background... man it feels good though.

    Now here's the thing. As far as I understand, all these three snuffs come in different flavor variations, additionally. I like to buy them plain though. The flavors I have seen available are bubblegum (tastes cheap, like Bazooka Joe), some weird shampoo type scent - I guess "floral"(?), banana and spearmint. I haven't tried the last two. You have to buy 10, and it quickly adds up to a lot of snuff lying around. I traded the Bazooka Joe one with someone on here who said he liked it, though.
    And the Pil tins are black, and the Zamir and Bagli are usually clear/see-through, but not always.

    Personally I love all three. Zamir is the tastiest. Pil is the most comfortable (and actually the one I use the most) and Bagli I've been using the second most lately... for when I really need a quick effortless hit. I just reach for it when I'm working and have forgotten to take a pinch for a while and just need that blast.

    That's what I have to say about these.
    I may be open to trading them. Shoot a message if you are really keen on some of them, but I may be lazy, slow and take my time with a shipment. I'm often busy and the post office is a hassle. I do want to rid myself of quite a few of them, though.
  • @Mario84 

    I am also in Israel ( if it wasn't obvious ). 

    What flavors do you have ? 

    Where did you buy them, I have only seen them sold individually at Kiosks or at Mikves? 

    You have a much better experience than I do with the Israeli snuffs, I find them to be mostly garbage and over perfumed , with no nicotine hit at all. 

    When you buy in the 10 pack does it come with a warning from Misrad HaBriut ? 
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