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J&H Wilson's Tins

Popped into my local suppliers for a 5g tin of Top Mill and found that the tins have changed to the Ozona type with the rotating lid and dispensing hole. My first attempt at dosage ended up with approximately 3g deposited on the back of my hand and a hell of a job getting it back in the tin - the snuff is too fine a grind for such packaging.  How is it that "progress" usually makes things worse?  A label also proclaimed that it is manufactured for MacBaren - a fact which had, so far, escaped me.

Slight rant over - it's a good excuse to buy another snuff box.


  • Another step backwards in the world of snuff 8-| I hate tap boxes, so I'll be steering clear of these.
    Thanks for the heads up

  • I blame Poschl for tapboxes. X(
  • I wonder if they've taken over production? The last I heard, it had moved from South Africa back to the UK, but I don't know any UK producers that use that type of tap box.
  • The taste remains, to me at least, the same. If MacBaren have taken over production, they've done a very decent job. I've always enjoyed their pipe tobacco, apart from the infamous tongue burn.
  • I really like Top Mill. My favorite SP. Last order I got it came in the little round 5gm tin. I got 3 of them and then Mr Snuff ran out. Going to get some more on my next order and hope I don't get the tap box. Wish It came in bigger tins.
  • Got any pictures ? 
  • The large tins changed a while back too - must be over a year ago now.  No longer the airtight tins like old pipe tobacco tins, more "standard" ones like Wilson's of Sharrow.  Luckily I kept an old tin of No1 and No99, so just empty new tins into them...
  • ar47ar47 Member
    My J&H Wilson Med99 came in a tap box like Silver Dollar rather than Ozona. But the plastic half is a dark blue rather than black plastic.

    With fine dry snuffs I just open the hole 30% and tap away
  • SpamSpam Member
    I miss those little blue boxes.

    I mentioned snuff to my dad a while back and he asked i'd had the stuff in 'the little blue box'. A colleague I was talking to also knew about the blue boxes from his grandad.

    There seems to be a folk memory of snuff in the UK and those little boxes are a part of that.
  • It appears the tapboxes are here for good. The last ones I got the snuff was very dry and nearly tasteless. I will not be purchasing any more. Perhaps McBaron will bring back the full sized tins eventually. Wishful thinking, but that would be great.
  • ArtChooArtChoo Member
    edited June 2018 PM
    @art47       mentioned  "the plastic half"    .

    Three times this week I have seen articles on the TV news about  Plastic Bergs, massive floating rafts of tons of  plastic in the oceans, and plastic in general killing wildlife and polluting the land, seas etc.

    For the sake of the environment,  Snuff should be sold in tins and not plastic.    I can personally vouch for the speediness in which Tranters and Wilsons Snuff tins beak down into harmless rust.  

     Congratulations to Wilsons of Sharrow for producing environmentally friendly,  biodegradable, rust prone tins.

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