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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Size does matter but maybe not when finding the G spot

When I 1st starting playing with snuff, I was into big heavy hits thinking about making my senses tingle and my eyes getting red from the experience but then I started researching how to do it properly and found this site. I met so many people with different tastes and style of satisfying their indulgence that it actually made me want to learn more. I think after learning to pinch and breath in the snuff versus the mind blasting snort, I started to realize that the most enjoyment from snuff comes from the learning where it needs to be placed in your nose. One of the members got a Automatik box that kicks the snuff into your nose and all you do after that is breath normally, cool and I got one and still use it. This started a chain reaction and someone brought up a great test by using a flexible straw to blow the snuff up your nose which is a great idea for new snuffers to find the perfect placement that brings the perfect enjoyment, your G spot (good spot). You start off with a tiny amount and once you get there, you might want larger but you just might be surprised that you can keep a great snuff experience going on much less with a clearer nose.
Anyway, I hope this helps a newbie because this forum definitely helped me years ago and with that I say thank you for being a great site


  • I have found myself doing much smaller hits than I built my way up to. I started small and within a year I was basically doing lines of fresh, black, F&T Princes off the back of my hand, I usually had a nice black ring around my nostrils and plenty of looks. Lately I do less and worked my way down from enjoying the nic hit, to just enjoying the snuff. And yes... placement really matters, I think we develop the perfect pressure inhale to get the job mostly done. Haven't tried the straw or box, sounds interesting.

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