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Sir Walter Scott back in stock


I've searched all over and can't find anything about the non-tobacco ingredients in Makla.
The general consensus is likely slaked lime and texturing agents but that's pretty vague.
Has anyone discovered information on this yet?



  • volungevolunge Member
    edited December 2017 PM

  • @volunge ... that's incredible! 

    Looks like the Slaked Lime and washing soda guesses were spot on.

     Thank you so much for your time!!  ^:)^

  • What is makla?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited December 2017 PM
    @cobguy You are welcome! As an ex fan of makla, I was eager to find out the composition, too.
    @Konrad_von_Marburg Makla is a popular brand of chema - highly alkalised, mud or wet clay-like oral tobacco product, loaded with free (unbound) nicotine. It is sold in some EU countries labelled as chewing tobacco, but used as loose snus.
    There is this interesting short thread about chema:
  • Apparently, Sifaco is making efforts to introduce Makla into the U.S. market. Just found this article:

    Now that is deplorable: "Sifaco hopes to educate retailers and consumers about how Makla differs from U.S.-style smokeless tobacco or chew products", but in the same article they lie through their teeth, stating that their product is free of chemical additives.

    Even though classified as food additives, half of Makla ingredients nevertheless are chemical compounds which are added to the product.
  • Sorry for borrowing this thread, i have got some things i wonder about Makla aswell guys.

    @volunge You seems to know quite a lot about Makla Ifrikia.

    Makla Ifrikia are a favourite of mine, and i have used it for a while in Spain, on a long holiday there.
    Im normally using Swedish Snus, i making Snus myself actually, but this time i wanted to have something a bit different, and Makla Ifrikia became my choice.

    Now when im back in Sweden im missing Makla quite a lot, ihave tried to find it here, but it is not to be found. 

    Im thinking about catching a flight to Poland and having a look there and buy it, but im not sure that Makla is there.

    Do you (or anybody else at all that reads this thread) happend to know in which European countries that Makla is sold in normal tobaccoshops, except from Spain? ^:)^

    I would be very happy if its sold in Gdansk in Poland, as i can go there very easily from where i live.

    Its something very speciall about Makla, and i dont think its just the nicotine alone that makes me feel so good when using it...but what can it be?  :)

    Am also a fan of Makla as you can see, and people has been talking about that Makla can be used in different ways...i only know one way of using it, as loose snus under the lip...what other ways are they to use it? there any way that gives an even bigger buzz? ;;)

  • I
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited June 2018 PM
    Hi @Pewi1982, your post has just been cut automatically.
    Please don't use apostrophes and special characters in this message or PM board.

    As far as I know, Makla is available at tobacconists in France, Italy, Spain and Czech Republic. I found it in Paris and Beauvais airport shop, Rome Termini station (underground tobacconist), Barcelona (somewhere in La Ramblas) and Prague (Kaprova street, Trafika shop).

    You can order Makla online: (my source of fresh makla products).

    There are other vendors as well: (for Czechia, prices in CZK) (for Slovakia, prices in EUR) (for Poland, prices in PLN)

    My favourite makla was Makla Bouhlel Bentchicou (the one in the red tin), I found it a bit stronger than Ifrikia.
    Both Makla Africaine Bentchicou and Makla El Kantara Bentchicou are weaker.

    If you are out of makla at the moment, I could advice putting three big prillas of regular loose snus (say, Ettan or Roda Lacket) under your upper lip at once (one prilla at the front and two at the sides). It will deliver. I wouldn't recommend extra or ultra strong because these strong snuses just taste bad (too acrid).
  • HeckoneHeckone Member
    edited July 2018 PM
    He probado algunos Makla en sus diferentes formatos y me han sentado fatal sus tomas. Me parece no solo desagradable, sino tambien insano y no apto para estomagos sensibles. La ultima vez que lo probe acabe vomitando y dije "no mas".
  • A friend that went home from Nerja in Spain saved me so to speak.

    So i got four boxes now, to kepp me going until i return to Spain in end of the summer.

    The Makla24-company in Sweden never got in touch with me even though i wrote to them and called them, so i had to sort it out for myself.

    Feels good now though. 

    Somebody also told me that i saved a lot by doing in this way instead, the boxprice if sent to Sweden would have been at least about 50 euro per box, thats if no fees was added.
    Now i got it for 15 Euros each instead.

    When im coming back to Spain i will try all the different Maklas once again, and especially that yellow one we talked about before, to make a review.

    Well, there is something much special with Makla Heckone.
    Its very strong and gives somebody a strong kick.
    My first experience with it was a little bit like yours also.
    I laughted a bit to myself as i took the Makla, and the head was spinning a bit.
    But i think it makes the head really calm and nice, somehow.
    If taking Makla, one has to be careful not taking to much at once, as it is so strong, then it will be a vommit.

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 2018 PM
    @Heckone It's probably the most potent form of tobacco. I have experienced close to out-of-body state several times using makla, preceded by heart overbeating. Calling it a rush or waves would be underestimation, nicotine tsunami, that's what it is! Similar tobacco products (naswar / nasway) are banned in Russia and Turkmenistan. It's included in Kazakhstan's list of controlled narcotic and psychoactive substances, too.

    Have you tried Neffa Green nasal snuff, made by makla manufacturer? Is it available in your city? It is listed among snuffs available in Spain's market: . It's good snuff, dry and fine, stronger than average, but doesn't come close to makla in potency.

    @Pewi1982 Nice tower, bro! Glad to see you got the stuff.

    Spanish makla tins were a bit different back in 2016:


    And these are the tins for the USA market:

    Makla USA
  • snuffvilliansnuffvillian Member
    edited July 2018 PM
    @Pewi1982  Expect corroded tins when you reach the bottom of your stash...
    In my experience, mere fridge conservation is useless. Metal tins get corroded anyway. The best way to keep it for long term is to decant in glass and then fridge (just my 2cts).
    @Heckone You are not supposed to gut it!!! It is announced as a snus alike product in some places, but it is because they just sell it and not use it. Spit is mandatory... unless you have galvanised guts.
    (No te tragues la saliva, que no es snus, amigo. Empieza con muy poca cantidad o te pones malo, ya sabes) ;)
  • A simple way to make it milder and avoid mudslide:

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 2021 PM
    It's sold rebranded as Silverback Dip in the US now:
    The website doesn't open in my location, but it's described as a portion product on this site:


    Makla El Kantara and Bouhlel Bentchicou (aka Red) are also available in portion (chewing bags) format in Switzerland:


    (, ships only within CH)
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited July 2021 PM
    Hazardous constituents in some smokeless tobacco products (including MAKLA IFRIKIA and MAKLA BOUHLEL BENTCHICOU (aka Makla Red) / comparison with Swedish snus:

    Source: Constituent comparison in smokeless tobacco products used in Europe,
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