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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

A rare find - Bernard's gift sets with vintage schmalzler cartons

volungevolunge Member
edited January 2018 in Snuff Accessories
Found these gift sets while scouting out Polish online tobacco stores for discontinued gems:

Bernard Brasil Feinst
Bernard Klostermischung
Bernard Klostermischung 2
Bernard Brasil Feinst 2
Bernard Brasil Feinst 3
Location: and

Neither of these schmalzlers - Brasil Feinst and Klostermischung - nor the sets themselves are discontinued, but the real turn-on is the vintage size and type of package: 20 g carton of Brasil Feinst, Fresco and 50 g carton of Klostermischung. I have never seen these cardboards on the market before. I only knew these existed, but were discontinued long time ago. I guess the snuff in these sets is at least 10 years old. By the way, my Feiner Offenbacher Cardinal in 50 g carton which I bought at in 2010 is still fairly enjoyable and hadn't lost its character. It had been discontinued in 2013. Gekachelter Virginie dunkel is the last Bernard's snuff which is still being packed in cartons.

The price of set with Klostermischung is PLN 135 / EUR 32 / USD 40. It is quite reasonable and approximates sum total of its components:
Porcelain flask (for 20 g of snuff) - EUR 13.80 (obtainable at Bernard's online store)
Hanky - EUR 3.95 (at Bernard's)
Klostermischung 50 g - EUR 14.25 (10 g - EUR 2.85; it costs EUR 2.45 at Bernard's).

I haven't got a reply to my inquire about international shipping. Most probably this store doesn't post items abroad.


  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    Mr. Snuff used to carry two of these. The section is still there under German Snuff>Bernard's>Gift Sets, though the last I actually saw them in stock was a year ago. Nice find!
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    I inquired Toni about these cartons and got a super fast reply (excellent customer service!).

    Bernard sold the 20 g packages of Feinst until 2010 and 50 g cartons of Klostermischung until 2011.
    They had some of the carton packages left and were using them only for the gift sets until 2016.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @volunge so do they ship international (USA)?

    The dark hankie with deer painted flask is pretty neat
  • They haven't replied yet :) I guess that means 'no'.

    More flasks, hankies and gift sets at Bernard online store:

    I'm not sure about the accessories, but they don't sell snuff abroad.

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