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Snuv has arrived!

Have any of you seen this website? (Now with a complete post!)

edited January 2018 in Snuff Accessories
Well, apparently apostrophes are a special character, among others. I apologize for all the edits of partial posts, and the following grammar. Later I will figure out how to do it better, I hope.

Ahoy aboard the S.S. Snuffhouse! Mister Floyd here, requesting permission to inform his fellow snufftakers, snuff-heads and snuffing freaks of a (presumed) heretofore unknown (to us Snuffhousers) online source for fancy old snuffboxes!

I have never seen this website mentioned before here at The snuffers nest:

I tried using the search function, but although it returns hundreds of results, I am not allowed to scroll past the first page of ads. I assume I was doing something incorrectly.

I also used google in an attempt to search the Internet using different iterations of quotation marks snuffhouse old-snuffbox quotation marks and found no mention of this particular site here at Snuff Town, but I am painfully aware of the fact that an internet search engine that returns any results that might be considered good the vast majority of the time no longer exists. I, like many others, long for the days of google let me say circa 2005- when it worked, and brilliantly.

So, fellow snuff enthusiasts, I leave this link in the hopes that I am the first to do so here at Ye Olde Snuffing Parlour. Although I find that highly unlikely, I wanted to be sure we were all informed of it existing as eight months of perusing our site had not afforded me any knowledge of such. If this thread is a waste of space, please delete it if necessary.

I think you will find that the selection at old-snuffbox is impressive, the prices relatively reasonable and some of the boxes actually affordable. He also does restorations. The snuff boxes are listed under the tobacco tins heading for some reason, but there is plenty of them, and also many other interesting items of tobacciana. I hope the mention of this website finds interest with our members.


  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    Wow, impressive to say the least. Thank you for sharing. I have some artifacts to buy.
  • edited January 2018 PM
    You are welcome, sir! Glad to be of help. I hope to acquire something new myself.

    I also thought that maybe this gentleman would be interested in some sort of connection to the Snuffhouse, not unlike the other businesses advertised here, perhaps. It is just an idea, of course (and I am just some guy that loves snuff), but seeing as how you are an administrator, what do you think?
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @Fantastic_Floyd Advertiser donations basically keep Snuffhouse going, though as a rule we don't solicit for them. If he were to get ahold of me, I could patch him through to David and get the ball rolling.
  • edited January 2018 PM
    @Hitsuzen I understand. Maybe I should send him an email. Surely he would at least like to know this site exists.
  • This thread actually gave me an idea to go look through antique shops for snuff boxes

    Thanks, guys!
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