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Snuff and vape tips

I ve been vaping without any flavours for 2 weeks. I took a pinch of latakia blend and Vaped just after it is awesome. So if you re still vaping just go without any aromas and you ll get the feeling you are vaping the flavour of the snuff you re taking :(|)


  • Very interesting post. Are you using propylene glycol or glycerine?
  • Yeah but why? Vaping is not only stupid, but odds are nicotine will hit you faster from snuff than from vaping. Don't get me wrong: I did the whole vape and have a thousand dollars' worth of cheap chinese crap lying around so it's not like I'm randomly discriminating, but still.
  • Maybe i m still addicted to the gesture and someone told it s an oral thing. I am using 50 glycerine 50 propylene glycol.
  • Dyson_noseDyson_nose Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    I use to love odd vapes between punches. Upon exhaling nose get moisten from inside and the snuff I pinched half an hour ago suddenly gets a new lease of life in a slightly different way.
    Don't vape anymore though...

    @willynelson VG or PG doesn't matter, in fact I was thinking of experimenting with both to oil some old Schmalzlers. PG is irritant so I try to avoid it personally.
  • i still vape but for me vaping totally erases the pinch i just took as if i never took it....for me snuff is better alone....that said i still vape because i am still hooked on the "smoke" part of smoking, buying an ounce of pipe tobak just leads me back down the slippery slope. i envy responsible pipe smokers :)
    my goal is only snuff, no cheating with "real" smoking save a cigar or two a couple a times a year.
  • DrOctagonDrOctagon Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    I never got that.. it feels nothing like a cigarette. It's a big bulky metal thing with a battery inside. Plus there's no such thing as a legit tobacco vape. Maybe there is now, I don't know, but the worst thing for me was looking for a tobacco flavored vape that tasted like tobacco, the closest I got was what an ashtray smelled like after it rained. It's all mostly fruits and cakes or something.

    I honestly think people are better off smoking real cigarettes than vaping. Research into the dangers of cigarette smoke started in Germany during the 3rd Reich and continues today, meanwhile vaping is a brand new concept that hasn't even been properly researched or vetted yet. So almost 100 years of data compared to what, 10? Everyone vaping is basically a walking experiment.

    On another note, has anyone tried to add ejuice flavoring that you get for DIY juice to a snuff?
  • @Dyson_nose VG or PG does matter, since they have different tastes, throat feels, and vapor production levels.

    @DrOctagon Vaping is not stupid. Stupid would be arguing that smoking is safer than vaping simply on grounds that smoking has been studied longer. This thread is not the place for a full discussion, but if you PM me I am happy to inform you.
  • I never thought I'd see the day when Willy Nelson became a vapebro and would try to drag me into a long-winded, pseudo scientific debate with anecdotal evidence about the benefits of vaping, but here I am. If Waylon Jennings knew, he'd kick your ass.
  • @DrOctagon I cannot claim the moral high ground, since at this moment I am committing what must be a cardinal sin, vaping while snuffing Aecht Altbayerischer.
  • Dyson_noseDyson_nose Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    @DrOctagon I disagree with you on so many points that won't even say anything.

    PS: DIY flavours are highly concentrated food flavours and I would not use them undiluted. Probably it will work (just as essential oils) but safety and common sense should be on one's mind.
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