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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

back of the hand

what are the benefits of taking snuff off the back of the hand?


  • The ability to take monstrous piles that no fingers could hold.
  • It makes you look extra interesting and mysterious, like "what's that person doing rubbing his hand on his nose and inhaling? I want to be his friend and find out", that sort of thing. I've made many a friend just because of that, the boxcar method is ok but it's not as impressive, and when you pinch snuff it just makes you look like the kind of guy that always tips 10% regardless of how the service was or argues with the mailman if the mail was late. Don't even get me started on the snuff spoon, HOHO!
  • lets hear about the snuff spoon lol
  • For me, the back of hand allows me a bit more control when snuffing something fine and dry, like an American scotch. I don't know why, precisely, but scotches work better on the back of the hand for me.

    As far as the mystery and mystique goes, I would rather it go unnoticed. Around here, people assume it's drugs, and I would much rather not have to explain what the strange brown powder I'm "snorting" to my dean of students. Pinching or a discreet bullet use is best for me-  it looks inconspicuous.
  • I'm actually being very blatant about my snuff use so that it IS mistaken for drug use just so I can make a big scene, get my kidneys rocked by a couple of police batons, and then sue the entire department afterwards for 50 million dollars. Of course we will settle for a little more than half of that sum out of court, but it still beats working.

    Snuff is my ticket out of this hellhole. If all things go according to plan, I should be in Aruba with a fit and impressionable 20-something college student before the next year starts.
  • Send photos after you get established. Great place to visit, but I would never live there.
  • im messy when i pinch and get a lot on my shirt. so for me its cleaner and wastes less. still, i pinch most of the time  
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