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WoS Natural/Plain/Alberta Plain?

I tried to buy WoS Natural, got a tin of WoS Plain, took the sticker off the Plain and it says "Alberta Plain".

What gives?


  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    Same snuff, different labels. One forum member had reported Wos Alberta and Natural being the same snuff. Apparently Plain is a new name for WoS Natural. Sticker on sticker is a fairly common praxis. SG did it with its Viking line. Far worse case is getting mislabeled tin.
  • It's just a terrible name, that's all. And misleading. Anything with the word "Alberta" in it has to smell like oil rigs and rodeos.

    Also I think this one might have actually been mislabeled. I picked up a distinct scent of pineapple and some other exotic fruit. I think there might be another sticker under Alberta Plain, "We Ran Out Of Money On Stickers But This One Is Actually Tropical Fruit, Sorry".
  • Other than that it's actually a really versatile snuff. It goes great on its own but I've actually been using it to mix other snuffs. Paired nicely with 6photo Cheeta, oddly enough...
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    6P Cheeta plus WoS Natural almost equals Neffa Ifrikia by Sifaco, which is a good natural snuff (there's no scent added to NI, whereas Cheeta is scented in moderation). Talking about
    Its green sibling with a dash of mint scent (and very small amount of menthol, if any) is a decent snuff, too Brutal mark-up, though..

  • PikeyPikey Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    I do a 6photo LA Natural / WoS Natural blend which I think is a beautiful snuff , especially in the warmer months . I favour the big 6photo 150g+ tins for this concoction .

    I do take WoS Natural straight a lot last year or so . It's become one of my most used snuffs . Folk say the Gawiths make better plain snuff ....but I just don't get on with them ....apart from Viking Blond .
  • I just did a WoS Natural/plain/Alberta Plain with WoS Tom Buck, McChrystal's Aztec and 6Photo Cheeta. Came out marvelous, although I think it would've worked with a citrus added as well or instead of the McChrystal's Aztec.

    This is a great snuff.
  • It was made for the Alberta market for there strict no flavor tobacco laws, its just natural/plain. I'm guessing they only renamed it for Canada be kinda weird if not
  • I've never heard of WoS Natural but I'm new to snuff.  I just ordered WoS Plain and am assuming by the name that it's unflavored and also the same snuff as Alberta Plain
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