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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Looking to get my loose snus fix but I havent ordered any since 2010.... quick question.

Anyone know of any reputable online stores that will ship loose to the USA? Thanks in advance!


  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator

  • Unfortunately, it seems northerner doesn't ship loose snus to USA anymore. No Swedish Match, no Skruf, no Odens. Well, actually there is one loss - V2's Offroad Original, but it doesn't count. There are some portions, though, but the range is just lamentable.
    @Afterglow have you tried makla?
  • I havent... but Taxi Red works decently. Not especially flavorful, though.
  • Makla is most effective substitute for snus. Not much flavour there and two more major drawbacks: it ruins gums really fast and it's very addictive. No kidding. If only its weird taste fits you, you are hooked on it instantly and won't crave for anything else. However, later on regular makla user usually discovers its horrendous effect on gums and switches back to snus, snuff, or both :)

    I like loose, but haven't had any for almost a year.

  • Snus central
  • Thanks!!!! They even have my old favorite on sale!
  • I use snuscentral I had an issue with an order from the northerner and it was such a pain in the ass even communicating with them.
  • Damn their shipping is expensive but fast! Placed an order on the 24th and got it about an hour ago.
  • For the record snusexpress is another shop. Just did my first order with them and prices were about the same as snus central except of course they each have different sales.

    Shipped quick and ships from the same warehouse as snuscentral
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