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Good snuff-mixes and snuffs that are great for mixing

please post yours! my findings so far for snuffs with specific characters that lend itself to mixing:

strawberry(rhubarb?) - bernards magic moments
cherry - poeschl ozona c (a bit of menthol but the sweetest of the ozonas)
flowery cherry - samuel gawith celtic talisman, jaxons frosted red, queens special
flowery raspberry - jaxons frosted ripple, queens special
menthol berry - poeschl alpina, ozona r
honey - rosinski stargarder (think propolis, bees wax, bees bread)
toffee/creamy/coconut - jaxons english gold
apricot - jaxons frosted apri (so strong you can make anything apricot with at pinch)
choco like - rosinski carlsbader (leaning towards coffee feintly), bernards postillion,magic moments, gold, aecht altbayerischer.
coffee - samuel gawith black arabica (not much coffee but its there and falling out of your nose easy)
cake - rosinski frankfurter & oderlaender (more plum more rum? those two are really close for me, no hint of orange in oderlaender)
gingerbread,cinnamon - bernards winterpris
tonka bean/vanilla - samuel gawith elmo's reserve

spicy/pepper/curry - rosinski berliner luft (steakhouse)
spicy herbal - rosinski kaethnertabak (garden)
sweet herbal - rosinski driesener (field)
herbal sweet - poeschl andechs
clove - mccrystals mullet magic

pine - bernards f, samuel gawith pinewood ice (weaker in pine than bernards f)
mint - rosinski bruesseler
spearmint - wilsons of sharrow crumbs of comfort
menthol choco/sweet - wilsons of sharrow bee cool (had recent namechange to something else not sure)
wintergreen/toothpaste - poeschl jbr green

lemon - wilsons of sharrow lemon grove & smokers blend, mccrystals silician blast (but all of them rather feint in lemon)
neroli/bitter orange - mullins & wesley jock's choice

plain, smoke and special:
old tobacco store (wood,books,buildings) - bernards alt offenbacher, civette, kownoer(like a mix of the other two but slightly sp-citric yet less flowery)
sweet mild plain tobacco base - rosinski tabacum
choco-like plain tobacco base - tabacum, ntsu black
wood smoke - bernards gekachelter virginie (no menthol).
wood smoke with menthol - bernards amostrinha, polar prise, jubilaeums, wiesn snuff, schmalzler weiss-blau
latakia-like /dark fired plain tobacco - freybourg & treyer santo domingo
dark fired with menthol - viking iss (more asian style medicated like tiger balm)
licorice plain tobacco base - poeschl perlesreuter fresko

a few mixes that i find pleasant:
gekachelter + stargarder (2/1) = adds a bit sweetness to the smoke, strong nicotine effect
frankfurter + bernards winterpris (2-3/1) = cake that is less "winter season" than winterpris alone
magic moments + postillion (1/1-2) = adds some more choco and vanilla to the mm
spicy rosinskis + gekachelter = more smoke fits well
bruesseler + stargarder (2/1) = mint tea brewed from sweet natural mint with honey
stargarder + crumbs of comfort = adds some honey to wrigleys spearmint (can be a bit dry)
jaxons apri + jaxons english gold (1/~5 until the apri blends in) = wonderful apricot creamy toffee sweetness
english gold + ozona c = cherry toffee
english gold + magic moments = strawberry toffee
kownoer, alt offenbacher or civette + tom bucks (or similar) = sp but with a broader tobacco aroma

ozona president + jocks choice (main content/to your liking) = my favorite!
does not need much of the strong jock's choice but makes the president absolutely amazing. the president originaly comes with moderate mentholisation and is in its character slightly citric but not pronounced...a bit boring but a good choice for the pocket because the president has a shiny label that can be used as mirror.
jock's choice blends right in, add and brings more of that orange-citric to the front while easy-sniffing consistency from the president stays.
if you find the jock's choice alone is too strong and flowery then please try it in the mix it makes an excellent mix snuff.

exceptionaly well for mixing in general: magic moments, jock's choice, gekachelter, english gold, frosted apri
the toques might be great for blending too with their specific aromas but i have not tried them yet


  • Wow! Lotsa time on your hands.^ Sound like very hit and miss as everybody's nose differs.
    Maybe that's what folks are doing now as snuff choices have been so narrowed down now.
    IMO, this is one personal opinion. This by no means is not a true guide line for proposed outcome. Interesting read tho.
  • willynelsonwillynelson Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    I recommend mixing a plainer schmalzler, like Sternecker (RIP) Echt Fresko or Poschl Schmalzler A or Perlesreuter, with some Dholakia Swiss Chocolate and a small amount of Samuel Gawith Elmos Reserve, which is a very pungent flavor.
  • Jack Daniels+ Coca'cola= a very predictable outcome. Love it or hate it.
  • jack daniels and coca cola reminds me of cough syrup somehow :D
    rosinski berliner luft and bernards gekachelter virginie 1:1 is absolutely wonderful
    btw i really love this 50gram pack the gekachelter is sold in. thats a lot to mix and its such a good mix snuff.

  • bernards f + gekachelter + samuel gawith celtic talisman (cherry)
    pine and cherry mix surprisingly well along with the smokyness

    gletscherprise gold (a milder slightly more sweet gletscherprise) and celtic talisman go along well

    jaxons frosted apri + jaxons english gold 1:~5 + rosinski frankfurter 1:2 =P~ bake your favorite cake with rosinski schmalzler and a sweet/fruity snuff of your choice!
    the naturaly cake-like rosinski schmalzler blends well with other artificialy flavored varieties of snuff using more of the rosinski brings in its sweet tobacco aroma

    gekachelter + stargarder + celtic talisman 2:1:1 sweet woodsmoke honey cherry =;

  • @willynelson very good! i tried this with poeschl perlesreuter walder-fresko + rosinki carlsbader (most choco i got) + elmos.

    the 100g pack of perlesreuter is great for mixing. plain tobacco that might have been fermented with some kind of licorice as it has slightly that character for me. dark and moist its very pleasant to look at and can be sniffed in big quanties easy.
  • Toque Rustica + anything works well :)
  • @willynelson i really like that mix it was sitting in a jar over night and became even better!

    the bernards f + gekachelter and celtic talisman is also extremely pleasant after testing it for a while now those blend really well into something sweet slightly smokey warm vanilla honey where the pine is not very prominent but greatly adds to the whole
  • tenor


  • @SunnyDay I do not have any Gekachelter, so I substituted Perlesreuter with a bit of WE Garrett Scotch in your recipe. I have no idea whether this substitution is remotely faithful to Gekachelter, actually I doubt it, but the resulting blend is very nice.
  • @willynelson gekachelter is very very smokey (probably the most smoke aroma you can get in a snuff)
    i would describe its scent as like that of beech wood smoke used to smoke bacon or salmon not so much the latakia-style more flowery/sandalwood smell
    makes me think an interesting combination would be toque bacon and &cheese + gekachelter :-/
  • Or just indirect with liquid smoke machine. Cotton wood bark or alder smoke works best for salmon IMO.
  • i loved to use cherrywood when i delved into bbq smoking

    but seriously guys you need to try gekachelter+stargarder+celtic talisman and gekachelter+bernards f+celtic talisman... soo good the smoky honey cherry sweetness and the pine from f blends so good with the cherry and smoke its a whole new pine experience
  • The only vendor who ships Bernard snuffs internationally at the moment - - never carried GV (as far as I remember). And F is out of stock again. Hopefully it will be restocked along with Kownoer and Civette.

  • A mix of Toque Rustica, Toque Quit and Poschl's Gletscher Prise.
  • @volunge MrSnuff has it, according to their site. They ship internationally.
  • edited April 26 PM
    I ve just mixed Sws Latakia blend with Sws Mull of oa.
    As Latakia is almost the only one that does not make me sneeze at all I m looking for mix that could prevent the sneeze and have a kick effect to counteract the sedative effect of Latakia.
    Here is my snuff list:
    SWS - Lundi Foot, Field of Junipers, Latakia Blend, Aged border rappee (too strong for me), Mull of oa
    Poschl president, apricot, gletscher prise, ozona english type, Neffa bleddi
    Superkaliash but the scent seems to strong for that
    Toque Lavender, Natural Toast, Berwick Brown
    Kendal Cherry, Black rappee, Lavender Gold
    SG Chocolate
    Mc Chrystal Whyskey

    I was thinking of lundi foot but I don't think the taste will be that good.

    Well maybe it is better those days to have a sedative effect. I took a pinch an hour and a half ago and still feel like very relax ;-) I will be delighted to hear your advices.
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