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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Snuffhouse discord server

i could open one if there is any interest


  • @SunnyDay        Have I missed something?     Possibly you have posted this in the wrong place.  
                                 I am   confused.  
                                 Don't forget that this  site cuts off your text if you use unusual characters.  Your Mum and                                   Dad should have warned you about unusual characters when you were young.   

  • discord is a popular chat client that pretty much replaced IRC
    servers can be opened and people can join stay permanently and just read or write if they wish
    can be accessed with mobile too
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    Man, this is gettin worse, Im seein discord everywhere! Cant people invite others to an irc network for old times sake?!

  • irc is dead was clunky and not developed for 2 centuries you cant show or share media easy, no friend list either
    good riddance!
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    irc is far from dead, the "major" networks are just gone. The friendsystem and ID system in discord is a joke

  • i have been on irc for 20 years and can tell its very dead the only thing it is still used for is dcc serving channels those still have users but not to chat
    there have no new features been added like zero in 20 years
    new users wont join irc its as outdated as videotext on the tv
    why is the friendsystem a joke? its a friend list what do you expect you can even import your friends from many other games and applications with a button click
    what is your problem with the id system? you are free to choose a nickname wich can be used 9999 times while if you choose to pay for nitro (the optional cosmetic options like animated avatar) you can also choose a number of your liking if its not taken.
    you can copy/paste pictures directly into the chat as well as link videos with a thumbnail that can be played within discord. it has streaming options for streamers and has crossover functions to twitch.
    you can add your own emojis even animated to the server which can be used (with nitro) on other servers.
    you can quickly skip and search trough thousands of lines of text with virtualy no delay.
    voice and soon video chat
    sounds pretty solid to me
  • Obviously irc is not developed for 2 centuries, internet didnt even exist half a century ago.
  • sorry i mean 2 decades
  • I know, just ball busting
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    the id system is a joke based on the user#number thingy. Cant count the times Ive met someone on a game, tried to add on discord and ding ding, user not found. Or the other way around.

  • matteobmatteob Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    I use Discord would be good to chat to you folks in real time. I use irc too whatever isgood but looks like little interest :(
  • no interest even hate :D
  • We don't need live chat. We just need to be able to post freely, without punctuation cutting it short. Hint, hint
  • Did a server ever get set up?
  • LeNezzzLeNezzz Member
    edited January 2021 PM
    Good day all! I know there was an effort at kicking off a Discord server earlier this year (as per in Nasal Snuff Takers, FB), but it seems to have fizzled out. I run a few servers and have a good grasp of the site and figured I’d kick off another more fulsome one in earnest.
    I set up a bot to post r/nasalsnuff and will also be making it post some YouTube vids, like Simply Snuff and if I care to throw money at the bot... may have it crawl some Twitter accounts of interest - all this in a bid to generate content for the server.
    The roles are set up for myself as Admin, then Mods, Regulars and also Knowledgeable members.
    I added some fancy fun emojies - like a nose, snuff mull, and a lad packing a nose... all for fun.
    I gave it my professional best in setting it up.
    It is called Nasal Snuff Tobacco Enthusiasts - feel free to join and make it a thing. I know, many such as myself, are moving away from FB and into Discord, so come hang out.
    It would be great if a few knowledgeable longtime snuffers from here would pop-by.

    So far we have about 20 members, Simon is there and Roderick as well as others.
    Thank you!
  • I'm happy to join, but expect that I'll continue to post to Snuffhouse instead. I love this forum and don't want to "divide" the population.  I expect we have a good portion of members that may not be comfortable moving to a new technology, and I value the history and camaraderie we've developed over the years (and years) at Snuffhouse.
    But I'm also a curmudgeon and a luddite.  ;)
  • Totally understandable. For me and others its more about platforms and where you spend your social media time. I am less and less on Facebook and more and more on Discord and for those who are, we need to stake our claim lol.

    Snuffhouse is like a treasure horde, it's also where most of us came up in snuff so to speak. This place is invaluable. 
  • The original link has expired. Can anyone post the invite, or pm one to me?
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