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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

6 Photo Begum Green Snuff

volungevolunge Member
edited March 2018 in Types of Snuff
I badly want to try this one, but I can't order it due to particularly annoying misunderstanding.
As far as I understand, it's nasal snuff, though there's that 'This product is not for sale in the EU' warning placed next to it at

They must be confusing it with some oral tobacco product.

Maybe @sixphoto could confirm that this snuff is meant for nasal use? Or do I get it wrong..


  • This is a mistake . The store is confusing it with the other Begum Pathan Snuff which is for oral use.
    Begum Green snuff is absolutely a product for nasal use & hence legal for use in the EU
  • Hi, thanks! This is just what I thought. I had informed snuffstore's staff about that mistake and asked to remove the false warning, but to no avail.

    I could order 6P assorted pack, but it would be kind of gross. I'll contact them once more, referring to your explanation.
  • If/when you do end up ordering a jar of Begum Green, please post a review of it. I've also had my eye on this one, but it doesn't seem to have been discussed much on these forums. A comparison with some of the other Indian snuffs would be fantastic, as would some photos (I'm curious as to how green this snuff actually is).
  • i saw this warning too i hope that gets fixed begum is great i can see me wanting to oder a full tin
    only have it in the assorted so far

    its somewhat minty slightly vanilla? sweet less on the medicated side just some coolness i find it a bit similar to coffee kick

  • @Amanda Hi! Maybe you could help sorting this issue out?
  • @volunge Hi there, Thanks for the heads up! The issue has been fixed. You can now buy the product freely and enjoy!

    Mr.Snuff Customer Relation
  • Order placed, thank you!
  • @nukura, not so green:


    It's typical colour of uncured (fast dried) tobacco. Closer to khaki green. And there's a khaki brown on the right for comparison.

    This snuff is very nice. I can only second @SunnyDay - it's lightly mentholated with a dash of vanilla. Low nicotine, just pure refreshment! Really moreish, I'm taking shmalzleresque pinches of this all morning.

    The sweetness reminds me that of Toque USA Whiskey & Honey. I'll definitely mix some together for the utmost pleasure.

  • yes its really nice i love that one too for some vanilla like sweetness with just a hint menthol im happy you got that problem in their store fixed were you could not order this specific one the website in general is horrible looks like from 1999 and gives 3 sql errors on order finish and no order mail :D
    still happy to have that shop for the indians !my recent order from them should arrive soon
  • With you guys. Begum Green is amazing. In fact, going to hit some right now.
  • I finally nailed the flavor I believe: WHITE TIC TACS. Minty, mild vanilla, mild creaminess.
  • I don't get anything but mint and Indian secret scents, but it's damn good snuff and I really enjoy it.
  • Finally got myself another 30 g tin. What a refreshment! I'm literally eating this snuff with my nose and can't get enough of it! I will definitely order 150 g tub of this nose candy someday.

    Last year I was treated with some pinches of 6 Photo Gold Rush. It has something in common with Begum Green, at least to my nose. Maybe it's just the same righteous amount of menthol and a sweet pepperiness.. If you like BG, I recommend trying Gold Rush, too.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 2021 PM
    This reviewer identifies the sweet vanilla-like flavour of Begum Green as pandan [2:05]. Can anyone familiar with the aroma of pandan confirm the match?
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